Cryptidian (EUNE)
: If you watched the last Worlds Tonight, Crumbs and the crew were talking about how SKT played the same style this whole tournament, so they basically showed nothing, so Origen had nothing to prepare for, they don't know what SKT is gonna pull against them. Origen is gonna get stomped.
Well people said the same about c9. Although I agree that skt probably has more cards in their hand.
: Got wrongfully banned for MMR-Boosting
Well I remember getting a perma ban for account trading once too. After writing the support they quickly realized that it was wrong though. Point is: Just because a human checks for bans does not mean it's correct.
: "Disses", Febiven was asked his opinion on a subject. Then to comeback with a negative gesture is not really professional.
That's why I put it in quotation marks. Generally Febiven should have just said "I think it's gonna be close, both teams are good but looking at how hard it was for us to beat ahq I think they will take the win" or something along the lines. I do agree flipping the finger was unprofessional, but everyone is an airhead sometimes. I searched google and Hai himself said it was all in good fun and that he likes febiven. In hindsight I think the best course of action would have been to have Hai just clarifying that and apologize.
: And how did you find out it was "jokey".
Common fucking sense. When someone "disses" you you make some sort of comeback. Since he can't communicate with words he can only do it with gestures. Gestures are not innately malicious. If you have no direct communication you should always give people the benefit of the doubt. When I see football/soccer players Screaming at refferees and players it's seen as no big deal even though it has obvious malicious intent. But in this case we can deduce no definitive bad intention. In fact I find it fairly obvious to see that it was a joke in this context.
: "Someone said i should ward more, I told him to fuck off and shut the fuck up." Is this correct behaviour?
Hai did not have any malicious intent. This example is in no way relatable to his actions. It is literally nothing more than a jokey comeback and a win prediction.
: C9 Hai will be Fined 500 euros for the obscene gesture towards FNC Febiven
Did any of you social justice warriors actually see the video? Febiven made a comment saying how he thinks c9 is worse than ahq and predicted they would lose. Fair enough. Hai flipped his finger in the bbackground. Big deal. It's obvious it was a joke. "Well fuck you too" It had obviously no malicious intent. I disagree on his fine but if you think it was the right decision I can understand that. If you actually call for a ban then I have literally no clue what you are thinking. Do we really have to be so ridiculously "political correct" for a lack of a better term. Guy flipped his finger and almost everyone would have missed it if they just saw the stream. Do we really have to make a big deal out of it? It's literally nothing more than a joke and everyone should know that without even thinking about it.
: Premades need to respect the pickorder.
It's not really premades. It's generally just people not respecting it.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Kindred is the second balanced champion on release, In my opinion.
Dunno about that yet but Bard? He was extremely weak on release with a 34% winrate and got huge buffs the patch after that and the one after that as well.
: About making it to gold..
Depends on how good you are. I have 30 rankeds and I'm gold 3. If everything else fails play duo.
Aceos (EUW)
: What happens now? (Group B)
Keep in mind that there are two rounds so everyone plays everyone twice.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: That's why you ban Darius
He gets a pentakill when Azir carries the teamfight and he has already gotten ahead because the enemy team counterpicked themselves.
Takeoff (EUW)
: Maybe. Probally not.
I guess in the split they must have had a great coach then. And in the playoffs vs. origin they must have had a bad coach twice and a good coach thrice. And vs. IG the must have had a great coach too. Just stop judging teams on one game.
: Flash is greatly reducing champion diversity
In theory you are correct and I would agree that it's the strongest summoner spell but there is one problem. Champions are balanced around it. If you took away flash then champions like Alistar would be much much weaker then before. You would have to rebalance way too many things.
: Mordekaiser open in the world championship = GG
BKT did not ban him AND they played it all wrong so that's to be expected.
: Beating Morde
Supports like Brand or Zyra. Ad carries like Varus, Vayne, Cait.
: Because a slightly weaker early game armor will stop him? They have gave him a minor buff to the W although it can be considered more a tweak. All I want is the Q nerfed really, it is ridiculous. The E is less insane but still annoying if you are melee.
