: I keep seeing that people are always checking the match history of the flamer or troll they encountered once to see if he is still playing. Like what the hell, get over it! Report the guy then move on with your life. Whenever I report someone, I click on play again and immediately forget he ever existed. Whats the point lurking in his match history? Youre just poisoning yourself
You are probably right. It just annoys me that I have to lose the lp I worked hard for simply because 1 player decides to turbo int. I kinda hoped he would face some sort of consequence.
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: There's been a couple of posts lately by people who were banned for it. Not seeing it personally doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
The player I reported played over 1100 ranked games this season and is constantly trolling. It's not a player being in a bad mood for one game. How can a player like this be overlooked, this is what frustrates me the most ._.
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: D4 with 60% w/r getting +13/-23
I had the exact same problem for a month and the reset only made it worse and took 30 of my lp (which is so hard to even get when you only gain +13) I've won 19 out of my last 30 games and I gain +15 now but it still feels so unfair


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