Inertià (EUW)
: What is the point of this thread apart from fueling your special snowflake quest for attention may i ask?
The point is, like you said, to get attention. This post is not helping people who got their account banned, this post doesn't help anyone to be exact. Also like your provoking ahri sticker at the end, I bet people who just got their account banned will be super happy about it. I think you just made this post a. to get attention and b. to piss people with banned accounts off. Gj, you are really helping this community to get less toxic!
Fajerk (EUW)
: Because Riot can't make their mind up. They have legacy UI that treats two separate stats as same thing. But armor pen will disappear soon anyway, so I guess they save "valuable" developer resources this way.
Alright thanks for the response
arthur2341 (EUNE)
: It's been this way since they reworked the marksmen items in season 6. Not only adding the 7% APen from masteries to the 35% from LW (or 45% from{{champion:157}} ult) is wrong as you said, but even if it worked this way, these values don't stack additively but multiplicatively instead. I.e. one of the APen values gets applied first and then the other one gets applied over the already reduced armor. You can calculate the total APen by multiplying the Armor coefficients: 7% APen = 0.93 of target's armor, 35% APen = 0.65 of traget's armor ==> Target's armor after both APen values have been applied = 0.93 x 0.65 = ~0.60 = 40% total APen Magic Pen seems to display correctly. But as I said, it doesn't work this way anymore as the 7% APen from masteries applies to both base and bonus armor seperately as does armor reduction.
'one of the APen values gets applied first and then the other one gets applied over the already reduced armor.' Yeah, but it's still showed wrong, even if that is the case. I just noticed you're that guy that commented on my other post. What a small world.
arthur2341 (EUNE)
: The blue buff only has 10 base armor at the beginning of the game. As your team gains xp and levels up, the next jungle camps that spawn have increased stats. At level 18 the blue buff has 20 base which shows up as 10 base + 10 bonus armor which indeed seems to be a bug. If you try the same builds on a level 18 dragon, you will notice that with {{item:3035}} {{item:3033}} you will do more damage per auto compared to an item that only gives 10/50 AD.
You are absolutely right, guess I should have checked that on more enemies.
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Fajerk (EUW)
: Target dummy has no bonus armor, only base armor.
I see. But why does this bonus armor penetration add to the normal armor penetration? It confused me... jeez...
arthur2341 (EUNE)
: Armor pen. from {{item:3033}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3035}} only applies to BONUS armor. Target dummies have 100 BASE and 0 BONUS armor so buying any of those items won't give you any extra damage against them.
That, my friend, is simply not true, first of the description of armor penetration itself states following : 'Armor penetration ignores a percentage of your target's armor when applying physical damage.' It doesn't mention anything about bonus armor. and the 35% of the item go straight to the armor penetration as you can see in my video. To furthermore support my discovery, I checked what you said on the blue buff, who has 10 base armor and 10 bonus armor in early game, then I tested the damage with 'Mortal Reminder' and 'Maw of Malmortius' again, and it was the same result : 655 crit dmg.
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: Let us honor enemies and have them receive a bonus for being honored by an opponent.
I really love this idea. Idk why Riot doesn't allow us anymore to honor the enemy. :/ It's not like your enemies aren't worthy of the GG <3 honor, sometimes they are just nicer than your own team and they understand your situation... heck, even try to comfort you a bit, because that's really an honorable opponent!
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: Well, i got banned by these rioter e-girls, just because i use 1-2 negative words by telling my team what to do better, but you can't mess with french IQ. Or, by having over 1k honors in the old honor system, and by being a bit negative in chat, is LOGIC to ban an account, just like i had. I think your idiot system should watch overall on a profile before it gets banned. But, who can think among so much average IQ people. (I know, you must listen the many, because they buy skins haHA) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I could be sarcastic in chat how much i want, but would e-girls from game know what i'm saying? No. Would understand second hand game analysts from riot e.g. that buff {{champion:114}} without any reason? No. Then, i just get tired of explaining. Would understand these analysts about the necessity writing a good unit and terrain collision algorithm?! No. ~~no hate of course, I'm reformed haHA~~ If you think the language in chat = toxicity in game, then we all know what are you. Siema! P.S. roshan = nashor haHA {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I like how every time you write haHA the second ha is in capital letters. Interesting.
