GreyfellD (EUW)
: STOP putting me against 4 man premades when I solo
Yeah me too. It's hell 99% of the time. They'll always flame you if the game if you're losing or for every small mistake you make. It also tends to create really imbalanced games aswell. I wish they were either an option to disable it or to ask me if I accept to play in such setup during the "accept timer". Sometimes I can only play one game a day and when it's with 4 premades... Well... It's usually a terrible experience.
: Rengar broken?
I personally ban him. The fact that he can one-shot a carry that easily can have a big time impact on the moral of my team. Especially if he's picked late in the draft and you've nothing to control that engage. He's one of the champion I really hate to play against. My opinion about this guy is that he's delivering an insane burst without having to really work for it compared to other assassin. It's pretty much button damage after all. I don't know if he needs to be nerfed or not but I wish the ultimate would be reworked so that you've to work for that damage.
King Lego (EUNE)
: Honestly, the problem with Mages goes also with AP Assassins too. I don't about Electrocute, but i don't use it. I mostly use Comet.
You should try. It works perfectly on any assassin. Zed for example. W E and your doubled Q will trigger it. So you're totally safe doing that and put your opponent to 45% at least just with one combo.
vonov (EUNE)
: I dodged for the first time
Thing is you've started to play. You've silver 3 which is pretty good in that sense. I understand you're frustrated about bad team mates but you'll climb as you get better at the game - especially in terms of mechanics. Second thing, matchmaking is based on MMR and not on tiers. So a gold 5 can have the same MMR as you. However if you think you're going to find less toxic game in ranked you're wrong. It's most probably going to be the opposite. The fact that you can play vs platinum in normal games is because normal games have their own MMR. As for ranked, it's impossible for you to get matched vs platinum so may be your source is not accurate.
King Lego (EUNE)
: Mages vs Assassin...IS THIS EVEN FAIR?
I believe the issue comes from the electrocute rune. You can abuse that in lane. With talon I can electrocute by lvl2 with zed by lvl3. And it's very easy to trigger honestly and does a a lot of damage. It typically put the openent at 40 to 50%. So it gives them a early pressure they shouldn't have. I agree with the fact that building zonhya is annoying because it gives no mana at all. Especially against champion that have no mana like zed or Kat who can just spam spells. So it's kinda hard to push the lane to avoid them from roaming etc.
Pharcon (EUW)
: I know this is rather besides your point, but from an ADC perspective I'd just like to get this out. All games you picked carry junglers. For an ADC main this is a curse- what's the point of picking a carry if you don't intend to carry? As jungler you have global presence but still people prefer carry junglers that do nothing but take kills off of me. I'd really rather have Braum or Leona or even Blitzcrank jungle than any meta carry jungler that "tries their best to do damage but just sweeps off killgold" and just pads their score without contributing anything to the team It's been so many games that I have lost due to jungler-EGO Maybe play a tank once, it's literally the easiest way to go up the ladder.
I don't know for how long you've been playing this game but actual tanks used to be jungler like nautilus or alistar. Those ego-carries which you're talking are nothing compared to what these guys were. Believe me, the last thing you wan to see is heavy cc tanks coming back in the jungle. Right now, the only tanks you can legit play in the jungle because they've decent clear are amumu and sejuani. Mundo became good because of his up on ultimate but before 6, you're just bas squishy as an adc. The reason why nobody plays tank in the jungle is because there is not anymore. Believe, I've tried to play the tanks in the previous jungle and it was simply not working because they couldn't clear the jungle at all. So we've to pick carries or bruisers but that's not our fault, it's riot fault.
Nazgul10 (EUNE)
: Yep, 3 camps and not even level 3. This effectively makes some junglers like Yi so useless early game, that you can easily counter jungle with no danger if you kill them once. Played one game with the changes, decided to never play jungle again. Thanks Riot for effectively demolishing an entire lane.
I had a game yesterday agains't a YI who ganked me lvl3 double buff at 3min. It's even faster than before. I thought he would take more time to do this jungle so I pished but he's actually faster now. "Reduce jungle pressure".
Egillion (EUW)
: You are wrong : WHat you should do is, give the shut down gold to your winning laners. it requires a bitmore coordination, for sure, butthat's what you shall do anyways if you want to win. Your strongest lanes should shut down the fed enemy player.
I've never said otherwise. What you propose is in the objective of feeding laners that are already winning, whcih I agree. On that angle, the changes would get them a high bounty but it's likely to not happen in soloQ because the kill will be taken by a random player.
WajdyFazza (EUNE)
: Tho jungle pressure can lose your teammates the lane. Atleast try to wipe out the enemy's vision and make them think you are there. So they go slow on your teammates. Don't give up on your teammate and ruin his game because of shutdown gold. You are the most impactful role in the game, are you just gonna sit down and watch your team collapse? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
In case you didn't know, junglers don't usually help losing lane rather you try to feed even more your winning lanes. That's what top elo junglers will tell you and that's common knowledge. With those changes to shutdown there's no more incentive to at least consider the possibility. Warding is different, i'm not talking about that.
