: Need Help for Bachelor Thesis Survey PLS
: Should Kalista be Reworked ? (Petition).
no please dont even think about it
Solash (EUW)
: Senna's causing some pretty major crashes/freezes at the moment
Same here. Crashes so hard I can't even acess Task Manager
King6958 (EUW)
: Finding One Trick
wukong mid has good snowball potential. although right now yasuo is just plain stronger than him
: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
Howdy https://imgur.com/a/GThYhIa xXSpearmint69Xx EUW
: Haha you think (champion X) is broken? well so is (champion Y). So who cares about (champion X)? amirite? you sound like a riven main.
Thing is that kaisa is more broken that her by a landslide so in comparison Vayne barely gets recognized
: Vayne is OP| Change my mind
Yeah you are correct. The things holding her back are champions that are even more OP.
JancevFTW (EUNE)
: Sylas and Kai'sa
The main problem with Kai'sa is that she is way too easy to play in proportion to the power her kit has. You don't need to do the usual ADC thing with her like orbwalking since the kit does so much damage, positions you, gives you a shield so you don't even need to do that
vanno17 (EUW)
: Attack move on LBM
This is a good suggestion from 4 years ago, unfortunately there is only a workaround to assign another button for menu-interaction.
KakarotDZ (EUW)
: I miss that 1% crit you throw in your runes and get firstblood level 1 top lane while people not understanding where did that dmg come from
: Dude adc is by far the strongest role 2 years running now but toplane is in a shitty place i agree
Yeah it is the most impactful role but the fact is that it's not fun getting oneshot by supports without items.
: I do too , but what can you do? :(
: wtf is wrong with high gold/low plat mid and top laners?
Because the own team spends more time farming raptors than going for objectives. So it's sort of losing on purpose because you don't want to give the free win to your bad teammates. and a loss doesn't mean much when you know that you can easily win the next game
253IQ (EUW)
: **yOu rEaLiSe tHiS iS aGaInSt ToS rIgHt** Dude, what do you want that 12yo to do in his life ? Waiting till he's 18yo to play any game ? wth is with this world ?
Yes, let him play literally any other game than this. It's your responsibility to make him not play this |avocado| piece of |avocado| |avocado| game. You should know exactly how much of a bad influnce it is
Omega Bot (EUW)
: Tank meta wasn't *that* bad
Play against Tahm top, that's how the tank meta felt.
0megon (EUNE)
: Saying you are CCd in Mordes ult is kind of like saying you are perma CCd in any match because you cannot attack people playing in different match. It does not really CC you in any way, it just removes you and Morde from the ,,map" every other player in your game is playing on.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I just had this ultra mega brilliant "idea"
Except that it is a legit point. Chat has no influence on gameplay. But let's assume it does have a negative influence. It can be fixed by giving players the option to disable the chat entirely, which they don't do. Why don't they do it? By permabanning a player they don't ban the player, they ban the account. Meaning the player will 100% create a smurf, essentially doubling the amount of accounts that are likely to purchase RP. To add onto that, stomping newbies will give the permabanned people a bit of a kick. Add in the new fresh player bonuses and you've gotten yourself an addiction scheme. Compare LoL to literally any other moba in terms of how they handle this. Toxic players are just a symptom of a chinese-infected game
Dr Lav (EUW)
: Do I deserve to get permanently suspended for this?
They want you to make a smurf to ruin the games of newer players. They take that into account so that you get the satisfaction from stomping noobs to make you stay and increase your likelyhood of buying skins. League of legends is one of the few games that bans your account for flaming instead of fixing the numerous problems they have with their game itself. They deliberately don't give you the option to disable chat for yourself. The entire thing is contradictory because it is just a simple malicious scheme to get money off you. For your own health I would advise to just go to another game
: Tanks feel useless and unfun.
What you can do is to duo with a good ADC and pamper him with knights vow and such items. They mostly have very decent tankstats while being inexpensive. And having a tank for and ADC is a godsent
Roxãs (EUW)
: how do you get a 200 games chatban dafuq
back is season 4 or 3 they had a different system
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Straight from OP's cam: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ApprehensiveFlawedIcterinewarbler-size_restricted.gif
Rioter Comments
: account merging from different regions
Yes, it's a very good idea and would be nice to have. But they won't do it, since: - they'd have to develop a global-shared account architecture - they'd have to migrate all existing accounts onto the new one - they're losing a form of RP-gain (transfer costs) So yeah, big loss for them. If they didn't do it from the start they're barely able to do it now.
