: or you just click the little button who says "start the old client" on the login screen :D
You still dont understand that some people dont HAVE the login screen with the beta client ? we had a blacksreen. Or even worse, nothing was happening at all when lauching both lol.launcher.exe or the beta client...
OnlyArion (EUW)
: Same problem here, would be nice if someone can help!
use windows search then you must have it, maybe you are looking in an old folder because you reinstalled the game somewhere else
voodouf (EUW)
Wow so many ppl wants to have sex with me now \o/ <3 ;) Indeed I tryed to found out a fix in the whole forum, couldnt find anything working, so I decided to fix it on my own :x
Stell (EUNE)
: Or you can simply press that button https://i.gyazo.com/5cb075c44558e0fa6cfecc5e4238658c.png edit: for people who downvoted, he edited "FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO GET A BLACK SCREEN OR NO DISPLAY AFTER INSTALLING BETA" this later when i linked this pic.
My solution is for people like me who doesnt get any screen at all when they launch the client. I had a black screen, or nothing at all, even after reboot, killing process, launching both clients, nothing would happen, so couldnt press any button mister sherlock
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duckarp (EUNE)
: You can access the legacy client either directly (the exe is still in your install directory) or by clicking on a link when you start the new client. It's called Launch Legacy Client.


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