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: WOW Riot...this is just sad I mean i know, you cant be guaranteed to get tickets and all that...but three of us were waiting in front of our pcs at around 15:50 one of us realited, that if he treid to access the ticketsite he would get put in some virtual we all went 16:10 the first of us finally got to the ‚selling‘ site, just to find out, there were no tickets available...hopi g there was a delay we spent about 30 minutes refreshing that site just to realize that the tickets are gone...sold before they should have been... Really looking foreard to the trip we booked to paris just to watch the finals... What incredibly poor organization
So tickets are gone now? I am still in queue for 54 min (30 min ago it said: estimated waiting time 5 min). This is so sad.


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