: If I don't win, I'm not good enough. That's how I always see my loses.
> [{quoted}](name=Grendel Grimzy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EgUr9rxq,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-01-27T04:08:07.564+0000) > > If I don't win, I'm not good enough. That's how I always see my loses. that's the biggest load of tosh i have ever seen. i play ranked with a friend and we are currently stuck in silver 5 when season 6 we almost made gold but started late. most games we are in we'll try our hardest to carry but end up the only people on the team with positive scores yet the remaining 3 players will all be 1/7 1/8 1/6 or some crap. i know that game i played well enough, my team didn't. i cant carry a game when the rest of my team fed the enemy
: I just had a game, so look, you can do this if you feel the dmg is that bad, assuming you run predator with out of combat MS rune, you can get simple boots and instead of finishing them you get bramble vest, so you'll have blue/red smite or whatever, tier 1 boots, bambi's cinder and bramble vest as your early items. I think it's real good for jungling and you still move around pretty quick with +8 out of combat, maybe 16 or even 24 if your ganks go well. PS. The only way he'd be mana hungry is if you used Q on jungle camps lol.
I'm not saying he cant clear jungle his damage is that horrendous. i'm saying it doesn't make sense to lower his base Armour when he doesn't have a quick clear to begin with. Compare him to Kayne who know has more starting armour at level 1 than him while also having more ad and much higher clear potential. it doesn't make sense, if kayne can clear jungle camps quicker than rammus then hes going to take less damage meaning the fact he has more armour than a tank champion with less clear potential is stupid
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=xWhiTzZyx,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hy2iALf8,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-21T09:54:33.620+0000) > > Then Jokes on them, there are more impactful keystone choices they could of made Like what?In my opinion aery was obviously keystone that was supposed to be taken on champions that can preferably both apply abilities on allies and poke enemy but the dmg it brought in the table was so ridiculous that even pantheon had it as stable option,not to mention at best teemo could apply it many times during his poison ticks.
electrocute would be a much better choice on the champions mentioned (Riven renekton) since they aren't poke champions and their combo is only up once every so often. Aery makes sense for panth, teemo, jayce, champions like that.
: Idk bro, I don't find him either mana hungry either too low dmg although the dmg it's lower, granted xD It's just the early squishyness for me personally. But I'm like, smite a crab to regain some hp then straight up gank, go b buy boots and gank again with predator lol xD At this point aftershock doesn't feel good, not that it'd be bad but you now have a problem early game and Predator alleviates that when used right.
buffed predator even more so now
Renold (EUNE)
: {{champion:64}} skilled obviously low elo is dumb.But you said " 0-20 , 6 towers , 2 dragons behind stomp, but even then thx to the new runes system its still possible to comeback what wasn't possible with the old system."Thats not truth at all. Now win early to win game..There is very low chance to comeback seriously.
i agree, i used to never surrender with the old system because there was always a chance of winning. i have played games where we have been pushed to our nexus with inhibs down and have taken only a single tower of the enemies and still came out on top. Now there is no chance of that
Shukr4n (EUW)
: I spectated a lot trick2g these,days and he "carried" his team with rammus top just by splitpushing even when 0/15. Fun to watch, not to play. I hope in a total rework of rammus in a future
I love rammus and i love the role he fills. i don't think he needs a rework and i sure as hell know he didn't need a nerf. I have never heard of a split pushing rammus though haha. kinda makes sense since his ult damages turrets and is on a super low cooldown though
: I played Rammus before the -4 armor nerf and I already hated the early squishyness, as for the dmg part idk what you're talking about or maybe I'm just used to him since I one tricked him to plat xD but yeah, that nerf will hurt ~_~ and fk it, I'll still rock a 60% win rate with predator so it's kinda whatever but the early will sting a bit, I'll have to recall sooner on 1st back maybe which was already the case only now it's even worse <.<
exactly, hes mana hungry and doesn't have much in the way of damaging abilities, since his AD is based on his Armour i personally find his damage lacking until the first or second back. I also feel like if you fall behind now it's a lot harder to pull back so that early can could be really detrimental
Perilum (EUW)
: You don't understand the keystones and make assumptions which have no substance. Just like your last thread. And if you think 4 less base armor kills a champion, then you've less clue about what you talk about as you thought. Glad you could self-proof yourself in your fantasy reality. Take the "win" and leave us alone with it.
