HansLans (EUW)
: Pretty easy case, having a bad day/being a bad player isn't (and never will be) punishable, but insulting people is. Maybe you will learn from your ban.
I'm thankful for your comments. I just found someone who will duo with me. All my friends stopped playing LoL. I didn't saved the log, but I'm pretty sure which words are forbidden. This Account has still a Bronze 5 Normal Elo. I only played Ranked so far. And as far as I was able to see, I'm not the only one with that Problem. This Forum is full of "He trolls to get me banned"-Threads... Thx for the help. Maybe Riot has a solution in the future. Kind regards
Blakex13x (EUW)
: ***
Ignore him... just look at his Commenthistory.
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