WarlockBN (EUNE)
: if you don't know abut art or not 20+ years in art to talk shit on art ... stfu pls edit : they are not coming out from her ass ...
Still it is the worst visual rework, Riot did until now. Look at her. I dont even want to play this disgusting ass wing lady.
: Sounds like ranked is more about abusing and play around Riots systems rather than actually play well and learn things so not that I would compete anyway but this certainly doesnt increase my will to play ranked.
Lol Ranked is only about abusing Riots biasedness for certain champions. Or you are the kind of honorful player that does always follow his principles, but wont climb nearly as fast as the as called "meta slaves", but the meta slaves wont have half of the fun.
: Short answer: Yes. It is an intended feature in the system. The games are intentionally made harder for you to win due to "unfair" advantage of increased communication. I also have duo'd a lot this season. Great majority of my games are duo games. I started from plat 2 this season and i played over 100 games with a duo and didn't move anywhere despite none of the losses being either mine or his fault. We are always the carrying factors while teammates look like they are TRYING to lose. However, when i play alone, the games are easy to win because those kind of people are absent and i went to diamond with a straight win streak after not moving for 100 games. So if you actually want to climb, do it alone. Winning duo games gets harder the higher elo you go because the enemies are not as bad as in low elo anymore.
why is the unfair in ""? duo queue in ranked is simply unfair, thats fact. U play 2 vs 1 in 90% of the cases.
: Wait I just checked the hotfix. WHAT. This is total bollocks. I can't proc spellthiefs when I run into their jungler or supp while roaming or warding, or when my ADC bases and I'm holding the wave, or literally any other scenario where I'm not %%%%ing tethered to them? That is just shit. Almost as bad as when they just flat-out removed all the final-tier supp upgrades which we all loved (RIP Frost Queen's Claim) because other lanes were abusing them. And the procs are still consumed even if nobody is in range for you to get the gold? Really? Why the hell? Balance team really needs to stop de-prioritising supports so freaking heavily. When mid laners were abusing jungle items/xp, their solution was to make it so mid laners couldn't do that anymore through a debuff - not to just nerf the shit out of jungle items and gold generation. Why is it any different for people abusing support items?
Because Riot is not interested in conventional supporta at all. All they want is hillarious high dmg and the least possible counterplay to make more ppl whatch the lcs.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Tell that to this "ex chalenger"playet stuck d3 that raged at me cuz i told him League from s8 become unstable like hell. He like raged in forum about me and post telling that im an idiot and "skills are way too op" and the game is Fine. People like him are the reason League keeps going that way.Cuz riot listen to them.And that whats happening.
And that is completly %%%%%%ed. Tbh the responsible person should have to go. We wont change league, without changing the employees. If someone does bad work in a normal company hell get exchanged. Why arent u able to such steps riot?
: Riot seems oblivious to Supports.
If u didnt understand that riot hates support already, then i cant help you. There was no patch since 7.23 that was in favor of supports. Assasines all over the place.
JuicyJuju (EUW)
: Difference between Silver and Gold Support
In my experience the only difderence was the quality of my adcs gameplay. As traditional support you are bound to his performance.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >At least give us a good explanation as to why this idea was not implemented. they did already in one of the ask riot posts, URF made ppl QUIT the game, and not just for a while, the ppl who quit lol during urf never came back, so why would they make a gamemode that makes ppl quit the game entirely? im amazed that they still do arurf, they shouldve just scrap the whole urf thing after the first year it came out, it was so much fun without the meta it had, arurf made it somewhat better, but its just not the same
What so you think does make the ppl quit? In urf u see every balnce issue on every critical champion. Sure ppl quit afterwards, they realise how badly. balanced this game is. This doesnt change if u make urf to arurf. It gets even worse, because it is even more tilting if your enemy has. nida zed xerath jax and vayne, while your team has nothing. Urf needs 10 bans to get rid of hyper problematic champs (because they are obviously not able to balance them, or make them fair). id evwn say that with probability bordering on safety arurf does make more ppl quit than normal urf did. Riot just has some favor for randomeness and players having bad experienxes since tencent bought it...
