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: Hey folks, We're aware of some issues with antivirus software - if you haven't already, we recommend you update your software to ensure you have the latest update. If you continue to experience issues, can you let us know what antivirus you're using and what version you're on? Thank you!
I'm having the exact same problem yet I dont have an antivirus and my firewall is disabled...
Hydnoras (EUW)
: You can play completely like before. People who play bruisers bot are being idiots right now and they get stomped by lane bully adcs like lucian. You just have to play mids that fit the meta instead of playing like before. It's called adapting.
> [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OB1GpV2p,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-14T03:20:56.742+0000) > > You can play completely like before. People who play bruisers bot are being idiots right now and they get stomped by lane bully adcs like lucian. You just have to play mids that fit the meta instead of playing like before. It's called adapting. I really hate being a meta slave, only playing a few midlaners i dont play? like really... My main is support though, peeling supports to be exact
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Renold (EUNE)
: Support never respected??
Most of the time its the adc who gets the honor because they are the damage of the team, so people usually honor them because they dont even know the support is doing a really good job (no matter if you hit a 5 man bubble as nami after the wave and prevent your allies from dying in every fight when they are in the wrong place on the teamfight... I think support is so understimated because as they don't do damage and doesn't appear as "quadra kill" and stuff like that they are never respected. I usually don't get more than 1 honor (the adc) when I hard carry as support, but my carry gets 3, i only got 3 honors as support twice and I usually dont get honored even after carrying the whole game and doing the best calls.
Douudii (EUW)
: Akali can't be seen with pink Ward??!!!
They explained it when the assasin update came out, basically there are two types of invisibility, i dont remember the names but one makes you visible when next to an enemy or a control ward and the other that makes you literally invisible. So no, she can't be seen by a control ward, but you can see her with the sweeping lens (just the red shadow).
: Yasuo and Zed
The thing is... Zed is an assasin, and if played well should do his job, and he is nerf, most of the time wont even win lane even if played correctly. Yasuo is in a decent spot and its kinda an antimage, so if thats their purpose, why would they need to be even more nerf? You just need to learn their weakneses and how to play against them, as I did, and now i Rekt every yasuo and zed player.
: chests
I have 6 chests already in my hextech that I cant open, I think the problem are the key fragments that dont drop anymore, and seems the honor capsules are extremely rare and only give 2 keyfragments or so, since they changed it that way i cant open chest anymore.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=x Wyvern x,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Q8Z4W5mp,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2017-08-29T19:43:03.324+0000) > > But worlds are not the end of season right? Or I'm just lost? I might have caused some confusion. Some time after worlds the season will end. The time in between is very short. For instance, last year worlds event ended at 29th of October, 1 week later, at the 7th of November, the season ended and the pre-season started at 10th of November. Last year's worlds patch was 6.18 similar to this year's 7.18. Before pre-season 7 they had 3 more patches. Ivern was released in one of those (patch 6.20). Because Evelynn is from the Shadow Isles (at least in the old lore) I reckon her rework will be sometime near the Harrowing (last year patch 6.21). If everything goes according to my plan, I'm guessing her rework will be revealed around that time: 23rd to 29th of October. Then she goes to the PBE for testing which at least 1 more week, pushing the final release date on live to the next patch, most likely the pre-season patch. This is all speculation on my part, of course. If they reveal her sooner, like one or two weeks, she may be avaiable during the Harrowing patch.
I see, at least its just before preseason then.
prololmatek (EUNE)
: How to calm down in ranked?