He got much weaker in 5.18. His W change sure was quite the nerf (not a buff). He is still very strong in soloqueue but he will probably get nerfed one time in 5.19
: What is happening to Mordekaiser?
What do you mean he was buffed? On PBE or are you talking about the patchnotes? Because in the latter he clearly got nerfed.
Narkotics (EUW)
: Ranked 8-2 puts me @ Silver II?
Yes those placements are weird. I placed silver2 as well with 8-2 (duo queue with a gold) while not being ranked before and that happened to me on my main account and smurf. But I also had a friend who went 7-3 without being ranked before and he got into gold 5. It's pretty easy to climb from there though.
zall75 (EUW)
: I wonder if it started after the recent tweak, seems to me it also happened before when i was training on my combo.
Yes this is nothing new at all. I always hated it when it happened.
Perilum (EUW)
: What is wrong with Kayle?
Kayle has been very strong ever since sated devourer. She is also a decent jungler against Mordekaiser, Garen and Darius.
: Darius currently has 83.36% BAN RATE
Darius is not the problem. If you leave Mordekaiser open you are gonna have a bad time (62% winrate as an adc). Currently there are 5 must bans/picks: Mordekaiser Darius Garen Skarner Fiora And maybe Lux/Annie/Kayle/Xin. Yeah 5.16 was the worst patch I have ever seen and 5.17 still hasn't sorted that out. Dunno if I'm lucky or unlucky to be a Mordekaiser main.
: In Your Opinion! - Hardest Lane/Position to play?. POLL
I'm surprised people people think top is easy. It's the most matchup dependent lane and extremly snowball heavy. You are fucked if you died since most toplaners are melee to boot. Jungle is definitely hard especially since it's completely different from all the other lanes. Also they get harassed heavily. Midlane really depends on your playstyle. If you like assassins you need skill if you play a safe laner you don't really need that much since the lane is short as well. Marksman is a wildcard. Simply because it relies heavily on your support. You need to be able to cs without using your skills to farm but you have ad runes. Support is honestly probably the easiest role but annoying because you get so much shit and no recognition.
: Well we went double relics. And we lost 25% hp for just trying to get some farm. + they're freezing.
Then maybe you should have leveled your W ;)
Killler19 (EUNE)
: Build for Mordekaiser.
Before I start you level the wrong skills. You are supposed to Level W then E then Q and from then on W>Q>E. Then you go stand in a minion wave and laugh about any harrass. You can level E>Q but I did some calculations and the only thing that is worth it about the E is the wave clear. The damage increase in the Q is just too great to be ignored. With W level 3 you can clear an entire wave anyway. Now about the items.Don't rush trinity most of the time unless you are quite ahead. Its like this actually. **Start**:{{item:3302}} {{item:2003}} **Core**:{{item:3053}} {{item:3020}} **Mid Game**:{{item:3053}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3020}} **Possible Late game additions**:{{item:3742}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3026}} (from high-low priority) Unless you are far ahead trinity is just to expensive. If you are ahead then you can buy it. If you are behind you buy steraks AND rylais first. If you are roughly even you buy trinity second. After these items just go tank.
: I played against him one time in normal draft pick. It was Morde/Taric vs my Lulu and I think Miss Fortune or Jinx. This was one of the easiest laning phases I had. Poking without them being able to do something. If they would get close because of a Taric stun, there is the polymorph + slow + shield. I played Mordekaiser ADC once since the patch. The laning phase was horrible. Farming was incredibly hard with two melee vs two ranged. The third Q is amazingly strong, but against a good botlane you practically never get the chance to hit that third one. The first kill I had was when the opponent Lee Sin ganked and ulted my right in Jinx's face. That was a kind gesture. Summary: His burst is very high, maybe too high. But his peak should be easily postponed.
You and the other guy were doing it wrong. You level W and use double relics. The laning phase should be a breeze unless they don't know what they are doing.
Ichinose (EUW)
: Should i play Quinn (sorry ... Quinn AND VALOR) ?
honestly quinn is a decent toplaner
Solash (EUW)
: Going for Baron while the enemy team is alive is like trying to steal from someone's house...
Bait it with 1 or 2 inhibs down. Or when your massively stronger in an actual teamfight.
