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: >Used it to play cs-go a lot and it wasn’t to hard to carry games depends on your rank... You can reach MG without dropping a game... but after that they kinda know the basics and 1v5 get's tricky >cod used to have ranked system as well vs other players... show you really never used to play much. MW2 700 hours PC --- 250 hours console BO1 3600 hours MW3 3900 hours BO2 1200 hours PC -- 700 hours console AW + BO3 + IW (didn't liked them that much) around 600 hours BO4 currently 120 hours i played alot of tournaments in MW3 and BO1... after that i got introduced into league and kinda dropped CoD >Don’t even get started on tfblade, that guy abuses every op champion he did it with Jungle only... and as i said, countless others did that aswell (easy content for high elo players)
jungle... most impactful lane btw which champion? hmm cammile AKA broken shit,akali AKA downgrade this champion or some true jungler which is also broken aswell as his top lane champ pool(ornn is broken in way of damage he deals while being tank,you ain't catching me cuz i play since s1) and having more expirience in games means no shit towards and me and pepole around in community aswell.What will you do after you get older? be a trash man? asisstant in charity? get a real life kids,life ain't colorfull at all
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: What would you call taking your hands off the controls and walking into an enemy? --------------------------- Just scrap that his is hashinshin. Just think about any random top laner. Now. He picks a champion he never played before. With a build he never tried. Into a High mobility champion. Now this dude dies 19 times in 30 min. Would you think his ban is just? Yes, of course you would. If this was some random ass dude posting here telling you he didn't int and go 0/19 you'd shoot him down faster than a turkey on thanksgiving. Just because this dude has some status in the community doesn't mean he is invincible to bans.
yea but inting isn't bannable at all if he got outran by best riven NA. How would you feel to soemone like faker,dopa,perkz or even uzi destroys you in lane when you first timed some champion and was forced to go aggro cuz of dynamics of the game? how would you feel when you try your best with that new champ yet you know its unintentional but pepole are pepole and don't like anything on world which is for them wrong so we gonna build a wall so that wrong ain't comming even if it already passed the wall? you can't ban inting unless person noted she will do it by picking a champion not suited for certain role,picking smite to other lanes,stealing cs to a jungler at lvl 1,walking towards a enemy without changing direction,deinforming pepole abot enemy laner's summs and ult,building wrong items and eventually disrespecting a ally laner by 1 vs 9ing game which is 5 vs 5 even if some1 is underperforming P.S:pepole %%%%% far too much about negativity,so lets prevent it by: a) flaming in general:mute+mind your business+don't reportcall(its bannable cuz its naming and shaming)+report=person banned,no damage towards ur acc b)inting:told above+get a duo or more to play without RNG performance c)giving up(afking in general):method 1- if instant,ff but don't report guy going afk cuz it tends to pepole having issues with client getting hammered for no reason and scaring them away from game method 2-fight for victory,later report for giving up and going afk,thats it d)inaproper IGN's and club tags:rep in client if possible,if not then on player support so less garbage gets dumb tags and IGN's and yes its bannable due to lots pepole being sexistic. thats it folks rules in general and smurfing is lame cuz you ruin others fun and making game worser for a chunk by chunk so %%%% off the smurf acc and work to play normals and ARAM on main one to pepole can have fun
: My game keeps on freezing and the only option i have is to restart my laptop
did you do changes to a laptop,opened it recently,slammed it,or installed some new programs?
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: What we can do to fight toxicity & inting/trolling/afking
welp as normal it would be nice to lock out Email adress from where acc came that m8 stop flaming for a bit less nut from my dark side just hang urself lmfao
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: I actually believe that people can reform, but they have to prove it. I am all for giving second chance to people with permabanned account who are playing on new account for at least a year (or maybe two) without a single punishment or sign of negative behavior. But that won't be your case, you were banned 4 days ago. Honestly, everyone freshly permabanned suddenly claims they are new person now and won't ever flame again. Lot of them cannot stand to it.
they could prove it if: -riot would give them one month max of playing on that account to see are they actually reformed(something like poligraph) -how much they reformed and measure it with scale are thier accounts worth OF BEING UNBANNED OR NOT -if yes give them honor missions which would unlock honor back to lvl2 and reward them with BE or some skin of thier highest mastery champion (honors woudn't count if were given byteammates in his/her party) -if not explain them what is thier issue,how to fix it and when they will be ready to play league again if they choose to fully reform P.S:this would be ok but needs bit of work around sharp edges and nice polish to make it nice
: Maybe try to focus on some singleplayer game or some co-op games with some friends if possible, otherwise you could pass the time some other way.