Personally I think that rankeds are for improvement, which means you should focus on yourself and if you find in a losing situation, use that in advantage to get better on losing situations and win more losing games. Also, one thing that helped me is to think that other players are like bots, so doesnt matter what you tell them, nothing will change and even so you wont see them in your next game, the only factor is you. If you get pissed or you end up frustrated, try to calm down and remember that its just a game and doesnt really matter, as you can play many more of them, so focus on doing better and trying to stay calm and get better. I hope it helps you mate ;)
Febos (EUW)
: Multiple teams work on different reworks at the same time. The team in charge of Eve's rework is NOT the same as Xin's. Xin's rework will not impact Eve's date. Evelynn's rework is a much larger scale rework; Yorick/Sion/Urgot level. Evelynn rework WILL NOT be released this season, but it'll be released before the end of the year. Probably right after Worlds. EDIT: [My source](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/dK7Z5Vh0-quick-gameplay-thoughts-june-27?comment=00180000)
But worlds are not the end of season right? Or I'm just lost? Meddler said she will be before end of season: "Quote: Can you tell us when you predict Evelynn's Rework will show up? After worlds patch, During or Before? Also, what are your thoughts on Twitch? He can start attacking you from outside his reveal range, something that Evelynn was nerfed for a long time ago so i thought it was nice tie in question. Sometime after the Worlds patch (7.18), almost certainly before pre-season (7.22)." Source: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Laod6v1G-quick-gameplay-thoughts-august-18?comment=000b0000
Zoe RuIe34 (EUNE)
: It's a capsule that you get instead of key fragments and you can get champion shard or skin or more key fragments. https://www.google.lt/search?q=honor+capsule&safe=strict&rlz=1C1CHBD_enLT757LT757&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwidwcXuovrVAhWsIpoKHdanCZQQ_AUICigB&biw=1600&bih=770#imgrc=0smLES6P0RanQM:
I thought they removed key fragments and that stuff when they released honor, seems i'm bugged and i didnt know it lol.
Zoe RuIe34 (EUNE)
: Honor 5 and 0 capsules
What are honor capsules?
Wickfield97 (EUNE)
: Suggestion for Riot Games
You forgot {{champion:7}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:63}}
: Assassins are not my playstyle,I play top and suck anything that is not a tank What kind of tank is good for protecting the frontline? But also if I play frontline won't the enemy carries just melt me?
No, the meta actually benefits tanks right now. Galio and Maokai are really good for most stuff, protecting, engaging, disengaging and even a bit of poke. There are probably top tier tanks right now that i'm not aware of, maybe check a tier list for that.
: How to win against broken champions?
Calm down, i know how you feel. You can play tanks and protect them specially from enemy engaging as a frontlane or you can play assasins and flank them and do the same thing.
radetari (EUNE)
: End of season honor rewards
End Season Treasure Chest, containing at least 2 skin shards and 600 orange essence would be decent imo
Inaphyt (EUW)
: The truth is assassins suck at the top levels of play, any katarinas at worlds? no, any akali players at worlds? no diana? talon? zed? No. This is why they seem so strong in solo queue cause they need to be very strong to even be considered at the top level.
Kata was played on wolds, zed is played sometimes, and fizz is played on worlds too, Kha Zix is played a lot too.
: Team builder mode
They wont, they have a number of queues and they can't split them more, (queue time), 30 min waiting to get mid champ, those times... xD But you can still do that on draft pick.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: |Skins I've crafted||Disenchanted skins||Comments| |- |Pool Party Lulu||Dark Crystal Ryze||.|| |Blackfrost Anivia||Blackfrost Anivia||Got her twice :)|| |Braum Lionheart||Professor Ryze||.|| |Blacksmith Poppy||Gladiator Draven||Got this Poppy skin from the first purple box|| |Frostblade Irelia||Dark Star Thresh||Bye-bye, Thresh|| |Snow Day Ziggs||Dragonslayer Pantheon||.|| |Prototype Viktor||Urf the Nami-tee||I'd got this Nami skin before|| |Warrior Princess Sivir||Annie in Wonderland||This Annie's skin is pointless to craft|| |Sweetheart Sona||Barbarian Sion x2||Also got Sweetheart icon to craft|| |Matador Alistar||Blood Moon Thresh||Not big fan of him as you can see :)|| |Bladecraft Orianna||Warden Jax||.|| |Project: Ashe||Goalkeeper Blitzcrank||Crafted her icon during the event, have border|| |Iron Solari Leona||Grim Reaper Karthus||.|| |Challenger Nidalee||Pentakill Olaf||.|| |Pool Party Ziggs||Dark Valkyrie Diana||.|| |--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--||Santa Gragas||.|| |**Skins I can craft**||Fnatic Gragas||.|| |Zombie Ryze||North. Storm Volibear||.|| |.||Mecha Kha'Zix||.|| |.||Rune Wars Renekton||.|| |.||General Wukong||.|| |.||Jade Fang Cassiopeia||.|| I don't remember all the skins I've disenchanted because my Excel document contains only the crafted skins. Also I've earned 3 gemstones at the previous season, but nothing this season (the season is still going!). {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
wow, such organization xD! I dont remember all the skins i disenchanted, but you got some of the skins i would like to have :o Gemstones are kinda useless unless you want the skins they give imo.
