: Recommended cheap assassins?
{{champion:28}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:91}}
: how tha hell am I supposed to buy champions?
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DeathRose02 (EUNE)
: Can anyone help? Client problems
Find The League Of Legends Folder And Delete Game. Classicly Use Hextech Repair After Delete
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: Team Ezra - Looking for a toplaner (EUW) (Silver-Gold)
IGN: PickleSauc3 Age: 17 Country: Iceland but i speak fluid english Elo: unranked but i thing imma be silver Main champs: Lee Sin, Tahm Kench, Braum, Warwick, Sona... How often/When can you play: 6 times a week Reason to join: I want to play and grow with people and not always Q alone
: [EUW] [Silver] - Professional Slayers (Squad) - for Bronze 1 and silver- gold players
Im a support main and im starting to play league alot again this year i want someone to play with and to learn with :)
Gangplonk (EUW)
: Looking for friendly players for duo/dynamic q!
HEY MAN. im a bronze 1 Support main maby we can play :){{champion:12}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:37}}
: Searching for DUOQ Support! (Platinum2+)(Adc main)
Well i would say im all of those but the fact is im not Plat2+ im bronze1 but hear me out i feel that i might be able to be good. {{champion:223}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:12}}
Minenik2 (EUW)
: H Ward Grinding Team
Hey Whats upp!!! i am i Support main i would like to get that ward :'D but yea if u would like to talk about it. hit me up! {{champion:12}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:223}}


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