I've played them since release and even played with them on the PBE. I've experimented with them and mucked around with builds and synergies. I understand them enough to know they cater to few champions and leave others completely left out, riot even mentioned this fact for Ivern in the patch notes. Also early game stats are the most important in the game, hence why old runes worked so well and so many people dislike the new runes. 4 armour taken at face value is nothing I agree, but over the course of an entire jungle clear at level 1-4 the health it saves adds up
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > They nerf Aery's damage which has the lowest base damage of any damaging keystone Ye, but the reality was that it was still busted. Half of its use is supposed to be in a shield, but almost evryone was taking it, even the likes of riven or renekton.
Then Jokes on them, there are more impactful keystone choices they could of made
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: Rift herald attack animation too long
This video made me feel sick, and not because of the rift herald thing. This is a <20 min game in which the team can push 4 towers an inhib and the nexus before the enemy champions Botlane even have a chance to de Agro minions and back to defend their base. THIS encompasses what is wrong with the new rune system and changes since it': release. Snowballing is uncontrollable
xMisuto (EUW)
: Riot wants to create an identity for every champion there is But they also want to let players choose what kind of playstyle they want to play, so basicly the new runes are a tool to support your kind of playstyle of a champion, meaning you could play more support focus or more dmg focus for example on Bard, Riot made a couple of small videos on diffrent styles and they demonstrate the power of runes reforged great! i suggest checking those out to get my point better :) As for your whole snowball thing, everyone now plays assasins and thats just a 'hype' once players start to see that running a more tanky comp and protect the team players will start to forget about assasins and ask for buffs :), it's just that assasins are countered by teamplay and wll tho league is a teamgame, finding good teamplay in a sologame is hard tho it happens ^^
i've played enough of the runes reforged to understand what they are trying to do, there's just better ways of doing it without disrupting the entire flow of gameplay. it's not just assassins that snowball though, any one can.
xWhiTzZyx (EUW)
: well that's straight up not true considering i opened one yesterday for leveling up to level 34. and got 3 champion shards worth 90 each and 2 worth 270
unless you meant combined at which point that is dead on the money for the lowest
Hansiman (EUNE)
: 810 BE is the lowest value you'll be getting from capsules at level 30+. So you wouldn't be getting what you claim.
well that's straight up not true considering i opened one yesterday for leveling up to level 34. and got 3 champion shards worth 90 each and 2 worth 270
: just got 40k Blue essence
then you are one lucky man. I open one and get 6 champion shards all valued at 90 blue essence...
Cypherous (EUW)
: I have 16 rune pages because i had 16 pages purchased before the change, that didn't change :)
Runes before had nowhere near as much impact on the game as they do now. Back then it was feasible to only have 2 rune pages, one that catered for AD and one for AP as masteries would offer the rest of what you need. Now the two have been combined and its just a nightmare to micromanage between games
radekon16 (EUNE)
: 2 Runepages should be more than enough for most people since you are able to personalize it to your needs in champion select. Old system made it so you had to have prearange runes without ability to change them after getting in champ select. With Runes Reforged you can change anything in your owned rune sets. They didn't give free 20 runepages because people were pissed they "lost their wasted IP/RP on something that would dissapear", so Riot didn't give runepages for free, but gave an ability to modify them. If you find it hard to play with just 2 runepages, I'm sure you'll be able to adapt once you figure out the best runes for you. That's also the reason for this preseason to have 20 seconds more spent in champion select, so you can figure out the new Runes.
