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> I got back to level 2 form 1 in less than 1 month I'm Honor Level 1 since a month now. Checkpoint 0. Have not been using chat except for "good job" and "well played". I play 3-4 games daily, meaning I've played around 100 games. Still Checkpoint 0. Wow this system is broken.
Ghaster (EUW)
: If a player is muted in game, why do they unmute for post game chat?
Absolutely agree with this. I have many games where I mute a toxic person, sometimes even the entire team. The last thing I want is to get to the post game screen and see more insults and report threats. But I can already tell you that Riot won't do anything about this, and if they do it will take them at least 6 months.
: Ok let me rephrase it then. That support person is making things up. Also, when the person talked about a month long probation time, he/she didn't say you can't get any progress during it. He even said that the probation time can end sooner than that. Anyway my case already proves that the support person is full of sht. I mean, if that is a real chat log with a rioter. It was so incoherent. Doesn't matter if it is real or not though, you can get progress faster.
I got a 10 game chat ban on the 30th of September, dropping me to Honor 1 locked. I cleared the chat ban 2 days later by playing ARAMs. Since unlocking my honor again, I have played at least 70-90 games over the last 18 days. I have not been using the chat AT ALL anymore, besides saying "nice one", "good job" and "good team" or "well played". Very short, only positive phrases. Literally nothing else. 100% clean games. I have not received a single checkpoint. Still sitting at Honor 1 Checkpoint 0.
Moenky (EUW)
: Why are you guys on the Boards? :3
I'm here because I got a chat ban 3 weeks ago, I've played 70-90 clean games since then, and I haven't received a single honor checkpoint. Either Riots system is broken, something is bugged, or something else. But something is wrong. And no one can tell me what, in fact I am getting dozens of different replies both from support and from players on this board.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Can you provide a screenshot of this statement?
: >Riot Support told me that after a penalty, there is a 1 month period where you can't get Honor Checkpoints. Even if you Honor is unlocked. Take a screenshot of that support ticket. Because you are making things up here. I got a chat restriction on 22.7.2018, my honor was unlocked 24.7.2018 and i got my first checkpoint on 4.8.2018. That's not a month. It's not even a half of one. I got another checkpoint on 18.8.2018 so i even got 2 of them before a month had passed.
Here is the screenshot. You shouldnt claim I am "making things up" before seeing any proof. [screenshot of chatlog](
: I'm Done Playing League
I wish I could be like you, but I am addicted to the game since Season 2. The community is more toxic than ever, and the penalties are more common and harsher than ever. I got chat banned recently for the first time in my life because I reacted to someone who was telling me horrible insults. I said he is a noob and I will report him, and we both got punished and locked out of rewards. The game is becoming less and less fun, I'm even getting flamed in fun modes like ARAM now. I also see more and more people with troll accounts, stolen accounts or bought accounts. I recently had 2 games where one player just started blasting a constant stream of racial slurs, apparently trying to get the account banned. I would recommend anyone who hasn't become addicted to the game yet to stay the hell away from it.
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: Is it possible to gain honor 2 until the ranked season deadline?
If you play regularly (2-3 games a day) without negative behaviour, you should be getting an honor checkpoint every ~2 weeks. This is what support told me.
: The support always tells you that there isn't a set amount of games or honors or anything but your behavior is what matters. That's what they say. I get checkpoints every 2 weeks no matter how many games i play.
> I get checkpoints every 2 weeks no matter how many games i play. Ok, i havent gotten a single checkpoint for 3 weeks now. GG.
: Kinda depends how long that 50+ games took you. So how long have you played on the same checkpoint? As far as my experiments with the honor system go, the amount of games is irrelevant. The time span is more important. >I've gotten lots of honors and even 4-5 key fragments for being honorable. I hope you realize that getting key fragments ha nothing to do with honor. The only relation the two have is that you need to have high enough honor level to be able to get key fragments. That's it. It doesn't matter how honorable you act or how many honors you get when it comes to key fragments.
> Kinda depends how long that 50+ games took you about 3 weeks now > As far as my experiments with the honor system go, the amount of games is irrelevant. The time span is more important. Support told me its amount of games...
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Escalan (EUW)
: Yea meaningless reports affect your honor progress too. Good system ha ?
Yes, this is exactly my issue. SUPPOSEDLY, false reports don't do anything. But now I've stopped using chat altogether, and support confirms I am still getting reports and its affecting my honor progress. This is not ok. I understand you can still get reported for AFKing or inting, but I have never done anything like that.
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: > [{quoted}](name=xNeoSeoul,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Omb9XHap,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-10-11T09:56:36.749+0000) > > Can't, support page is broken. I cannot log in to create a ticket. You must log out of the LoL Boards before trying to log in to support. Crazy, I know!
: Have you honored somebody in all of the 100+ games you've played?
TheRaìn (EUW)
: I myself got chat restricted on September 4th.4 days later - unlocked my honor. After a month and few days I'm honor level 1 3/3/ checkpoints: and that's from honor level 1. Just saying that its pretty hard to believe guys like you dont progress all at while staying "honorable".
That's nice for you. Like I said, I've not been using the chat at all except for "gg" and "gj" or "well played". Nothing. Not a single other word. Not a single sentence. Nada. I don't know why you are implying that I am lying by saying its hard to believe i am being "honorable".
: Sounds odd. Take it to support.
Can't, support page is broken. I cannot log in to create a ticket.
: If you don't use the chat at all, you will climb only very slow, it has always been like that. To climb faster, you HAVE to use the chat and show that you are rehabilitate. Not chatting at all, is basically the least you can do to climb, so you will climb only very slowly.
Like I said, I've been using the chat, but very minimal. I sometimes say "good job" or "nice one team" or "well played". Also GG at the end of the game and stuff like that. 100% positive things only. When I wrote "chat not used" I meant I didn't use it in any way that could be conceived as negative. I've been jolly good all around and its doing nothing.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Better luck next season
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