: Is Vel'Koz a good support?
Vel koz is no support at all. Hes ggf ood in early but will fall of in the lategame if he cant manage to kill sb at least every 2 minutes. Janna is a decent pick vs him, cause you can easyly dodge all his skillshots, while he is very immobile further his ult doesnt allow him to move. Hes good in low elo, cause ppl tend not to know how to handle massive poke (me included lol). Once someone figured out, how to play against vel koz its getting pretty hard for you. The main Problem ist that he does only rely on skillshots, whereas i as lulu for example can easly e q aa you point and click, while useing w on myselfe to dodge all skillshots (except of the w). His biggest strength is to. tilt your enemy out of this universe, a goal every midlane who is abused as support, is aming for. To conclude id say the current ment does buff his strength and if you can manage to kill your lane opponent often, then hell get nearly unstoppable. But if the enemy manage to kill you once the game is over for you, until you reach fullbuild, which kinda takes very long as support.
: Not many people believe you can and think that supports are the most useless role. Plus, it's a challenge to carry as support hard and skip divisions like that. You're not an assasin and in low elos you cant really rely on your team
Tbh it is the hardest role to climb with, especially in the current meta, thats heavily in favor of all dmg champs, but doesnt provide any counterplay for those who dont deal ridiculous ammounts of dmg. Support, especially enchanters (except of janna and sona) were nerfed so freaking hard in 7.23-24, without providing any compensation . All chapions that are nerfed get some stats, or cds in return. But not enchanter, no they dont deserve good games, good stats, or a general.good feeling while playing lol. But irelia is buffed again..... 🤦‍♂️ Seriously Riot, what happend to the good balancing decisions? Were theree massive employee changes after season 6, or are the well known critical employees now completly out of control?
Collapse27 (EUNE)
: We didn't ask for it did we? We didn't asked for that true stealth did we? Riot wanted to make her special and they did. But now they are nerfing every aspect that made her good or special. So what's the point of the rework after all?
Money is the point of the rework. Id take old Akali back at any given time. Yeah sure you are not responsible for it, but neither were i for the enchanter and tank meta. Anyway both got gutted (especially enchanters) with literally no compensation at all. May everyonesuffer the same as they, or every champ did, who was first buffed into the sky, just to be nerfed back down again.
Collapse27 (EUNE)
: Akali nerfs upcoming patch 9.3 ( Have mercy for all main Akali's here...)
Nope. U showed no mercy abusing the true stealth, so I hope Riot will show no mercy in gutting her. No offense but this gamebreaking champ deserves nothing different.
: Original URF was super boring - same 10-20 champs every game... Catapult, Elder and Baron should not be on this map - they don't make it more interesting or fun, just boring... edit: > why could it be the aram map atleast Here is the reason why "Riot rarely listens". Many people want stupid things - in your case because of pure greed (mission rewards). HA would be the most terrible place for URF I could imagine - more long range poke == autowin...
but it wasnt like aram, where only luck decides. I could pick the champ i wanted. 2/3 of my games are quit during champs select, because ppl are unhappy woth their champ. Let ppl play what they fking want. in urf long range poke does always 100% euqal a win. Team with more rang/dmg wins. That is not fun to play at all, but it would be if id be allowwd to decide what i want to play.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > The System expects me as lulu to have at least stats like 5 - 1 - 25 with 65+ farm and a visionscore above 60 to even come close to an s. If that's the case, then it's because other Lulu supports have had those stats. --- > with shen its neraly impossible, because you would need stats like 8 - 0 - 20 200+cs to get an s. But for those that play Shen support, and get S, it's not impossible. --- > The system needs to be reworked for supports and that immediatly. I still don't see why, and I don't see you arguing for it either. If you're playing Shen support, you're compared to other players that played Shen support. You're not compared to anyone that took Shen to the top-lane. So if you're compared to other people that played the same champion, **in the same role**, why is it unfair?
then pls go to op.gg look for the average stats and tell me why i need nearly the tripple ammount of the shown AVERAGE stats to archive even a s-? Without any evidence (you have to offer btw, because u made the initial statement) i highly doubt that you are compared to the role you play. Its way more likely that you get compared to the average of all players, that played your champ. This is also assisted by the above mentioned argument.
