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: Learn to counter her or keep on being bad : I love when people rage saying Raka is OP, when in fact she's actually hard counter by two common items, and one summoner spell. I'm going to let you guess which. Most of the time her heals are so underwhelming mid game because of this...
you can't deny she feels really unfair in lane, she just spam Q and heal her ADC. When playing a poke support, you just can't win, she'll just outsustain you no matter what you do. She should have a little more counter play in the early game, if you play soraka and the ennemy supp isn't good at engaging, you basicaly won the lane.
Runesaber (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=jM8cMLWg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-11T13:15:03.635+0000) > > That is indeed weird. What punishment did you get? Ban or restriction? > > PS: Either way you should contact the Support about this. I got banned (suspended) for 14 days, I shall definetly contact the support.
when you play a game, you have chances to get a key, but you don't get it instantly, so they key you got was most probably a key you won from a game before your ban.
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: Requesting French filter
this is just dumb, most french, like most people in EUW, don't flame. you just don't see them because they'll talk to you in english or won't talk at all. you realise someone is french only if he strart flaming in his own language, that's why "all the french you see" are flaming. aside from that, a french server would be useless, and a french filter is impossible to do.
: So what's more OP - spreading the enemy or group them at a single point? {{champion:497}} ult may not be too great on it's own, but synergy with some other champs makes it ... unbearable. Also while {{champion:497}} can still disengage safely after ult, {{champion:40}} would have more troubles doing that. I might be overthinking it, but I think her hurricane requires abit aiming skills. Now {{champion:412}} - his gap closing ability requires aiming and prediction since it has wind-up time, E isn't knock away, lantern is okay, his ult doesn't shut anything, only slow enemies that breaches the gate, you can simplu jump over it... He can't jump walls unless by Q
i don't see the point of rakan, he has no presence in lane, his CC is outclassed by tanks, his peel is outclassed by other enchanter. his damage are the shittiest i've ever seen, he has no range but is concidered ranged, making the knight's vow less good. you can't go full enchanter cause you'll die too easily because of your range and you can't go full tank cause your CC aren't consistent ( you have only one reliable CC with a high cooldown ) and that makes both locket and redemp less good. how do you even play him ? i mean, let's make a comparison with janna; both have an AoE knock-up, and good mobility, but his shield is way worse than janna's, janna's W is way better than his Q ( targetable, goes through minions, deals more dmg, and slows. the only thing his Q has is the heal, and it's unbeleivably low; 150 at level 18, seriously ? ) both ultimate are good and impossible to compare, concerning their passive, janna's is better ( rakan's is mostly for lanning phase ). in the end rakan could be good, but him being melee makes his utility side worse than most enchanters, while even with them in term of CC. ( his E dashes and his passive are here only because he is melee, when he could have something else if he was ranged, allowing him to catch up utility wise )


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