: they are special, people will lose interest in it soon and nobody will play it just like the crystal scar
I think Invasion is special enough because it's so different from every other gamemode. Invasion is like the only gamemode that won't make you tilt fast like the others since you are not playing against other players who could insult you for no reason. And I think Invasion is also a good gamemode to relax and calm down from these tilting other gamemodes I was talking about.
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: Ban
I don't think you can get permabanned for that. But better ask a Riot support cause I really don't know.
: beekeeper {{champion:136}}
That's also a good idea, the stars that are floating around him could be bees then. xP
hardys77 (EUNE)
: They missed the chance to make Bee Keeper {{champion:83}} His R could've been a giant Bee
You are so fricking right! I think you can basically make a bee skin for everyone. xD
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: Change Cursor Colour
I'm actually having the same problem. There's no way to change your cursor colour except maybe look in the internet for some mods that change your cursor colour. But idk if you use third party programs like that you could get banned I think so idk.
Are you actually joking or... are you being serious about 'if you are fair unban me'. I really hope you were just being sarcastic. Cause you, sir, are really toxic.
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: A Question about Punishment
I think it will be permanent.
: 14day suspension for 1 game???
I mean, you weren't that offensive... Can you also show the Chatlog of Caitlyn? Also just actually mute them next time you play with people who flame you.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: No, if you buy these runes for 10 IP, they won't be refunded.
Fathands (EUW)
: No it doesn't. Any rune bought on sale now will not be refunded.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: Security concerns. If, one day, OP's sister decides to be toxic and get banned, OP cannot claim it was his sister to get unbanned. Or, sister getting his account banned because of chargebacks. It's basically like lending your ID to a friend to purchase alcohol and finding yourself framed for murder because that friend left the ID at the crime scene.
Ah, alright, that makes sense actually, thanks for responding.
: Help me about my champion choices
Shiwah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=xtheannax,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Pk9Uijw4,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-09-01T10:07:00.361+0000) > > It&#x27;s okay if it&#x27;s only your sister. No, it's not. There is no exception to the "no account sharing" rule in the ToU.
: How long times can it stack up? My penalties were for 5 games, and 5 minutes for the first, 10 minutes for the second, and 20 minutes for the third time. Also when does the permban comes if I can get permabanned?
You can't get permabanned for just being afk, especially when it's not every game, you only can get permabanned for flaming or feeding intentionally every game
pirolance (EUW)
: Sharing my account
It's okay if it's only your sister. Idk why everyone is giving you wrong and kinda angry answers here, I guess your sister isn't even old enough to create and account for herself, don't be worried as long as it is only your sister its really okay, and if you only play normals I guess nobody cares anyways.
I think this is great idea, cause I really loved the old map ^^
: Looking for friendly players
Hey add me then we can play together
Spec oups (EUW)
: [Honor Icons] Players who unlocked every icons should have a unique one
I'm only missing the yellow one and it would honestly make me sad for not getting a special icon just because of the yellow icon.
destroyerr2 (EUNE)
: Which are your favourite mid lane champions
: I drew Ziggs with watercolors (*^ワ^*)
Cat Power (EUW)
: I have been such a good little player the past years
I don't have the yellow one :C Is the yellow one the one that says that you're friendly?
: Why would you need a solution when there's no problem. Never change a running system. Or do you want people to be able to abuse something in ranked? Is that your idea of a fair and competitive game?
