: Yes there are coaches who can help you. I added you ingame
when u gone online i accept your request
: TG (Tactical Gaming) Recruiting!
IGN: wind bash Age: 21 Do you have a mic: yes Do you have ts3: yes Main Role: jg Secondary Role: support Current Division: s3 Comments/questions:i playing jg last 2 years can do all meta jglers and have my own pocket pick also but i never try nidalee i want to learn nidalee and do u provide coach ? and i want to improve my play , rank and also want to take part in tourny . I have no isue with practice time and also can do practice all day i playing this game since season 1 .ok thanks for reading . :)
: LF bot mid Jungle and top laner for 5v5 ranked team
hello champ pool : gragas elise graves kindred shyvana learning lee atm but never played nidalee casue do not know how to play her .( malz jg we also gone be see in nowdays so i am also learning him ) rank : s4 ready to learn new things and i never do rage or flame to team mates.
: LF dyna que buddies
hello atm i am only s4 was in bronze so i have 64 wins i am jg main if u like to play with me i never do rage or flaming ok thanks
: New team recruiting (bronze,silver) with coach. All roles are available
Age: 21 Country: when added than i will tell u The role you want to play, (only one)!: jg Rank: s3 How many champions you have: 92 Anything else you like to say: no rage no flame from me alwys ready for improve
Greivance (EUW)
: Last Remedy Gaming
added u i am s5 atm but i play rank every day and i never do rage or flame , playing since season 1 jg main.
: league tournament coming up... team needed
namste bhai tere ko request bheja hai acept kar diyo .
0784 (EUW)
: S5 Gold, new account in silver 5 RANKED add me
Benjiboy (EUW)
: Creating 5v5 team Silver
hello i am up for silver promo jg main was playing since season 1
: Looking for Team / people too play with. silver 1.
hello i am wind bash . i am b1 atm but playing sinse season 1 jg main and support secondary if u like to play with me welcome ok thanks for reading bye have good day. :)
Hadasa (EUW)
: LF Silver Ranked Players 18+
hello atm i am b2 but was silver last season and also playing since season one main jg and support if u like to play with me msg me ok thnks
: searching for silver-gold players to join my new team :)
i like to join it but i am b2 atm playing since season 1 s4 last season jg main can do any jg beside lee and nid just give me chance if u like to play with me ok thanks
: Need team members
: LF nice players
hello guys i also just moved na to euw need friends playing since season 1 and i do not do rage never, never angry u can add me ign is wind bash

wind bash

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