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MacDeath (EUW)
: I mean, _what if_ it doesn't matter what your allies/enemies are doing at all, the only thing that counts is how **you** play to get out of your elo... can you follow my imagination?
A tear dropped from my eyes... That was like music to my ears...
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: Hi my friend. I'm pretty sure you are not the only one. As it happens i'm almost like you, but i play in silver. The problem we encounter is not limited to bronze or silver. I think it goes all the way up to diamond. Last season i got to gold 5 and got stuck there for the whole season. What i've concluded so far from matchmaking is that, it matches you with people who have the same elo. The problem is, people with same elo doesn't necessarily have the same skills, cause they don't have the same amount of games played. Right now i have around 500 ranked games and a total of 3000 games played overall. but i'm getting matched with someone who has less than 10 wins on ranked and when i check his profile he has less than 200 normal won games. So, what you think happens here? That person doesn't know all the champs and what they do, so someone goes shaco vs riven for the same reason.
Ouch! you got in a ranked game with a guy who has almost 2800 games than you?... There is a problem then...
MacDeath (EUW)
: What if I told you (/the pic) Riot's evaluation-terms of your skill-level are independent from others play behavior...
Sorry I didn't understand, can you explain please?
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Except Leona jungle works if you know what you're doing.
Yeah but do you think from all the examples I gave, that guy knew what he was doing? :P
True Sight (EUNE)
: I got out of bronze just recently, but I had a winstreak.. Getting from b3, to silver 5 in 2 days, with 12 wins, 2 losses is not quite easy. But yeah, I've been experiencing people that troll or just feed and afk, but I didn't give up, and now I'm in silver, and I'm done with ranked for this season. I just wanted that silver border. Don't give up, there will be a time when you'll get better players, that just want to get out of bronze, just like yourself. And the matchmaking system is fair only when it comes to ranked games, but in normals, you can end up with platinum, even diamond players...
I got stuck in B5 for like 2 years, I got sick of the game, I uninstalled it. I thought maybe I sucked that bad, so I gave myself some time, then I installed the game again recently, I got a winning streak from 0 points in B5 all the way to trial games in B4, I figured they fixed the matchmaking system, then I went all the way from the 3 games in B4 to 0 in B5, now I think I am at 30 points... Is it against the rules to post my youtube videos in here? I think this is my first post since I played the game years ago. I just want you to see what type of people I am getting in the game with, I sometimes wonder how are these guys even level 30...
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