i completely agree with KillinVirus1 on this issue. I as a player wait to pick my champion based on my laning opponent and the rest of the enemies team comp. If i'm last pick or second to last pick it doesn't give me much time to decide on what runes to pick and which of my 2 rune pages i want to actually change no matter how well i know the runes. I understand you can buy more rune pages but they aren't cheap and from what I've experienced so far from playing with the new system, blue essence is more valuable and rare than diamonds since the champion shards you can re-roll usually grant 90 blue essence
: Having played Jungle and support, i can personally tell you that other ''roles'' are the ones that carry their ad carry, if that makes sense. Adc do not solo carry at all, infact usually the problem lies within the botlane either being camped by a midlaner/Jungler or the Support difference in skill is massive. if the botlane is strong, it usually means its too late and one team was more active within that region than another.. also means that prevention is better than cure. if you choose to not snowball your botlane and let theirs snowball to the point that they execute you easily and have the confidence to do so.. than you have to accept that it is related to a choice you made. 1. choose to Snowball toplane harder than what botlane can snowball 2. choose to Snowball botlane and ''keep'' the enemy adc weak, while making your adc a headace for the enemy. be aware and appreciate that you have a botlane as well, and its like chess.. both teams have a queen on the board.. so how you setup your own pawns is your own choice. so according to you the ''Queen'' is OP, however you also possess a queen on your team. the enemy has a weapon and you have the exact same weapon on your team.. its question of who has the better ''setup'' or aka team... and it starts with the choices that you make. There is only a ''smaller'' percentage of games that can be attributed to the pure ''solo'' skill of the adc vs the other adc. because No matter how Botlane performs, there is always ''outside'' interference. if your problem is that adc's scale to destroy you, than you have choices. 1. you choose to have your botlane win by ''tping'' and snowballing their lane and hence forcing the enemy to suffer, the botlane scaling 2. you choose to snowball toplane and ignore botlane and the enemy walks into your botlane and snowballs them. 3. you hope that your team chooses to do something and snowball botlane for you. you have to remember this is a team game, and ''ad Carry'' means that he is carrying AD, AKA killer. If your ADC is doing fine than you as a tank have a ''Backline'' to rely on. if you as a tank have no backline and theirs is stronger than you have ''nothing'' to tank for, if that makes sense. to give a another example, a support has nothing to support, if his entire team is dead. do you have a backline to rely on ? or does the enemy have one ? you have 2 choices 1. you could choose to ask the question that the ''rules'' have to be changed in order to favor your playstyle. 2. you choose to change your playstyle regarding to what is ''strong'' within your team and the enemy team. Tommorow Midlane might become strong ? how will you react to that change as a toplaner tank ? will you want midlane nerfed ? AFter tommorow Jungle is strong ? will choose to play around your Jungler and ''be annoying'' to enemy jungler. Aka choose to adapt within a strategy game that has musical chairs, or choose to stagnate
i agree, an ADC is nothing without his team, however, a botlane ADC is not usually the one that has percentage health damage and i don't think botlane needs nerfing. in fact i personally think ADC's are weak when compared to the AP carries higher burst and usually higher range though i respect the different roles both fill. As a Top laner i love nothing more than to tp bot and give them a boost however its such a trade off and so situational that more often than not it gives the enemy top laner chance to take a tower and open themselves up to be able to roam a lot more than you as you're pushing the lane back.
Saibbo (EUW)
: feedback, you should care about lazy people
i would just rather they didn't waste mine or their own time commenting on a thread hey have no intention of posting a legitimate reply to. we both presumably have better things to do with our time
: reading your post, i assumed that you feel that ''%health items'' are broken. or champions that possess ''%health damage in their kit'' to be broken. And thats something i can personally understand, However, there are alot of people out there that would consider tanks to be ''broken'' as it counters them in some way too. and you should consider that some champions or items are able to ''counter'' tanks and make them feel weak. Just like some items and champions make other roles weak or strong. Many champions have hard counters and the magic and strategy of things is drafting or coming up with solutions to play around it. basically you have choice **You choose to have a game that includes 0 counter items and 0 counter champion abilities.** **or you choose to have a game that is complex and includes counters to champions ''roles'' or abilities.**
I also play AD carry so I've been on both ends of the stick. Percentage health is still as much of a problem for a squishy champion, it doesn't matter they have less health because they are still losing the same percentage of it. if a champion for arguments sake deals 10% target maximum health damage hes still (not taking into account armour but theres a lot of armour shred in the game lot of champions that build it) going to kill a carry or a tank with 4k health in 10 hits, that's how percentage damage works. does that mean percentage health damage is a counter to everyone?
: > The runes themselves are so unbalanced that if you pick anything out of the ordinary you will lose your lane. LoL's history has been full of players that at any moment have sweared: "if you don't pick this champion you will lose" or "if you don't buy this item you will lose", or "if you don't use this mastery you will lose". The point is alway the same: these players are ready and willing to value their skill absolutely nothing if in"exchange" they can convince themself that the game is rigged. Why? Because if the game is rigged it's not their fault if they perform bad. Simple. So between adapting and bettering, which challenge one's skill directly, and believe that that there's nothing to better because the game is broken, most player pick the easiest route: the game is broken. An easy justification that does not require to put one's skill under scrutiny, because there's no shame to lose to impossible odds. Problem is: picking a rune which does not pass for OP today rather than the one you are told to use...it's simply not an impossible odd. Not even close.