: Why are there so many bad players in Gold Elo?
Most gold 5 players and 4 are lucky, busteds or just matched there because the 10 first games, but its the same shit until high elo i think (high plat+), and even there i heard people is obssesed with solo play and ego.
Arnoter (EUW)
: all i got http://imgur.com/a/ncLjs
Are you collecting gems? :p
: Honor leveling
Similar situation, I should have honor 4 already with all the honors i got, but dunnow how the system works. Maybe it doesnt reward you points with just honoring and you need all your team to honor someone, if thats the case then its just luck.
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Nurfed (EUW)
: 70% One trick Eve D4
Do you have plans on uploading to YT or finished streams to twitch?
: Hate me all you want but I think Riot has improved greatly compared to last year
If you played on season 4 or 5 you would see how wrong it went since then, sadly.
error012 (EUW)
: Requesting French filter
French people are not the only afkers, feeders, flamers and trolls. You are racist.
: One game in ARURF and...
Urf is fun but never balanced, keep playing to get those insane teams and champs if you wanna get fun.
: If you finally get Gold V, are you still classed as a Noob?
People always complain about other's rank, even in gold, even in plat, even in diamond.
: Actually, laning vs Ahri is a piece of cake, I stomp her in lane with constant poking, she becomes so useless all she can do is ask to be babysat or splitpush for the rest of the game. I find it funny how all these bad piece of shit try to counter me by picking Ahri or Zed and then they always lose the lane. And yeah, I would have held the lane, if bot wouldn't have lost against Soraka+Ziggs, and if our Rek'Sai wouldn't have been so rambo and died 1v5 (he actually did, just because I landed a Q on Ziggs he thought he could finish him off)
You should know this if you are already in plat but i will tell you anyway. Why you play offensive against a pick if you cant beat her? Adapt your build, more defensive, and keep farming, you will outscale her anyway, think of your win condition, not if you are winning or losing lane. If you cant kill her, keep farming passively and try to not die, nothing else, after that, you could look for picks on the adc or support if he/she is squishy with your team.
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: Preparation for Solo Queue
First, dont be fear of playing ranked, you will end up in your elo depending on how you play, and you can always climb up if you get lower. Just do it and try to play for yourself, not what others think about you. Now, make sure you have at least ad and ap runes (check your ap runes, seems you miss two), and open more your pool. Playing only adcs in top lane (quinn and gnar), even if gnar its not an adc you need champions that suit other roles in the toplane. And this, this is the most important, read guides, watch streamers of your favourite champions in high elo or even OTP, and lastly, focus on improving and not in winning, you will climb if you play for get better, if you play for win you may not be using those lost match ups to learn something and make it better the next time, so try to learn always something new. Common stuff you need to take in mind are: - Die less - Keep up with the highest cs for the whole game - Ward and try to improve your warding spot - Realize where you are in all moments and if you are working for some objective, if not, you are not doing what you should be doing (apart from farming when its necessary). - Know the enemies and allies weaknesses and strenghts, not only of their champions, the composition aswell, and think of the win condition of both teams. - Don't tilt, its fine, people here usually plays for their best, being positive and helping your teammates to recover in the game or not flame them will make the game way easier for all and they will maybe play way better than in laning phase (i saw this way too many times). - Be aware of your position within your team, whats your role, who is gonna be focus by who on the enemy team and what you need to do to win the game, maybe you dont need to fight but apply pressure if you have a tryndamere, or maybe you have an orianna and she makes a play for all of you, you need to be ready for that, or maybe the enemy team has a wukong / jarvan that doesnt show in the map and he is of course looking to flank you if you are the adc or apc. There are more stuff, i will put the names of some youtubers that upload videos that help improving quite often in case you are interested: RedMercy, Phylol, foxDrop, Jeremy "Gaming Curios". And for streams, Tekk uploads some of them every day at his channel on youtube aswell. I hope it helped you and have fun ^^
: Why is Riot defying the rules when it comes to their new Champions...