nah,ill just go and wrench on my mum's car and make that shit sound better and inside (audio,insolation and interior pieces of itself) and outside(exahust note,better intake ,chip tune and improving aerodynamics with new paint in same time) when i can't get anywhere better when i don't understand lazyness of pepole i get in games to atleast not feed and play safe which i see daily when i am at school keeping teacher's pupils in a room where they learn to cut,measure and weld stuff cuz i am at final(3rd year) of attending high school for car mechanic they are extremely lazy to even cut a damn square pipe to sizes of 120x30x30 and yet talk abot this game while being lazy so i ask them why they wanted to do this answers were:but we love to do this(yea after not knowing shit about cars and community while whistling about league).That pissed me off and anyone who attends this classes know how hard they are if you come from gaming world though i know to to fix lots of things on anything even if i didn't work on it cuz of lessons i told myself that games are waste of time and league is one of them to the pupils that i will tell to community that noone forced you to play league,you got baited by riot itself which is bad considering pepole fall apart from bad games
: I see, that's a shame but at least you have some guts to quit because that will annoy your teammates and that can ban your account so it's a smart move. At least there is like a bizzillion games out there so you should have no trouble finding a game to enjoy, good luck ^^
idk man i am thinking to quit gaming in general cuz i am totally ruined.Its sad that i have to but itll kill me if i keep playing games and hurt myself :( but again i want to play it cuz of community which day by day is getting better and better
: Well here's what I do when I'm angry in LOL, maybe that will work for you too: 1. Flaming never solve the problem, since I know that I know I'm wasting time and- 2. If I flame I'll get punished, I'll lose honor and at worse I'll get a perma ban wich mean I'll lose the money I've put in the games and hours in it. 3. It's a video game and I'm not a pro player, it doesn't matter if I'm bronz 5 or plat 1 my rank won't affect my social life. So I keep telling that to myself wich calm me down immediatly, even if to be fair I'm the calm type who get very angry rarely (I'll censor myself or else I'll be banned for being gore), but this could work for you too.
welp i am angry type of person and i just scare of myself when i start losing myself when i flame cuz i k ill fall apart in 5 seconds of flaming so thats why i wanna quit game i don't wanna ruin lives out there
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: Its been 5 years , the league of legends community is still ultra toxic
ye but they came with being burnt out cuz every player has reason why he became toxic i am toxic(6 permas and 7th 14 day(downvote it if you want cuz i want to get ID banned)) cuz i snapped in one really frustrating 1 vs 9 game where dam of emotions broke and i just leak thru hole in it and now i just got that 14 day cuz of it
: You got rid of verbal abuse. You have int, feeding, dc/afk, giving up, not a 50% solution on toxic behaviour.
but the most effective one to prevent negative effects
: I can relate to how you're feeling in regards to losing a close friend at a young age. Last May, one of my closest friends from school passed away after drowning in her bath; no-one knows for certain the circumstances around the situation but they said the likelihood is that she slipped and knocked her head which left her unconscious. Death really isn't something you expect to hear about when it concerns younger people, and having that news broken to you does have an effect. I would love to be able to tell you that the feeling goes away, but that's not the case sadly - though it does become more manageable with time. The treatment process for mental health is a long road. There is no "one size fits all", but the best course of action is trial and error. If a particular type of medication is not working for you, or if you are having prolonged negative effects from it, I would recommend speaking to your GP about possibly trying another type of medication. Sometimes the best solution is no medication at all and taking the approach using methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy. But I cannot stress enough, all of this must be accompanied with serious lifestyle changes; it is absolutely fundamental. For example, you mention that you have a tendency to consume a lot of alcohol - it honestly does you no favours in the longterm as it will only serve as a temporary numb that will quickly erode and leave you in a worse position in which you started. You also most likely have a tendency to feel low when playing League of Legends if you are associating it with the death of your friends. Given that it is something you were doing when you first heard the news, your mental state will subconsciously yearn for the past and "how it used to be" until you have managed to come to terms with what has happened. It's very common however, referred to as "repetition compulsion", when we put ourselves back in a similar or same situation and desire a different outcome. It can be really hard to let go of that compulsion - but the sooner you do, the more manageable it will sooner be. With regard to your teacher, ask them for a moment when you can both sit down together in private and just explain how you are feeling, what you're happy with and anything that particularly irritates you. Talking in depth about all of this is so, so much better than a quick, heated argument. If that is not an option, then speak to the headmaster/headmistress or your guidance teacher. If that is also not an option, your local council (I'm assuming you're from the UK as you've referenced "pounds" as a currency earlier) will be able to put you in touch with social services - and they deal with both children and adults respectively. Your local council, social services, schools, hospitals and the police all hold regular multi-cross meetings together to identify if there are any concerns they may have which they can address before they spiral out of control or become worse, so by speaking to one of them, there is a chance the others will all be aware yet will not be forthcoming in advising you so. It does seem to appear that you most certainly associate this game with some traumatic events in your life however, and what I would recommend you doing is taking some time away from the predominant 'reminders' and focus on getting yourself better first and foremost. Stop consuming alcohol, don't smoke, don't take drugs recreationally, cut back on foods and drink that are high in sugar content, start going for walks outside during the day, start and finish your days with a brief 15 minute high-intensity exercise workout, and finally before you sleep spend about 20 minutes lying down in the dark with some headphones in listening to something calming. Here is a link as an example: It might not be your cup of tea, otherwise consider listening to audio of rain, wind, etc. It might sound silly, but it does actually work. All the best!