DutchPro1 (EUW)
: What are you on about? The part they changed: team gold for shutdowns is gone, replaced with bounty gold. Rough example: when you used to all get 100 gold (EXTRA) for a big shutdown, you now get 600 gold to the killer. Notice bounty gold is EXTRA to normal kills. Your decision means you rather gank a winning lane, gifting you the regular kill or assist gold, over a kill on a fed person gifting you the regular kill or assist gold PLUS the bounty gold (300-ish usually) for you or the laner. I saw a posts on the boards already claiming to just never get kills cuz shutdown gold will just be too OP. claiming they just won't die or just suicide into supports. One side claims the shutdown gold is too op, the other side says killing a fed person is not worth it. Welcome to League
Yes, I do because there's a chance I get nothing out of that when I've high chances of dying or close to in the process. I could get the same result by ganking a winning lane or an evan lane and get the same assist with very much less chances to die or to be unable to keep farming my jungle. Besides, assuming the person is dead and I get the bounty, my lane on his side get nothing except a regular assist which won't help him at all agains't a fed person. On top of that, the bounty is reset so there's no reason to get there again unless the opponent is on a streak again. Assuming he gets the bounty, he's fine but I'm not because I'm most probably dead. Aside from that, there's a chance we both die and get nothing of out it. So tell me, as jungler, what would you do? You would obviously not take the risk.
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: > [{quoted}](name=wG Got2Cool,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=46GpJ3Ao,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-05-14T15:38:11.910+0000) > > Teamplay has never really applied to it and really depends on how you can impact the game without counting on your team at all. This will be pushed even further as Riot explained it because they think that "the outcome of a game is decided by the worst player" at the moment rather than" by the "best player". Tell me where you find the team game dimension in this statement. Oh i`m telling Mr Rito since Years that the unskilled Players determine the Game outcome. It`s pretty sad that they needed that long to understand something so simple. But than again it`s no wonder that they come to the wrong conclusion...many do. All the unbalance and frustration comes from no Minimum Skill Standard in this Gama. Thats what i try to change since Years. If you have a close and fair Fight, there is no Reason to be sad about the Outcome right? We don`t have close or Fair Fights thats the origin of our Problems. If you simply increase the Snowball Potential even further, there won`t be any Chances left to come back after falling behind. Do you really want that?
No I don't. My thoughts are right now about it is that it is going to make it even more "worst player" based. There's no relation between being fed and being the best player if you ask me. You can simply get fed by destroying the "worst player" in the enemy team. Assuming poeple react properly to that, it's going to make the player being extra carefull and most prob afk under turret, and most prob make the game even longer - deciding the fate of the game in one fight - whoever get to double triple or kill randomly in that fight. Again no relation with being the best player.
: This Game was and will always be a Team Game. There are 10 Players on the Field not only you and one other Enemy. If you needed that long to realize how small your own Impact really is... Than for the first Time in Years you have your Eyes open. All this has nothing to do with Casual or Hardcore Gaming. It just says your own Impact is limited^^ thats not really a casual or hardcore statement. If a JNG or Toplaner is 2-3 Levels ahead and you can`t get 1 or 2 Kills on Botlane you do something wrong. If your Team than don`t pushes the lane in to get a Tower your Mates do something wrong. All this has nothing to do with Causal or Hardcore... it`s about understanding what is Win promoting playing and whats not. To utilize your Chances to win and snowball the Game. Thats the CORE of the Game and all what is really needed a Minimum Skill Standart. People who are aware that the Game rewards Teamplay and not to sit Solo on your own lane for 30min. Understanding the Game makes the Game great. It`s as easy as that. Sadly the large majority of Players don`t understand the Game or how to win and have Fun with it. And with Fun i say FUN FOR ALL! Not only 1 Player. It`s the classic fight between Ego and Group.
Teamplay has never really applied to it and really depends on how you can impact the game without counting on your team at all. This will be pushed even further as Riot explained it because they think that "the outcome of a game is decided by the worst player" at the moment rather than" by the "best player". Tell me where you find the team game dimension in this statement.
: Why I'm quitting League
I believe that it became harder to take advantage of the weakness of some champions - look at hyper carries running will tree with a healing support. At the same time, I believe some champs syncs too well with them. May be there should be a counter-part to the runes system. I think that runes like electrocute are way too easy to trigger, especially if you can reset your AA (or maybe it is a bug but I've seen aa - skills - aa proc'ing electrocute a numerous time). I wish it would replace by something like 'execute' that would trigger only when the target as below % hp. On a more general basis, I think runes are too easy to use and need some conditions/requirements to be trigggered.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Officialy losing hope in the report system
With the number of players, you can't really expect human to check everything. I believe the case of feeding is tricky to track because it's not really possible to factor in gameplay or decision-making . However, they announced a few weeks ago that they'll punish more effectively anyone trolling in ranked. It might just reduce the impact of consistency in behavior to go full ham on single reports.
