Well the damage is increased with %maxhealth dmg if he transforms into the darkin sooo
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skylë (EUW)
: I need help pls :x Riot members or any one from this community respond :/
If he rages at family members, hide his charger. If he plays for too long, hide his charger the next day. make sure he knows the consequences, and after a few times if you consistently apply the consequences, his behavior should improve.
tumppi25 (EUNE)
: Servers Lagging!
server's down for sure me and my friend have the same issue
tumppi25 (EUNE)
: Servers Lagging!
server's down for sure me and my friend have the same issue
: Who told you that they would be on sale today?
: Do you think it is right for a player to be punished for being depressed.
Riot I really think there is a huge urge to get that tribunal back up. An automatic ban system is nice, but scanning for offensive language doesn't fullfill. For cases like this we need the human factor.
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: Who's up for trolling a normal very hard as 5?
My bro's are coming over in a few minutes they are probably up for this :D
: It's retarded that you can surrender without the consent of all 5 players.
Agreed, all five players lose LP when they surrender, so all players should vote yes before the surrender vote succeeds. In normals it can just stay how it is because you don't lose anything but in ranked this should change. I found my team several times surrendering a game that was really winnable.
Ghoosttx (EUNE)
: 8th september.
are you fucking kidding me this teasing shit has gone too far rito just release the skin for gods sake.....
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: Did you have Sated Devourer? Because that's what the passive does.
ahhh that's why ^^ ty :)
Lsayu (EUNE)
: This would kind of mess unnecessarily with jungle gameplay though, because it *is* jungler's job to create pressure, including, but not limited to, pushing a lane every once in a while.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi ThreshHook, Was this for Player Behaviour by any chance? Those guys are pretty busy, and it can take a while for a response unfortunately. Bumping the ticket will delay it further :-(
Yes it was, but i think 5 days is pretty insane....
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: 4 out of 5 ranked game recently have afks in our team. How to escape bronze?
try to duo queue with someone who is not bronze could help
: 11 minutes and counting....
18 minutes of queue i give up... rito pls fix this broken queue...
: it's been over 10 minutes now.....
11 minutes and counting....
: This queue is insane
it's been over 10 minutes now.....
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