Dude, the goal is to design every champion so all have their own playstyle and unique abilities, if all would be the same, the game would be boring. Its true that going through the walls is broken but that doesnt mean he shouldnt have something new like that on his kit.
xAnterias (EUNE)
: Calling it now, Ornn is gonna be mega busted.
Riot is making the last champions really busted and unfair, even if they said they wanted to make them fair to play against. Specially Kayn, i hope we don't see someone like that again.
: To play a squishy assassin top against a juggernaut is surely the smart thing to do.
I'm iplaying in twisted tree line to get used to fizz, thats why he was my oponent. I cant either poke him (he answer back with the E and the W and then ignite, 3 basic attacks and i'm dead...) I cant either q him, or w him after an auto. I wanted to build the way i would be able to beat him, doesnt matter if i needed to build as a tank or ad or whatever but just beat him.
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136396 (EUW)
: Concept of a new support champion
Surprisingly one of the best ideas i read in a while lol. I kinda like the theme of bees and it seems more balanced than other champions. But it seems more like a control mage like Orianna and Zilean than a support, maybe she can go both lanes. Seems like a ROA Liandry Rylai build would work really well on her. Does the resurrected player need to do something if he gets resurrected? It would be really troll if he get resurrected but he doesnt know because he is buying or something XD. If you max W... She could be a jungler aswell?
: Can't pop barrels if you're blind.
You are not in range of being blind if you play with the barrels...
Vonyalo (EUW)
: When lethality cancer will be fixed?
When Riot finds a new broken trend to make. Probably some mage thing or adc thing next time.
Syntrix33 (EUW)
: Counterplay to teemo?
There are a lot of things you can do against him, if you cant Q him you can harass him with the barrels instead of the Q (maxing your barrels), you also need the mercury boots to reduce the poison as much as you can, farm with barrels and q and try do a triple barrel to poke him. Also try to freeze lane and not push against him, if its pushed you need to push to his tower to reset the wave.
Perilum (EUW)
: "The truth" by someone with no clue about game design or balancing. Congratulations you smarty. Go and play Chess. 100% balance.
I'm a game developer, you have no word on that.
Perilum (EUW)
: If every champ has the same power level, then every match goes exactly the same and stales. There is no dynamic then. Early game champs scale suddenly with their kits into late game better, but have kits which are not fit for late game. You guys think 130 champs balancing, so they're exactly the same with different kits is no problem. That shows how many seconds went into this thought. None. The solution you people want is that every champ has the same kit and the same items. Congratulations. You just "Balanced" the game. Also summoners rift is competitive. Changing the rules constantly takes the competitiveness away. Destroying the game mode. *golfclap*
No, its not exactly the same, its actual skill and how do you play them which is what the game should be about and not if he has a broken zed or a nerf azir, that decision actuall wins games. And like it seems people is again giving me negatives for telling the truth i'm not gonna discuss again.
: Safe champion pool for toplane
{{champion:57}} is your answer
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: This game so much fun^^ (not)
How weird, pantheon fed as %%%% easy 10/0, why? Lethality. Here you go.
Phrase (EUW)
: Laptop vs Pc
It feels different, if you have a good screen you can play way better than in a laptop, same with keyboard and mouse, its just more confortable, and also they usually run smoother and better than laptops. I wouldn't play on a laptop to be honest.
: Is rito ever gonna do something about Ziggs and Sona in aram ?
{{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:45}} Free win champs in aram, apart from sona and ziggs of course... Yeah, they dont want to balance it on aram which is the same as doing it with urf...