to start with i don't class myself as typically a bad player but i know i'm far from perfect. I was one game away from gold as i mentioned in reply to an earlier comment before i had an unfortunate streak of intentional feeders running down mid and endlessly feeding the enemy. That was a couple of seasons ago and i haven't really played ranked since because it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Don't dare tell me that it was still my fault i lost those matches as many people tend to when people complain they have trolls on their team, it logically doesn't make sense that a team would win a game 4v5 with an ally that's fed the enemy 23 kills in the first 15 mins of a game. and i know gold isn't a high rank but considering what? 63% of players are ranked below that? it isn't a bad place to be. I've played the game for a long time and i understand the tactics of when to freeze lane/push lane, analysing when a call is a good/bad one and when to engage a fight in lane based on enemies positioning and ability usage. I'm not in a position where i'm blaming the system because i'm a bad player and can't see where i'm messing up because i can tell if a fight went sour because of a decision I or a team mate made. But runes reforged caters massively towards damage based builds or champions meaning that if i pick the Resolve tree against a Talon top, im going to have a bad time, even if i build full arrmour.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: > Riot claim that this new system caters to a wider variety of play styles but that's just plain wrong. I agree with them. From the moment they introduced new runes and nerfed {{item:3504}} I have a way wider variety of how to play utility support as before. Picking different keystone masteries, different trees, different secondary trees, way more interesting than sticking to the same runes and masteries forever because they were meta for certain champions. >There are so many useless and underpowered runes that just don't get picked because they are straight up pointless such as the zombie ward. Already picked it few times. True that this is not the most useful of the runes that were created, but still it is far away from being pointless. It is just more specific, nothing bad with it. >The Predator Keystone Screams Warwick, hell the image for it is even a wolf, that rune was literally made for either him or Hecarim. I though that this is more oriented around champions that need high mobility. So not only Warwick or Hecarim, but also Skarner.
Ok maybe I've been a little hypocritical with that first quote actually, since release i have been toying with Tahm kench top with Glacial augment, various other runes that increase movespeed and slow enemies and a frozen mallet (nasty combo by the way) which i would never of played without the release of new runes.They definitely have more of an impact on a game than the old runes that's for sure but i think in a way they are more limited in what stats they provide you and the potential to experiment than the old runes. Yea predator would probably be a good pick on Skarner but as i mentioned later in the post i haven't seen him picked on summoners rift since runes reforged release haha.
Angrypixel (EUNE)
: Well first thing is now Preseason. Runes are released not at the end of season and not at the start of season. Probably best time to try out new runes. Then you would say why not just testing runes on PBE through Preseason and release them on new season. I believe that PBE is made for people who is dedicated to spot bugs and try out new stuff and I believe that there is not much people playing on PBE. Myself I played on PBE once, was confused as hell and ms was around 130, which made me uncomfortable. I am happily testing out new runes right now when they are live. Plus about Zombie Ward... Who will win: team with vision, knowing where enemy goes or team with no vision but with slightly more ad and ap? Plus got surprised when your own wards turns to Zombie Wards when they time out. That gives a lot of vision. Of course I missed I guess season 4? Even my first season was super awesome, because everything was new for me and plenty stuff to unlock. Now I am sitting with all Champions and almost all Rune pages. It feels like... I finished game? Lol of course there is Challenger tier and stuff to reach, but ranked games are stressful and you need to put a lot of time in to it, but I decided to play for fun, play with friends, together say "wtf is that?" whenever Riot releases new things and its fun. All the excitement is gone for sure, but I feel like game is for chilling. Running down ARAM with Dark Harvest, who would thought that would be OP? Unless nobody cares about ARAM...
yea i guess you are right about the Ping issue, that does make it harder to effectively test new releases. Who would win depends on the situation, a team that plays together with higher damage and slightly less vision but vision in the right places will still win if they get jumped by the enemy team due to the higher damage output and how they can straight up kill the enemies faster. Granted more vision gives the other team better opportunities to catch enemy champions out but at that point i would just argue they were playing silly and out of position. yea i never really play ranked for the same reason,got into my promo's for gold once and then for a streak of games after had a team with at least one troll who intentionally fed and got demoted back to silver 2. i quit ranked after that haha. Don't get me wrong i'm the same as you i play with a friend pretty much whenever i play this game and we usually react the same and laugh and joke about it when the new champion that's released is a little overpowered but it gets old when he gets picked every game you play for the first week he's released. Dark Harvest ARAM? that sounds horrible haha, I've never thought of that.
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xWhiTzZyx (EUW)
: Strange Patcher problems
Oh I also forgot to mention that it's not my internet that's cutting out, I can still use anything else that uses internet such as steam without any problems it's just the browsers that don't work
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