Hansiman (EUW)
: The grading system is honestly perfectly fair, and support isn't getting treated unfairly. When you're playing Morgana support, you're only compared to other people who played Morgana support. That alone ensures that it's perfectly fair. --- > how many wards have you placed Warding is part of the scoring system.
Kills and farm are still more worth. The System expects me as lulu to have at least stats like 5 - 1 - 25 with 65+ farm and a visionscore above 60 to even come close to an s. with shen its neraly impossible, because you would need stats like 8 - 0 - 20 200+cs to get an s. The system needs to be reworked for supports and that immediatly. In my opinion cs and kills shouldnt count for support at all, but assists aswell as a good vision score should be rewarded, thus your grade should be calulated out of those stats.
rocketownzy (EUNE)
: Lol all those silvers downvoting me xD! get a life!
how about you playing against ppl that are acutally as good as you are? Or cant you win/climb in your elo, cause you are to bad? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} (you seem like the typicall gold smurf, so tbh you are where you belong). Maybe you should overthink how you ruined alread 13 games for 9 players per game. Good job bro.
: I feel that too many Silver league games are decided by ONE player
Sadly its always decided by the worst, not by the best player. You can be 5-0 if your toplaner fed 0-10 you are not gonna win.
: We are obviously not xD You realize I am talking about ardents of the past not the ardent from today right?. You know ardent meta where every frigging Support did go ardent first even if they had just a small shitty shield cause it was op as %%%%. 20 mins for a 1.8k Gold item? xD who Needs that much time to build something that cheap? The last sentence made me realize you are dilusional so no Point talking to you xD. ADc wasnt viable LUL holy %%%% you are sure living in a nice and comfy Dreamworld
you are the perfect representative for every LoL player that has no clue about support. You are rhe kind of person to say support is the easiest role in the game, where you need no skill at all. The thing is that hes right except of the adc were never meta thing. The thing that riot did wrong is, that they entirely gutted supports, instead of facing the real problem (ardent in combination with overpowered adcs). Lulu for example lost 60% of her shield ontop of the nerfs for all support items. sure ardent needed to be turned down, but it wasnt necessary to entirely gut all supports. It does show clear favourism if riot delets heal/shield supports entirely, but is nerfing irelia by 5 mivementspeed, despite the entire Community is raging. That just gives me as support the feeling of riot having no interest at all, or better not caring for the role at all. The Assasine favourism has a long history, but now its just to much. My point is that support is not a easy role, nor are supports only there to feed assasines. It is the most unrewarding role to play anyway, so at least let us be/feel a bit useful, espeically if we play against the role we are ment to >hardcounter<.
: If you started playing in season 6/7 then you dont even know the half of it (season 6 was considered one of if not the worst season). But you are not wrong, CDR is way too accessible on items that are otherwise very well statted on top. the base damage scaling (per point) on these troublesome supports is too high to the point where a slight level advantage means a won lane. In order for a tank to be viable they must have a %hp damage ability _(on 5 second cooldowns without CDR)_ in order to keep up with other tanks and bruisers that have said %hp abilities _(Just remove/nerf it and it wouldnt be neccessary)_
season 8 is considered the worst season ever and tbh, it was already clear at the beginning. Its always a point of view thing. I personally liked the ardent meta, because i as support had finally the feeling of beeing useful, or better i was rewarded for playing good and punished for playing bad. Now that everyone just needs one point and click spell to oneshot any traditional support (except of alistar) there is no such thing as reward and punishment. There is no strategy anymore. All you can do is to hope that the assasine gets ccd until hes dead and even then you are likely to die. I dont think that it is fair that i get oneshot no matter how perfectly i utilized my champ, just because of the dmg ammounts are entirely ridiculous.
You know that advertising ingame or in the boards is against the policy of riot? Ive already sent a ticket.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}


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