Oh, people losing because of 1 person being afk every 10th game, that's no problem? Is your idea of a fair and competitive game a 4 vs 5 where no one in the smaller team has a chance and from the beginning you know that you're gonna lose? Not having fun at all in a video game? That's no problem? Are you sure?
: Yeah, nothing will help because the chance of having an AFK in the enemy team is higher than having one on your team. So overall they help you climb. As long as you don't make your teammates go afk, that is. And why you've never seen someone go afk for their duo is probably because right now there's no need for it. People can't just go afk and their duo stall the game for as long as possible to lose less LP.
I guess there is no solution for anything in this game when everybody can abuse everything.
: But that's what the changes you proposed would ultimately do. Make boosting easier and won't improve anything. And I didn't take anything out of context, I just told you what would happen in the long run. If you didn't think about this before, then it's not my problem, but no need insult me.
... Kay, if you think this won't help you I guess nothing will, I've had so many AfK players in my games that I can't really climb and honestly I have never seen in any of my games that anyone goes AfK for their duo friend, and also when would your friend think the game's over, because I mentioned as long as the player isn't AfK for 5 min the whole rule doesn't apply. Which means your friend has to go AfK 5 min before the game ends and how is he supposed to know when the game ends?
: And why would I care about those reports if I myself didn't do anything? You just shouldn't tell anyone that your premade with the guy going afk, or if you already did just say that his connection dropped or something. And still, the probability of having a dc on your team is lower than having one on the enemy team. Simple math. So the gist is that you want to make boosting easier? If not, the current system should be satisfying for you.
I want to make boosting easier...? wtf is wrong with you. You took everything completely out of context.
: So I could duo with a friend who's playing on a smurf, and when it looks like we're about to lose he just goes afk so that I won't lose as many LP? When will people realize that something like this will never be implemented, as long as there's a way to abuse it...
What about the other 3 teammates? :) Don't you think they deserve less punishment for when your 'smurf' friend decides to go AfK? Maybe the game didn't look lost for them and then you and your friend just go AfK? You may not be punished by the system for that but you will surely get some reports of your team and maybe even some of the enemy team for your 'smart' move. Even if you get less Lp loss through this, so what? Your friend will still be punished over and over again, doesn't matter on how many accounts he does it.
Rípley (EUW)
: The obvious reply, love it:D The only "problem" with this (and every other suggestion of this kind), is that a lot of immature players are essentially afk, but walking around inside the base to try and beat leaverbuster or any other penalty that could be flung their way.
Yeah, but this is only about the people who are really afk, if theres someone in base trolling doing nothing, unlucky for them wasting atleast 20 min of their time. And I honestly never saw someone just standing in base to troll, this is really just about people who ragequit or have internet problems etc.
icounter (EUW)
: yes, your point being?
the other one works differently than mine
LeviSoka (EUW)
: It took me a whole day, just to make the details seem more clear! Thank you so much tho. <3
You are so talented man. Keep up the good work! ^^
icounter (EUW)
Ok I looked at this and it looks a bit different from mine tbh
Rioter Comments
LeviSoka (EUW)
: Pentakill Soraka?
Looks awesome man. ^^ I would totally buy the skin if it was in the game. How long did it take you to draw that?
Eat Me (EUNE)
: I underwent the cancer surgery.
It's nice to hear that you are feeling better now and everything went well. Just don't let these negative thoughts rule you. You have to rule THEM. ^^ Don't think about when your last day will be, focus on your life now, don't think of the future, always stay in the present! Best of Luck on your chemo!
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=xtheannax,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=yacTZfpx,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-08-20T13:44:33.111+0000) > > Ardent Champions? You mean like Janna? Yeah, I guess she&#x27;s pretty easy to play :b That&#x27;s why I&#x27;m trying to play some other champions like Ashe and... basically all the other adc&#x27;s, but I really like Ashe the most though. But why would you "try" champions in ranked?
Yeah, you're right, I should ''know'' how to play champions, not ''try''. You're a good man with some good advice, thank you!
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