: > Ehm about Swain - he looks like Dragunov from Tekken, like general from Warhammers weak humans, like Star Crafts Stukov, come on. He looks nothing like stukov... nothing at all like dragunov... and nothing like the generals from warhammer... nothing at all. > Aatrox has 3 attack Q with jump-hit third attack, has hard cc W and dash in E, and power-up ult hmmmmm where is Riven in here... Lots of champions have dashes on their E and hard cc on their W... that’s where they go... that’s where this argument falls apart, by your logic if his E and W swapped placed he becomes nothing like riven Also consider this... Old Aatrox had a dash on Q, a 3 hit attack on W, cc on E, and a power up ult... by your logic Old Aatrox was a riven clone as well. But his Q is nothing like riven Q... riven Q are 3 fast and low damage attacks with dashes with the last having a knock up... his Q are three slow AoE nukes, with a knock up and crit at the end of each His W is barely even hard cc and is nothing like riven’s cc His E is used to land his Q, not to avoid and absorb damage And aatrox has always had a steroid ult, it’s closer to old aatrox’s than riven’s. > Tell me at least 3 things why the red, lil armored guy that screams about tortures is not a generic demon. I mean really. Goat legs/hooves Breathing fire Pitchfork Forked tongue Fangs Bat like wings Torture divice Horns Talking in Latin Pentagrams Serving a dark master Weakness to holy imagery or water Do I need to go on.
> Goat legs/hooves Breathing fire Pitchfork Forked tongue Fangs Bat like wings Torture divice Horns Talking in Latin Pentagrams Serving a dark master Weakness to holy imagery or water I asked to name things that DONT make him a generic demon. ahhaa Its like list of most cliched things about demons. His old Q was a leap and not dash, his abilities looks and feels just like riven. Swain is a dude in a strict, simple, black uniform with a general tunic draped over his shoulders. Are you %%%%ing serious?
: > He used to have this whip-like sword and now its generic demon sword. The whip like sword was really bad... it’s impractical and creates giving aatrox’s hits have Wright behind them like aatrox should just feel wrong. > Used have unique mechanics, his W, and now ehm aint it feel like they took abilities from Riven rework and just put them into wrong character? His W wasn’t even that unique though... the actual mechanic of swapping stance as needed is frankly done better by jinx. And his abilities are nothing like riven... his Q having 3 strikes is the only similarity and not only are the abilities vastly different riven is not the only champion with a 3 strike Q... yasuo has it as well, and his is much closer to riven’s. Plus frankly his new W is a much more unique mechanic than his old W... plus his Q is pretty unique as it changes shape each cast. > I mean, where is aatrox in new aatrox? High sustain, a revive, a steroid ult, and building up to a more powerful third strike... that’s what has been maintained, as well as elements of his old Q (knock up if you land the ability correctly) What made Old Aatrox who he was also made him unhealthy and in need for a rework... for riot to do a successful rework they also had to remove what made aatrox who he was... and they have done a great job of maintaining aatrox with so little being salvageable. > Is this generic demon created by the same team that made Swain a generic general? He isn’t a generic demon, nor is Swain a generic general (seriously which generals do you know have demonic powers)
Ehm about Swain - he looks like Dragunov from Tekken, like general from Warhammers weak humans, like Star Crafts Stukov, come on. Aatrox has 3 attack Q with jump-hit third attack, has hard cc W and dash in E, and power-up ult hmmmmm where is Riven in here... Tell me at least 3 things why the red, lil armored guy that screams about tortures is not a generic demon. I mean really.
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: Whats going on at Riot? (Akali Rework)
Here is just one questions. How do you feel about aatrox rework?
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Noezholio (EUW)
: oh yeah, i can see your problem with that. But tbh i don't really think its that much of an issue. Very much like thunderlords last season its not a stat that is regularly checked anyways and as you can see the sould collected anytime you cna roughly guess the damage. At least its not checked in fights. But changing that would indeed be nice.
True, but there is even less sense in showing total damage dealt through whal game with those runes.
Noezholio (EUW)
: But....it is right there isn't it? Bonus damage: 75 (+0)(+45)+170 soul essence Thats whats in your screenshot. Thats the raw bonus damage you deal with every attack. Now this is still affected by the enemies Armor or in this case MR but there are 5 enemies so its probably better this way.
to see this screen you need to open this small window (second screen) then put mouse above one of the characteristics and only after that you can see them. what we need is those "small" numbers of curent stats in smal window
: btw how long did it take for those 170 stacks(35 mins)? imo, not worth the 1st mastery is way better in that tree.
Not that long, it was a bad game just. The thing is that each new stack is more powerful and after 150 they last 5 min and it is easy to get more - so you can make massacre_)
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Aezander (EUW)
: Steampunk ? ... Magic Technology Universe ? ... These two describe LoL atm. And until I get my hands ... eyes ... on more of Zoe's lore I can't say she doesn't fit the game. She is an Aspect of Twilight according to her title, so that means that her character should be mischievous.