: Do I really have to wait this much time to receive the nerfs lethality deserves?
After playing a long time against lethality and being one shot over and over again, without being able to carry games thanks to that stupid build, i decided to play zed with lethality. Easy game now... Way easier than anything else... That's my story.
2spooky4më (EUNE)
: Balancing the game
I'm sure the game wouldn't be boring if they balanced them, there are a lot of ways to balance the game and champions without making it boring and at the same time make it fresh, like playing with their weaknesses and strenghts they have, thats already part of why the game is fun... But to be honest, I dont think they will do any changes that makes champions, items or the meta balanced as they don't want that to make it "fresh" and "fun". In my opinion I would balance all the champions, items and meta and focus on other aspects to make it fresh, for example, making mecanic changes to the game or the meta, different goals each season etc... For example, what they are doing with runes and masteries, the reworks, new champions, game modes... If they add goals to the map, or add new objectives that rotate each game, that would make the game fresh and fun without having to unbalance the champions. One example would be that, when you get into the champion selection a "Goal" would be selected randomly and you can choose champions depending on whats the goal, lets say that the dragon instead of appearing where it usually appears, when it appears, 30 seconds before the announcer says "30 seconds until the dragon respawns", and then the dragon respawns in a random lane, and you have like 10~15 seconds to go there before it spawns, and both teams have a dragon... After killing it, it gives the dragon buffs of course and they siege like minions. There are a lot of options for that kind of stuff, and it would make SR way more strategic, fresh and fun, and you would actually look for a team that works for that map, which leads also to more communication with the team in champion select and better team comps. With this said, balancing champions, items and meta would be the best for all, if they work on stuff like this, but they won't sadly.
Lea Flamma (EUNE)
: Sona: Q -> Chord AA into the endmy adc can easily deal third of his/her hp on it's own. It's like bouncing Fortune's Q into them. Add a Lich Bane as a last item and you deal half their health in that simple rotation. Nami: W with 200+ AP will scale exponentially, meaning every bounce will start gaining strength. Go Ardent, Athene, Archangel Redemption and you will easily bounce the third W for over 400 dmg on a short CD. As for gold, support items are much cheaper than ap/ad items. And the role of support is learning to do more with less. Redemption is 2.3k total? Ardent is 2.2k I think. Athene around 2.1-2.3k as well. AP items are in the 2.7-3k area. AD items are similarly priced. If you can proc your support item gold income, you will easily keep up with the enemy. Also... Each Vision ward is 30 gold, each Stealth is 10 gold. 3 gold every 8 sec from Pickpocket. It does add up nicely if you can exploit it and care for your passive cooldowns.
Lea Flamma (EUNE)
: Carrying as support
First, as an Old support main (Nami and Zyra) I suggest you to change your role because support is not in a good spot for carrying since you rely on your team way more than any other role, there are a couple of reasons: - Lack of gold for itemization. - You need to stick with someone and can't roam unless your lane is fed. - You don't do any damage, even if you set up a kill, its your adc or mid laner or who ever is in your team to use that in their advantage and win the game, not you, that wouldn't happen if you were in any other role. - All of them are overnerfed and people don't expect too much about them, and yeah, its not a winrate issue, they are still overnerfed, in other ways. But if you really really really want to carry as support start using champions like Blitzcrank, Thresh and Brand, those 3 carry better than others, and if you are premade Lulu or Janna are really good (because the peel and the shields). Anyway good luck, and remember, try to improve on your playstyle more than in your role / champion, you will find a limit on a champion but probably not as a shotcaller which carries most games if they follow up.
WladMarius (EUNE)
: Almost inexistent hextech key fragments drop
I'm in the same situation, i can't get key fragments for some reason, i have 5 chests waiting for keys... And every month at least 1 chest more that I cant open.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: You think the people that commented here are paid? xD You replied to my comment, but deleted your reply. I'd be interested in seeing what you have to say, other than downvoting the replies.
I didn't deleted the reply, thats the thing... They don't want people like me to show what is wrong with them, or thats what seems.
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