: Skin concepts
Lunar Leona, Solar Diana
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: Client blocking certain foreign words with ****
Nevermind me, I have just been notified of the option to disable the filter...
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íGengar (EUW)
: What type of support do you prefer
Since you are a support main, consider playing Bard and Thresh. They are like Vayne, Kalista, Yasuo, Riven, Zed,... In terms of limitless skill level and game impact. If you like Zyra and the niche she fills on bot and in game, maybe try Annie but really you must try Brand. Honesty it's not at all about the champ you play, pick your best and GIT GUD, that's all that matters to anyone. Gl
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: 1. If you get warnings then you are toxic in some degree. Don't be narcistic. 2. The war with toxic players is far from over. They just found other ways to do so. 3. People can't get that they suck sometimes. Their "first time singed jungle" is not working as intended. They try to blame support for their OWN mistakes. They lack basic knowledge of the game and they can't admit it. 4. I wont accept critisim coming from 0/6 adc that goes against fed adc and blames me for not helping him. If someone critise me then it should be better person. Not some lows.
Yeah I'm aware of my imperfection and I'm just saying that people should try to be a better person. But no, people having a bad game can still have some rational points although they have made mistakes. Sure they've made their fair share of fails either they're aware of it or not but ignoring what they say only since they've done worse than you is the mentality that starts the "survival instinct" defensive arguments.
xilien (EUW)
: you're wrong riot didn't combat toxicity atall they just made the game pg fetus you can't say anything without bieng permad instead now people such as myself jst intentionally feed instead of flaming it's easier and less ban rate
As we can see here on a clear example, they weren't 100% successful lol...
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Flaming has gotten a lot less common with the new system. I started back in Season 5 and it was hell. I reported at least one person pretty much at the end of every game. Now it's more like 1 person in 5 games at most and I very rarely see the actually hardcore flamers, mostly it's just people being a bit too salty and insulting the team, calling everyone "boosted". Some people who start flaming can actually be calmed down, I find that "calm down, please, we need to focus to win" works quite well. I got a hardcore flamed who called me...what was it...a "gold digger ksing whore" because I accidentally took a kill or two while trying to save him...what can I say, my abilities do damage and it just happens sometimes, plus I'm not letting an enemy run away when I think the ADC can't reach them. Though there are some cases where people are just way too sensitive. Enemy has a fed Kha'Zix. I say "some armor might be a good idea, their Kha is fed" because I see my whole team building glass cannon. I get a "dude calm down don't flame"...well, I wasn't flaming. So I said "I am calm, just suggesting". So 2 of them did buil armor and voila! Didn't get oneshotted anymore. As for expressing disapproval, I disagree though. In most cases, the person knows they made a mistake and digging in it and picking on them for it will just either make them angry or make them nervous and scared that they will make the mistake again and earn more scolding from the team. Expressing disapproval never leads to anything good, which is why people should learn to make suggestions instead like "please ward next time you splitpush". Empathising with the angry person is one thing, but they in turn need to learn to empathise with the person they are criticising.
Well basically be the smarter one, you can't force others to act mature.
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: Wait so uhh.. Just because you can deal massive damage to it by attacking from behind, it's a reference to that?
Also it being a giant crab with a very similar body shape....
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: [Champion Concept] Matheon, the half-demon
The basic chamion identity and kit theme matches with Varus and Aatrox too much. It would be cool if they added that demonic dual personality depth to one of them, though.
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Takeoff (EUW)
: I don't get it. Can someone explain it. Taken Damage | 100 ---------------------------- = ------------------------ Dealt Damage | 100+defensive stat I am not good at math, wtf does that mean? and according to the chart I take more damage when having 500 stat then 0 stat (armor/mr)
Thats the ratio between the damage opponent deals and the value you actually receive to your HP. You divide 100 by the sum of 100 and the stat you built. That number should be between 1 and 0. If you multiply that value by dealt damage the result is the taken damage.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Aozora Eyes,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KxQEw65F,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2015-12-17T02:59:28.674+0000) > > What you don't understand - Like most others who receive bans - Is that you were not banned because of this 1 example. > The perma ban was the result of every valid report against your account. Yes, if you were a clean, fresh account who got reported for this chat log, probably nothing would happen at all, not even a chat-restriction. However, you were someone who was 14-Day Banned for negative behavior in the past. When you get banned, it doesn't nullify your past transgressions, instead, it means that when you come back, the moment you start getting valid reports again - And the reports for this game you got are valid - Its you telling Riot that you are going to continue to be a problem player - hence they perma banned you and you have no one to blame except for yourself. I do understand that, but you shouldnt be "MARKED" forever just because you got banned in the past. They should be aiming for 90% reformed, not 100% reformed (because lets be honest here, that is impossible even in real life, let alone on the internet).
You being marked clearly made sense and did result in successful removal of toxicity.
: Known counters to Illaoi / no cry thread ;)
Nasus It's not that hard to keep moving between attacks and you can simply farm as always first few levels, keep qing her tentacles which increases your stacks greatly. You can fight 1v1 soon enough just make sure you're moving around. Your beef and damage completely negates her E just stand and fight, not to mention per HP damage in extended fights on your E.
: in game bug
Know your game go read patch notes and if you don't find an explanation go another patch back, im not doing your job but here's a hint: preseason.
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kiksenx (EUNE)
: Why isn't item sets saved to account?
This bothers me even more beacuse I play on 3 different PCs more or less regulary and so far I've only copied the most commonly used sets and tried to match them as well as I could.
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by E F E S (EUNE)
: Anyone seen this problem before? I can't find other threads with this issue :(
I've had this happen to me once, no champions owned, and sane graphic bugger with runes as your plus also something similar with item sets. Also some weird things with friend chat like bit showing messages, copying older ones and copying the "write here" text with my message. Restarting the client solved the issue.
Mhyrion (EUW)
: Game just disappeared
Ive had this happen a couple of times and have also reported it, the biggest problem is that it shows me im still in game hours after that dc and doesnt let me start a new queue during that time.
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Róót (EUW)
: kog'maw build (AD)
ussually go trinity force 1st, all triforce adcs gain greatly from building it, so called, trfirce powerspike, so acquire it asap then get that BoTRK and after it IE which is the basic Kog build when he starts dealing tons of dmg obviously consider building LW earlier vs tanks but i think those 3 items are pretty constant early also note that you deal a lot of magic damage with basic attack so PD also hurts enemies that stack armor, standardly id go PD then LW after IE
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Khâmul (EUW)
: because it takes much effort to programm this than just writing a part of the champion's name...and you hava plenty of time to find your champion.so nope,it's not usefull,nor better.
It probably takes no time to programme at all, why would it? And if you are comparing the effort, note that you are comparing efforts of one easy programming vs millions of people writing those names
: Game crashing after end
This has been going on with me for a while now and it's very inconsistent. On one computer I can shut the programme on task manager. After that it either throws me in game ending window or sometimes it doesn't yet recognise the game has ended. If so it offers me to reconnect and if I do so it realises it can't connect to server and when I cancel the action it realises the game is over. On another computer the task manager can't be opened and the only way to fix it is to wait or relog OS. Differences are also on when it appears, there can be a nexus explosion or none, it can also start as soon as the surrender vote result is clear, sometimes the game ends as planned and there's no bug at all.
: I need help plss
1st step is for sure starting a custom game be4 moving to pvp each time u start ur pc, i think its fine once one game loads fine, i cant help you with actually solving the problem right now but i remebmer ive been dealing with that problem be4 i think when it appears restarting pc or relogging in os actually helped rather than only restarting the programme, i know it sucks
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