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AstralDream (EUNE)
: Fix your game
If you can't carry your games by yourself than you're in the elo that you deserve, afk trollers feeders, bad decisions and all that stuff are just excuses, get over those if you want to climb
Klordix (EUNE)
: Undeserved punishments
This is what you call undeserved punishment? having a bad day or not, flaming back makes you toxic aswell, there's a mute boutton, only mature people would know that whatever a toxic player behind the screen is saying has no effect in real life, you wish my parents to go to hell? sure buddy, my famiyl has alredy a place in heaven. And then you went afk just because you didn't enjoy the 4v5, I bet you didn't enjoy them being fed while you fed them, I'm not blaming you for feeding but I'm blaming you for griefing after feeding, it's bannable what you did by the way, not from the queues but from the game itself. If you're having a bad day, stop playing and cool off, especially if you're a person that cares about what people think, believe me, whatever happens to them doesn't matter as what happens to you, the other guy may not even be under his own account.
GLurch (EUW)
: Toxic = being rude and mean towards others, harassing others Just blaming others for something isn't toxic, at least as long as it is true and you don't offend anyone by saying it. For example, if my mid lane were to have just died and I tell him to stay under tower for a bit, that would be me indirectly saying he is at fault for just dying because he didn't stay under his tower. In other words, I blamed him for something. Would what I said offend him? Most likely not. Would it be toxic? Definitely not.
I personnaly find that offending and I'd mute you right away if you ask me to remain under my turret, everyone has his own style of playing, I go sometimes 0/5 with Trydnamere than carry the game.
: "Trashtalk" in the after game lobby
You know that just blaming your team mates for making lose is toxic itself right?


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