Her SWEATER and JEENS SHORTS doesnt fit. Her idea is fine.
: this is actually a huge disappointment for me. first of all, when I saw the announcement a few weeks ago I didn't expect it to be human looking. and second, when riot said they wanted to make something more cheerful, I though they meant appearance. This personality doesn't make any sense. league of legends is a game about war, conflict and death. yes, league has some cheerful champions, but they make sense. a few examples would be {{champion:163}} -> is cheerfull but you can still feel the weight of her responsibility. it's part of her lore... she went though hell and then was able to overcome it and become stronger not only physically but also mentally. {{champion:117}} -> lives / lived in a fantasy paradise full of drugs {{champion:222}} -> normal crazy {{champion:99}} -> completely lost it kind of crazy you get the point... all the cheerful champions have some kind of reason to act cheerful. but this new Zoe champion teaser just makes her look like she is completely oblivious to everting around her and all she cares about is playing pranks. **this champion looks like it came strait from a super mario galaxi game**. I don't agree with the clothes part, because they can still fit in league imo, but you are completely right, THIS CHAMPION DOES NOT FIT LEAGUE
that a huge tonn of fat. well she is from other world, thats why maybe she is so out of place with her cherfulness. She just dont care about this dumn wars
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I guess 1000+ and thats why she looks like child< she is from other world
: League isn't medieval... not by a long shot. It's a patchwork universe, different factions represent different time zones and styles not one distinct one. So while demacia is very medieval, zaun is steampunk, while piltover has a more futuristic feel to it. Also remember that Zoe is obviously some kind of extradimentional being like an imp or something along those lines... she doesn't fit into this universe that well because she isn't from this universe, by making her not fit in they emphasise that she indeed doesn't belong here... suddenly what you think is a mistake becomes an incredibly cleaver design feature.
ALTERNATIVE Middle Ages. As well as the Warcraft - an alternative to the Middle Ages, with explosives, orcs, dragons and lasers. Just like Drakengard - an alternative medieval era with well madness. As well as Skyrim - alt. Middle Ages, but more classical. This means the basic level of development - at the level of this era. Means horses are everywhere, not airplanes. Sailing ships, not nuclear submarines. This does not mean that there can not be things inherent in other eras in it, but they need a special context and they must be specially inscribed in the world so that they look organically. A brand new girl - have SWEATER and JEANS SHORTS :D Lol is an alt. the Middle Ages, in which steampunk, folklore, yordles, vastayas, gods and creatures of the abyss, with demons, are involved. But they are all woven into context. Therefore, it is alternative.
Eveninn (EUW)
: > Everything till that moment fit into the game. Because it is ion the game. .-. Once Zoe is part of the game and universe, she'll feel like she's part of this universe. x3 At least that's how I feel about it. (I still think Aurelion makes lorewise no senese because... shouldn't his powerlevel be somewhat a bit higher? :s)
He had been tricked into wearing the crown, that lower his abilities. This is clear in the lore, you just may reread it :)
: You have Jinx walking around in a bikini top and shorts. What's your point? And Zoe's clothes aren't all that out of place. Only the wide neck is and only a little at that.
Jhinx is steempunk type of character - they have their place i nthe world. It is called PILTOWER.
: Well, seeing as Targon seems to be some form of space faring civilization (not Mount Targon, the Targon mentioned in Aurelion Sol's lore), is Zoe really that farfetched of a champion?
clothes. that about her clothes. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Eveninn (EUW)
: > dragons, fairies, dwarfs and cyborgs One does not fit. :thinking: ------------ The thing about how the league universe evolves is that everything is off, thus nothing is. Like, we got a startforging dragon, next to a scarecrow, next to a dude wif a lamppost. Some with with the alternative medival... but some really don't <.< Some are more sci-fi than anything else...
It is actuaaly not. Everything till that moment fit into the game. Space dragon is still dragon, lady with knife-knees is still feels like she is from this world, but from more developed region. So if she meet Vastaya's it will be STRANGE, but it wont be AWKWARD. This shi..Champion is from different era and it really feels. Try to imagine for example modern type soldier in helmet, with AK-47 and granades. But all of granades have COSMIC BUBBLES skins. And all of the bullets are stars. Will it feel fine? There should have been a lot larger work on fitting this little thing into the game. Her appearence are really off. Herr closes have too modern style. Last time I thought about a character who didnt fit into the game was Sucksuo - his appearence was too "classic" and boring for the strange world of league. And he actually still feels like a cancer, but because of other reasons. So yeah he still off.
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: Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight is...
In short, hello. I was very happy about the new non-serious character. But. As already said - it does not fit into the world. Da da, into the world with dragons, fairies, dwarfs and cyborgs. It still does not fit. And the reason is that she looks like a teenager of 90, and the League is an alternative Middle Ages. Her clothes, her lotions - everything is knocked out of the game. If only her clothes were suitable for the world, there would be fewer problems. I certainly understand that the main market is east and your Chinese owners. But Kayn (anime for boys) - The Star Guardian mode (anime for girls) - Skins with eastern themes - A teenage anime girl, in a row? It begins to crack.