: Extremely toxic community
I came back a few weeks ago after quitting for several years. I have the same feeling as you. The game grew even more toxic than before. And when you get paired with premades, it's 99% of the time pure hell. I'm often obliged to mute players or to simply mute all every game. Sadly, when you've to mute ppl, the experienced is ruined already. I wish there was an option to be constantly mute all with a sign that would let ppl that you're muted or something idk. They would use their energy on something else I guess. I also see inconsistency in matchmaking. Sometimes I have great games with plats, sometimes I'm playing with bronze/silver. It's weird. The queue times are shorter than before maybe that's why. Too short imo.
: Watch the VOD, then talk :)
> [{quoted}](name=Twitch Caustie,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fmkPvV34,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-05-04T19:15:50.732+0000) > > Watch the VOD, then talk :) I don't need to look at it a second time. You whined and kept the flame going onto your mates. Meanwhile you didn't even try to do anything to win. Maybe too busy griefing? Or maybe because you were " done, game over, hahha, ff, hahha" at (11-16) 23min in the game?
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: Permabanned for this game
That's actual harrasment. If you can't realize that when reading the chat, you may have a serious issue tbh. You are toxic and at best, passive-aggressive. Better put that energy to something else than whining. Else, just move toward a solo game because your behavior towards your mate is way off. I mean that's what they told you with this permaban :" We don't want you in our game".
MiyumiSan (EUW)
: Sejuani popular in ranked?
I can't wait her to be nerfed. At least she won't get ban in ranked anymore and i'll be able to play her all the time. Now, I think it's not a real nerf (2% HP on W lol) and It won't take away the burst potential she always had. Plus there's an increase in E damage. So Yeah, I think it's more to satisfy the usual QQ rather than actually nerfing her. A real nerf would be an increase in CD of her W and a reduced damage on her Q.
: You maxed W>Q>E, Q should be maxed last. E gives a stronger slow as you level it and levelling W is pointless. In this game as the support didn't you should of 100% got a locket especially vs an orianna. That small shield active + bonus MR would of helped your team a lot. Frozen heart should of been purchased to lower vayne's + irelia's attack speed. Your runes are mixed pen which don't make any sense on Sejuani. You should be taking attack speed runes to help her clears early game with 15% AS, Magic Pen then normal yellow / blues you'd of been more effective early. On ganks the magic pen helps or take AP instead but mixed pen is a waste as all her damage is magic based. Sejuani should be 9/21/0 or 0/21/9 in masteries. You're a tank not an AP carry you're losing out on some decent defensive masteries in the early game + CC reduction etc. If you get ahead you can build items like abyssal/haunting guise/rylais but always take defensive masteries then whether you spend the 9 points left on CDR/AS/MS is up to you. ALWAYS upgrade your trinket when you have 250 gold small (at level 9+). It's basically a mini sightstone and as a jungler you should be getting lots of vision down. You should have destroyed more of their wards using the raptor buff/pinks OR if you prefer the sweeper get that. You only placed one pink which would have been destroyed should have one always active. You had a Jinx who is a mid/late horror with her range + you had an insane engage CC chain with leona + you, you could of engaged on them CC chaining and won a fight easily. Sejuani can turn most games with a good 3-4 man ultimate which you must not have gotten. You also should of been peeling for that Jinx like there was no tomorrow. Might seem a harsh analysis and I make a lot of errors myself but I think this is a good summary using the match history information given.
So basically, I run 21/9/0 because it gives me more dueling power especially agains't a lee sin. Maxing Q gives me more mobility, increase my dueling power thanks to the damage and spare me some damage from jungle camps with knock up. The game went pretty great to me except in botlane which had a huge cs lack and the teleport of irelia which I should've expect - but again what to do in this situation? Else I do clear the camps in a few seconds as soon as I get my first jungle item. My route is basically doing wolves to get lvl3, back and buy the item before doing the second buff. Now I get your point with the trinket and it's true that I always forget to improve it. The fight went pretty hard since Janna had mickael and so it kinda put my ult useless and chain CC was hard due to her ult. But yes maybe I should've gone frozen heart and solari. Now my question were more about the strategic move to do instead of a pure builds discussion which depends on how the game goes.
: Defeat - What should've done?
Yeah that's what I thought at the end of the champ selection but still I guess there was a way to win the game but I've no idea how.
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RiCaR1 (EUW)
: Sejuani nerf really???
Flail of the Northern Winds Final IconFlail of the Northern Winds [ W ] Bonus magic damage on the first hit decreased from 4/6/8/10/12% to 4/5.5/7/8.5/10% Permafrost Final IconPermafrost [ E ] Base damage increased from 60/90/120/150/180 to 60/95/130/165/200 Glacial Prison Final IconGlacial Prison [ R ] Slow strength decreased from 90% at all ranks to 30% Well, what scared me the most is a too hard decreased in early lvl of W but it's not the case. I don't think it's a huge nerf. Plus the objective of the ult is still to succeed in it. If you don't miss it then you won't feel the change. However, it's sad it stays at 30% at all rank.

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