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Getting Hate for reaching Dia as a Support
Problem with enchater supports is that they enhance winning, so you're always relying on your ADC to be somewhat decent. And then even if they are decent, you may have unlucky games where the entire enemy team camps your lane. For short, enchater supports just went out of meta because of everyone being able to oneshot ADCs without even buying offensive items. If you want to be a respected support player you should stick to peel/engage supports like Leona, Thresh, Alistar and even Taric. But to properly do that you must understand how ADCs think, so start maining ADC for a while and you'll notice what supports are comfortable and which are not.
: >Stop having fun in a videogame. Ah yes, the good old "games are for fun" -argument. However, people using that argument do not understand it themselves and they do not realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot with it. Yes, games are for "fun" but what "fun" is depends on the individual. One person might have fun by playing weird stuff with wacky builds and another might find competition, where everyone tries their hardest, fun. As an example, I am the latter. I'm having fun when the level of competition is high. When someone breaks that level of competition with wacky stuff, i no longer have fun. Doesn't matter if it's the enemy or my teammate As the summoners code says (or at least the old, longer and more detailed version said), you fun doesn't have priority over someone else's fun. If your fun ruins the fun of others (and i don't mean that mad kid in the enemy team that played full crit nasus and now cries that you are tryharding against him because he is losing), it's against the rules and not allowed. >In all honesty, you're missing the fundamental understanding that soloQ does not matter anywhere. That's not a "fundamental understanding" and it does matter. You don't even understand the actual purpose of ranked. It's correct that the actual rank you have doesn't matter but that's not the point. The PURPOSE of ranked is COMPETITION where everyone TRIES THEIR ABSOLUTE BEST to win. It's not a place for dumb picks and weird builds. >You gain nothing by winning. You gain mmr which means you get matched in higher mmr games which means the level of competition and its quality will be higher. The games get more intense and more skill is required to win. That's the thrill of competition. Your very existence is screaming casual, which means you most likely can't understand the thrill of competition. And that's fine, just don't ruin the games for others just because you refuse to try to understand them. Stay out of ranked with that mentality and everyone can stay happy.
Yeah I agree with your first two paragraphs, I was using hyperbole there. Although your point with higher mmr = more intense is kind of inverse in my experience. For me, the higher the mmr the more snowballing there is, and trolls make much more of a difference than in lower elo. and no u
Madnasher (EUW)
: > Stop having fun in a videogame. Play meta picks so there's a higher chance that you can carry me. All players are of equal skill. The only deciding factor is your pick. So better pick meta so I can show off my diamond badge. If you wanna play around there are normals. Ranked is ranked. its a more serious game mode for people who want to compete against people. I bet you accuse people of tryharding in ranked too. > In all honesty, you're missing the fundamental understanding that soloQ does not matter anywhere. You gain nothing by winning. You lose time and sanity by winning and losing. Games are a coinflip anyway so why bother being bothered by dumb picks. Because that ad soraka jungle will lose the game, the no smite jungle has no objective control. You want to play daft builds, go normal, go somewhere where people are not expecting people to play as well as they could. EDIT; Spelling
I don't accuse them of tryharding, nice accusation you avocado. My point is, if you're so low in elo that you see AD soraka jungle that the general skill is so low that you might actually win playing AD soraka. And again, it's soloQ, you can literally play anything and win. What loses games is kids that lose their temper.
: stop trying to copy youtuber entertainment builds in ranked solo queue
Stop having fun in a videogame. Play meta picks so there's a higher chance that you can carry me. All players are of equal skill. The only deciding factor is your pick. So better pick meta so I can show off my diamond badge. In all honesty, you're missing the fundamental understanding that soloQ does not matter anywhere. You gain nothing by winning. You lose time and sanity by winning and losing. Games are a coinflip anyway so why bother being bothered by dumb picks.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Negative meta players
Ok but can she win all ins? As ADC main it sounds to me that I'll be forced to farm under tower all game
: Should i play Lux supp?
