Renascence (EUNE)
: I'm really curious to hear how you can prove someone has been boosted just because you watched his performance in one game. No, really, tell me. Then tell me how you can prove that someone else played on his account earlier, than the person who played in the game you just watched.
I can't and it's not my job. I can suspect it. And ask for an investigations. It doesn't even have to come throo. But i still want to report it.
Windsteps (EUW)
: Send a support ticket explaining why you think this certain person is an elobooster, from there Riot takes over the investigation.
: Nice details son looks like everyone knows what you're talking about.{{item:2043}}
No point in details. I play league for long enough that i can see when there is an outlier. Someone who plays **way** better/worse than all the rest of players (on both teams). I'm not saying i know it all, but i'd like to at least have the possibility of reporting so it can be investigated.
Rioter Comments
: I just want to say good job riot.
~~All they need to fix now is the Solo Qeue. Still getting the retard picks and the awesome trolls who love to make 4 random people miserable for no good reason. And if you dodge, you get doubly fucked. GJ~~ I have to give it to RIOT. Things **have** changed and for the better! Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

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