: Party EXP Reward
Well if it's a 5 man premade it's pretty much their decision what they want to do. If they gie up then it's their thing. Imo they should make it so you don't get the rewards without at least 15 minutes of play time.
Jabbabax (EUNE)
: The stupidest weapon choices that champions in LoL have chosen.
: My horrible experience with Dominion. - Rito, you should read this.
Funnily enough I never really had that problem. It is very occasional that I get a bot in dominion pp or domionion/SR Coop vs Ai Though that might be because I have a lot of wins in those (first win of the day)
: We can't trust Riot's Live-Balancing team anymore
I'm just happy they hotfixed skarner
RayBigLan (EUW)
: When are adc's gna get some love?
What are you talking about we just got Mordekaiser who is a strong adc!!! #sarcasm
: "No SS" not an excuse.
If you go up in the rankings that won't happen anymore. It was a thing before you had all these pings though
: When the first pick in draft mode picks support
I know this is all jokes but am I the only one who gets a support player in rankeds quite often? 100% different in normals but in rankeds It's not a rarity. Also am I the only one who hates when the champ select goes super well? If everyone gets his role with his main champ then I lose the game almost everytime. But 3 People fighting for top-> Urgot mid and Garen support? Yeah that's an easy win.
Raentwo (EUW)
: He is trash in jungle.
Probably. And he is trash in every role except adc, where he is extremly strong.
: Back to the beta
That would be so great. You could make it a patch every day actually. But yes as mentioned already they probably don't have those anymore.
He is very strong in botlane (he needs a nerf there you are correct) and arguably one of the worst champs in any other role. Top, mid and support are around 40%. No clue about jungle(nobody ever plays that), while I can see it working with his clear speed I don't think his winrate would be above 45%. Honestly I still think that jungle might be his second best role now and it probably sucks. Have to try that some day. Basically Nerf the heal in the duo lane and give him creeping death back for a solo lane.
: I think you need your ult at least on level 2 for the dragon to last long enough. You let the dragon tank the dmg and you won't take any dmg at all because of the shield. 2 offensive items should be enough. If you can get the opportunity to solo it you will most likely be fed and ahead in levels as well.
Yeah if you have the drake its pretty easy but I'm pretty sure OP was talking about a true solo baron.
: Is it on purpose that people can solo baron nashor?
That's weird because i play a lot of Mordekaiser and I can't solo Baron. Was either a jungle Mord or he had a peculiar build (and he was fed)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Please be aware that Skarner has already been hotfixed, and the win-rate is actually declining.
When was the hotfix?
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: Give me a single, true and fact reason for why Mordekaiser now is a support.
Well technically he has a heal...That's about it. He obviously is shitty as a support (and in fact as a top or mid laner too).
: Mastering a champion?
Pick someone who is forgotten. Someone you rarely see and is never banned and around 50% winrate so they won't get touched too much. I recommend Heimerdinger top.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: I used to think Exhaust wasn't that great
As someone who mained Mordekaiser since forever and now plays him botlane i wish this summoner spell didn't exist.
: Diana and Skarner are broken?
Yes Skarner is one of the most broken champions ever and Diana is relatively strong
cr00cy (EUNE)
: best juggernaut?
Skarner is the best by far. Garen is also really strong. I played a lot of Morde and he very strong as well but only if you have a support that knows how you play and a team with enough hard CC. Darius seems very weak now, which is surprising because he seemed like he should have been op. I guess his laning was hit too much.
: Mordekaiser used to have the problem on his "E". Does new Morde have it too?
Morde never had this problem. It was more like the animation that the enemy was actually hit was slightly slow (and the fact that the ability has a slightly longer max range than the cone shows)
{{champion:84}} top. Pretty underrated and lots of people dont know how to play against her especially at lower levels.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: League of Legends is the number 1 competitive video game in the world
Simple hardly abusable solution: If a player leaves he shoulders all his teams Lp losses (and mmr reduction). When it's a duo then the loss is split between the 2. Done
: Crying rn
Play another game later and it will be k. (serious)
: Really? if i win 6/10 SoloQ i'll be gold?.. wut {{summoner:1}}
Probably not. I got 8/10 and got placed in silver 2.
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