: I'm sorry, but do you mean 'One for all'? And if so, it is in the rotating queue. But because there are more than 4 different rotating modes, not all of them will be playable throughout one month. Who knows, maybe we'll have it next month but we won't have URF. Or maybe ascension will be gone next month and not return before the month after that. There will always be some modes that dosen't fit into the rotating queue for each month.
no i mean 'all but one' you know everybody on your team is the same guy exept 1 person it was somewhere in s2-3 that they did it
LovroLox (EUNE)
: If every LoL player who used MKLOL once will get a ban...
yea go play smite the game where the CEO playtest everything and if he can't win with it, it needs to become overbuffed and then rito is a toxic game
Puckomodo (EUW)
: Best 1v1 champion?
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MadBaron (EUW)
: How come Level 7 mastery is so rare?
> Are people really having difficulties getting S ranks? In one day I played 6 matches and got S, S- (level 6), S, S+, S-, S+ (level 7). it depends what champs you play it's based on average score (from your stats and other peoples stats) most people want to play their favorite/best champ first wich is most of the time a common pick wich means it's harder to gain the s ranks however this also makes it that champs who are almost never picked {{champion:83}} have an easier time getting s ranks maby you just had some uncommon picks{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: i play support because...
cuz gems are trully trully outragous
: can we have a bearded Taric skin in the future? xD
why does the second one look like some dad of a disney prince? {{item:2045}}
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Stell (EUNE)
: What were your April Fool's lies/pranks/jokes that you performed yourself? Share them here :)
i just killed myself then came back from death and screamed APRIL FOOLS MOTHAFUCKAS I'M A GHOUL NOW right now i'm put in a grave with a laptop
Personater (EUNE)
: Is Twitch worth buying?
he is worth buying and learning he deals crazy damage to entire teams he has quite allot of sinergies and is easy to position however you do need a good support cuz if you fall behind well yea let's say your ass isn't going to be used to sit down
: can't remember that^^
well it is quite a comon glitch but only on this patch and 4.3 it took several hours before it got fixed
FooI (EUW)
: Start battle bugged?
yup i got it too same glitch as if i'm correct 4.3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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Yuneshin (EUW)
: High Elo Master Yi MID main YouTube channel
i'm sorry m8 but i just can't feel anything but hate for master yi. i'm not saying yi is a noobchamp but i must say and you can't denie it that master yi is just flat out broken unlike jax and teemo yi can sustain himself, deal tons of damage with tank build because of reasons and he can dodge every single fucking spell with his q wich above of that can and will crit you.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: I never meant the minimap ^^ that wouldn`t help at all, minimap doesn`t show any skillshot unless it is a global ult like Ashe`s. What i mean is using your general awareness of the position of ally and enemy Jhin on the main map. Your ally Jhin wouldn`t use his W in your direction without enemies nearby, that would be useless to do since there is no one for you to attack and for ally Jhin to follow-up with his W root, while the enemy Jhin would do that esp if one of his allies is about to or has just attacked you. Hope you understand better now and that it helps you out, i can`t think of a better way to explain it at the moment.
1 came from the left the other from the right so even knowing where the fights were i wouln't be able to see wich one belonged to wich one basicly they were trying to snipe each other but not completely aware of were the other was
: Well, be more aware of your ally and enemy champion positions. And if there are no enemies nearby and see the line-up of Jhin`s W, you can assume automatically it is the enemy Jhin taking a shot at you/a nearby ally. It IS that simple. I know what exactly what you mean but i got out of that mindset quite easily. Just by playing and subconsciously becoming more and more aware of who does what. The only time i really react with moving away because i`m not sure is when alot happens at the same time and even then, it`s no more than 10 out of 100 times.
i see 2 jhin w's i don't have time to look at the minimap to see from wich one it is
: Don`t just stand still when playing vs him, move those feet! You`ll learn to sidestep his W eventually, it is narrow enough to dodge and clear enough to see. If you can see Jinx' W, then you can see Jhin`s W. Jinx`s indicator line is even thinner than Jhin`s...
the problem isn't dodging the problem is knowing wich one to dodge
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: JHIN Login Theme PRETTY AMAZING for 4 minutes of log in
oh man this is pretty damn good music you could litteraly make a movie/show open with this and people would watch it just for that into
: Looking for people who would be interested in joining a "Youtubish team"!!
i would love to i've been waiting for this kind of thing for a long time and if also gives me a reason to start my own channel :D i've been to lazy to start
: Strongest late game champions for each role?
top: tank ekko mid : hybrid ekko jugnle : hybrid ekko support : ap ekko adc : ad ekko
PsyTracer (EUNE)
: It looks that the beam doesn't pierce his shoulder, but his heart. As some of the latest champions have pointed, Garen cannot follow his heart and never gets what he wants. Deadeye may want to help him through that.
and to help him he kills him :D sounds like a bird taking a fish for a flight only to kill it
Sarokh JR (EUW)
: is it just me?
what do you mean 'has blizzard bought this game' hu?