: {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3078}} ?
may you add some words so i mai understand you clearly?{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Steelist (EUNE)
: [Reward] Survey for League gamers
LoL username is name of profile or ingame name? Also, good luck on your course!
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Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I have yet another useless but funny suggestion
This is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick I like it {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Tribute to 1% Critical Chance Church
Got a good idea for a rune Get 1% crit at the start of the game and get 9% more after 10 min. Or even Get 1 % from the start and then get 9% on 10min and +10% crit every 10 min {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: Hey, it was my turn to post that! >:(
Rioter Comments
: Interesting. You might as well just end the season already.
"I don't want to be disrespectful, but where does all that money go to? Italian restaurants or Paris vacations?" - it goes to their chinese owners. LoL and Riot are not west world game anymore (for a long time already in fact) so dont expect any type of things like actual care for EU servers{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=fabbe28,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=33WftdBy,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-27T06:27:33.312+0000) > > This change will make it alot harder for laners and junglers to figure out where the enemy jungler is. Wards and map awarness. I know where the jungler is going to be without even looking at his CS.
they removing depth, people who got exp in game could track it in different ways - now everybody is equal and it is made by removing depths and space for skills you genius{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
fabbe28 (EUNE)
: Dear riot why are you removing the ability to jungle track by creep score?
I am scared that there are people who thinks it is fine{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Plz RIOT give us "ALIZA: the eye of the abyss"
Her ice arm looks like arm of Doomfist from Overwatch - and it is TOTALLY AWESOME
MJF1030 (EUW)
: Veterans dont want free stuff
Well this is the case where I am even fine with just ICON that says since which season I play
abixbg (EUNE)
: Harassment in languages other than English?
Pfff Well when guys start to yell at you on their silly Elfish it is uncomfortable. But Back in 2 season in euw there were more language support, so I could write on russian and it was really good thing. 1. I let the steam out and then play fine 2. You dont get it, dont got offended, dont know what I said. So RIOT GIVE BACK RUSSIAN IN EUW (and you - be happy that they turn of language as soon as they create a lol centre in counry that speaks it) (so for sure they have a man for every lang that still in euw)
: But those pictures prove nothing? Have you tried if they deal the damage? Keep in mind that the +% would mean that if you build AP, the damage will scale more. Not sure if I explained mysefl xD
it scales of AP and dont scales of HP I tested it.
Neuronnix (EUW)
: Good find. You should report this with the report a bug feature in the League Client, it's more likely to get fixed that way
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ChiTenshi (EUW)
: What happened to {{item:2301}} {{item:3157}}?
its screen from Treeline, my mistake, still only difference is Zhonya
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Rioter Comments
: > Now - 10 seconds. Before ranting do your homework, mate. While I agree it took rito way to long to adress this.
Rioter Comments
: It doesnt make sense lore-wise though. Yorick uses what he despises (The Black Mist and its creatures) to fight who he despises more (The Ruined King). He is under constant temptation to let the Mist consuem him, but must not stray from his path. The Black Mist and the Maiden of the Mist promise salvation, but Yorick knows it is only the salvation of oblivion, not rest. On the other hand, he needs to control the power of the Mist to use them against The Ruined King. The woman of the West Altair is a prisoner of The Black Mist herself, not a creature drawing its strength from it like the Maiden of the Mist (which basically is a whispmother). Yorick "enslaving" the woman of the West Altair would not only go against his personality and cause, but make no sense as the woman is not a source of power of The Black Mist.
What Iam saing is not change lore of Maiden justt change her appearence. Now her R looks like scetch, not finished work imo
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Amphysvena (EUNE)
: The weird thing with Master Yi is that he is holding it like you should hold a katana. Basically you have your right hand top, left hand bottom. Right is for "steering" the blow, left for power. Even left handed people hold it the same. So his in game stance makes no sense, although of course it is a fantasy game and they can do whatever they want.
It feels like it was just mirrored, still dont know whyyy
Rioter Comments
: Ohmwrecker buff + new item idea
peaty to say but they wont do it because every team start buying this 2-3 for a team and the torrets would be off through the big part of the game. Ohmwrecker is cost that mush not because of stats, but because of this active, which you shouldn't get easy, stats are only addition.
: Yellow Lee Sin Skin
is this official chroma? be careful you may get ban)
: Zelos, the Blade Spiritualist
good, but we need pictures) its really always a thing to understand you in a right way. Passive is weak. you need 10 attacks to get it, but you kill your enemy faster than this. Abilities dont bring any new features to the table, sorry:( And he will be dead before ult ends I believe and is he tank/assassin/bruiser?
RageFuel (EUW)
: Reinula'Xul - The Reborn (Champion Lore/backstory - Work in Progress)
: Can riot make a champion size chart
yeah I would be interested how tall is guys from Targon and Vastaya. I am down for it by the way take this http://s019.radikal.ru/i642/1707/4c/a5eb5d2130cc.jpg
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