: I can't play Tresh but dude, that skin is awesome! It would be great if Riot made that skin. You're talented :)
I didnt made it and i also dont know who did it... This skin is been arround for years now. I will try to find the source and put it in the post
RXE Darcos (EUNE)
: ***
Yeah cant w8 to see that ... But this one is rly awesome
: i think the opposite of this skin is coming out. Deep dark thresh is confirmed to be the next incoming ultimate skin
Dam ! Just saw the teaser i guess if this is gonna be a ultimate skin gotta set a side some money :D
vhcvieira (EUW)
: Pls rito make this dream come true
Yeah for years im posting a thread just like this hoping they will notice it and maybe think about it....
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