Ebola san (EUNE)
: It's different. Rengar learned from a legendary hunter, not a paranoid caveman in the wild.... Udyr was a paranid caveman until he met lee sin. Rengar hunts for sport, a sport he learned from the best this... Udyr never hunted for sport. He only defended his domain. TOTALY DIFFERENT
that's like your opionon man
TeiX (EUW)
: if i recall the lore for udyr doesnt depict him as a hunter more like sort of a Monk/Shaman channeling animal spirits that was having trouble controlling them
udyr lived there and attacked everybody who entered and what is 'hunting' for rengar finding something strong and fight it. if you are gone say 'well the fact that he attacked everybody would make him not have rengar as he would attack him' rengar is an animal so
: Shaco needs rework!
LALLLALALALALALAALALLA I'M NOT LISTINGEN keep your fucking hands of my shaco
: That's why you put hp per lvl runes into his rune page.
same can be said about this mr post
: > [{quoted}](name=Somalian mafia,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=bTAIqv2F,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-30T19:11:04.604+0000) > > Why? Imagine talking to the most toxic players in the game. Expecially in bot lane. I can imagine that shit would go down. No, voice chat is out of the question. It would be the worst thing to ever happen
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor you can also mute those voice chats cuz you know if they shit on you with voice or in a chat muting is always possible
: Help me to counter Vi
i will not only learn you how to counter vi but also how to counter every other champ in the game you go in game with{{champion:432}} bard and go full moventspeed and give as much kills as possible or you learn how to play cuz every champion can beat each other
Frostflare (EUNE)
: Kassadin MR scaling..?
no you know what kassadin really is missing? hp in the begining of the game i'm sorry but his base hp is too low yes you buy rod of ages and problem solved but still
: 5.19 devourer
well goodbye devour tf{{champion:4}} you will be missed
: I just wanna share this awesome ranked game I played With a 0/57/18 Rammus
i know how rammus could respawn so quickly it's called runes also give that man a fucking medal XD
Windsteps (EUW)
: I thought the same at first, but it is actualy a realy interesting version of the bard ult which allows for some very high skilled, strategic plays, I'm looking forward to her release.
yea i know but my problem is the fact that for originality it is kinda mhe
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: Setting up a Ranked Team, All ELO, communication via skype, more info below
well i can join your team (also i know that my match history looks bad atm but ive being playing with some friends and we don't take it all too serouis :D)
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: It's true, Riot did it a again, a release that does not work because of bugs, now they quickly thought of some lore stuff so they can disable him without us knowing why
: Veigar/Thresh aren't top laners. Nasus is the only one who really benefits from killing the ghouls, so either way Yorick will win against Sion/Gangplank due to the fact they're impossible to target.
well ive seen yorick mid/bot so veigar/thresh can be agains him sion depends on the player skill gangplank can now get silver serpents of them
: If you're playing against anyone in the top lane here is a tip on how to win: First, pick Yorick. Reason: He is a brickwall with no counterplay who will pretty much win every single trade, and will the majority of the time will turn that into a victory for your team. Literally this guy is broken. Make use of that.
ever heard of nasus/sion/veigar/thresh/gangplank they love those ghouls
: Only some people experience those bugs, I certainly haven't. Also: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Cosantoir,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ITlEF5vm,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-07-30T10:44:56.342+0000) > > Champion death is unprecedented in League of Legends, and we do not take it lightly. > WE ENCOURAGE ALL GANGPLANK FANS TO REMAIN CALM FOR A FEW DAYS UNTIL WE CAN FULLY ASSESS THE SITUATION.
yes they disabled him because of the event and stuff but the other reason is to fix all of his buggs
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. GP is "dead" and disabled due to Lore/event reasons currently ^-^
yes but also cuz of his buggs
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Lsayu (EUNE)
: You stole those assists bro... not fair.
damn i must be such a gansta then XD
: Share your "blame the jungler" experiences!
here is my story i{{champion:432}} (yes bard jugnle) was in the jugnle with 0/2/18 cuz i gave all kills away, i take 1 kill that i did solo and i see a jinx{{champion:222}} ult passing the place he would have stood if he survived and holy shit it got hot in there because the flame war (pun pun pun) but he was like 'omg noob jungler report only ks' and his premade supp was like 'indeed he should stop taking the kills' 1/2/18 1 kill where are the kills i stole? can you give me directions and say where they are cuz i don't know where they at
: i got mine mystery champ and im wondering what you guys got
didn't have 2 champs quinn and(get) rek(t)'sai who i get quinn -_-


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