If you're not in ranked play whatever you want. However as an ADC it's very frustrating to play with a lux support, since she's very bad at all-ins there's no killpressure for you, forcing you to play defensively and just farm. The only way you could get kills is by hoping the enemy is dumb, that's a bad strategy. On top of that, Lux supports tend to push the wave for no reason. Being ADC means that all you are is a moving caster minion that is very dependant on items, if Lux gets all the gold, you will 100% end up behind the enemy ADC even despite winning lane. So yeah for an ADC it's a loss having a Lux as support
Dr Tel (EUNE)
: Lags and screen tearing with a gtx 1070, i5 8600k and 16gb ddr4 ram
This isn't a problem with your monitor, this is just one unptimized patch after another. Here's a few suggestions: -set (or unlock) cap in your driver software - turn on(force it) or off vsync - set fpscap in league
: A Detailed Reply To These Low Effort "Players Should Not Be Banned For Toxicity" Threads
What speaks against a "prisoners queue" instead of the system we have now?
Godalor (EUW)
: I really don't understand how nexus blitz can be fun, but I want to have fun, help
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Balancing teams to PLAY RATE & Division
I think people that do league to themselves 6 hrs a day are more tiltable than players that play 1 hr a day. This is more of a problem with the direction of the balance team in general.
HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Pharcon Bloodmoon Kalista & Mystery gift
Rioter Comments
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Is it necessary to win lane as an adc?
Winning lane means ending up with more gold than your opponent ADC. But it all comes down whether your team peels for you or not, so it's a coinflip in the end anyway
: How bad is it to "steal" the kill from your adc?
Main ADC for a while so you know how bad it is. All the people here are support mains. If you take firstblood you deny your ADC the free lane win.
: Duplicate user in Clash
NEVERMIND a friend changed his name to my old username lmao
Rioter Comments
: K/DA Evelynn HUD idea
So like the HUD skins in dota? Wonder why Riot hasn't grabbed that idea yet
: Skarner crystals on the map are invisible
Same here, could only spot them through the map
: I would like to know why "katarina" triggers so much hate on this forum
Kintaros (EUNE)
: Climbing seems to be full of luck
DO NOT play ADC after 8.11. Why would you even do that to yourself? Play a mage or double bruiser bot, challenger rules do not apply to eune silver.
Saibbo (EUW)
: Give me some tip for an s-/s/s+ on Jhin
The general rule is: More gold/min = higher grade
NeoCeri (EUW)
: How to beat the Nasus.
Get your team to push through mid 5v4. Most Nasus players won't react and you just win the game.
: That one item that only one champion buys...
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pharcon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EMoI3JNt,comment-id=001500000000,timestamp=2018-10-01T13:45:57.322+0000) > > 1.Then it wouldn't be a kill steal. thank you very much for agreeing with my, that's all i ever meant in this post. > 2. 300-150=150 I don't really get your point > 3. doing nothing? When the adc gets someone down to 10% and you ks it with Lux E it's nothing? Since when can a level 4-6 adc get someone down to 10% all by herself? she would be murdered before that happens. > The main point is that why would you complain about someone that you griefed? Griefed? you are really insulting me. And quite clearly haven't read the post. > You deny them their position while not being reportable and you don't even realize it. > When the ADC doesn't do damage and they have 7 assists instead of kills, how much of a gold difference reportable? You sound like some bronze adc main You know what, i'm just gonna sit back and let my adc do the afk farming, and killing all by herself so i won't "deny his position" he can use the free waves i'm giving him to farm and build items along with the assist i granted him. what does he need more than that? > would that make? Would it make the ADC a bad player because the support stole all the kills? Yes, since they get the >blame from the entire team. Again with the stole, get over it. it's a team game, we all need gold. > You are basically trolling by playing a carry support without a premade ADC and then only caring about your KDA. > Well, congrats for having a good KDA but it really didn't help your team. it helped my team alot. it gave them free gold for the kills i secured, AND, i can give my adc free farming time, AND I can build my core essentials items faster. You are literally the perfect example of those silver adc flamers who got "their" kill taken.
Maybe if you got out of silver you wouldn't need to deal with those silver adc flamers :^) One way of doing that would be to play ADC yourself and get Lux as your support.
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