actually i am croatian(slovakian origins) with IQ around 130 to 137(they told me i m8 be genius)cuz i have flashes of past even before tragic happend sometimes i remember 03' or 04' or goddamn coldest day in willage i live in croatia in 05' when it was -40 and i remember things far back in early stages when i was baby but i can't remember faces and names of pepole -I go every month to talk with doctor about it and i got some nice meds(anti psychotics) which help me quite alot considering i can expose my happiness which was caged by darkness,i don't smoke for 2 years,i don't drink for same era as smoking,with sugar ill work up on that since i need to lose weight(from 82 kg to 60 kg) and i basicly love to walk and what is best across and behind backyard i have forests and fileds where i simply can be alone which relaxes me alot -I workout sometimes which will be now daily i workout legs cuz my chest back and arms are quite strong looking towards legs and i need despretly greater endurance and thanks for advice!
: This thread struck a chord close to home for me. I don't normally do things like this; but given some of the statements you have made, I'm going to go ahead and say it anyway. I'm 26 years old. Most of my adulthood was consumed by bipolar and anxiety issues - most of which developed due to untreated events during my childhood. I've been to that place where the temptation to end your own life is overwhelming, and subsequently attempted it in the past. I'm very lucky to be alive today after taking an overdose of 2400mg Sertraline 4 years ago; it left me in a short coma with kidney failure. There is a considerable difference between having "suicidal thoughts" and "feeling suicidal", and they are often misconstrued for one another. I'm not particularly certain of your circumstances, as we all have our own private story behind closed doors, but if there is anything I can attest to for your own benefit, it would be not do rush into anything drastic, regardless of how tempting it may feel. Likewise with almost all people who fortunately survived a suicidal attempt, the common tune between us all is that actually being in that precise moment is the most terrifying experience you will ever have. From being certain that your mind is made up, that quickly evolves into not being certain after all. Some people luckily come to this realisation before they take extreme measures, but not everyone does or will. Some people may read your posts, and wonder: "Why is someone threatening suicide over a video game?" But the mind works in mysterious ways, and when people are looking for an escape from reality they often dive into an alternative form. Some people meditate, others listen to music, some do physical exercise, some may play video games, some might do art; the list goes on. If I could give you any advice right now, it would be: 1. Whatever temptations or thoughts you are having, do not give into them under any circumstances. If need be, admit yourself into a hospital and be open and honest and your situation. No-one there will judge you, they will only want to see you safe and better. 2. Have someone you can turn to who you feel comfortable about knowing your situation. It doesn't always have to be a professional - sometimes the best help is your closest friend. 3. Issues around "addiction" are usually accompanied with depression. It's the most common driving factor leading to impulsive behaviour. If there is anything in your life that is affecting you negatively, you need to remove it. Lifestyle changes are really important in the longterm if the existing one is a contributing factor. 4. While it feels that no-one else "understands" how you're feeling, always remember that you're never alone. Even in the midst of all of these issues going on, people are very capable of masking it on the front and appearing to have no problems going on at all toward others. Stay strong. x
they diagnosed me half year ago that i am passive-agressive person with depression and with damaged nerves due to that i stroke a plastic bucket from 20ft when i was 2 which i still have since i just can't put smile on my face and i always think was death of my 2 friends (they fell into cold pond,one died cuz he didn't know to swim and the other died cuz of hypothermia 1.5 h later while i was playing league) and when my other really close friend came and told me that,that monent and funreal day just cutted into memory(when i see teemo or play songs i played then i get to watch that moment) and killed the bit of hope that i will finnaly be happy and made me seriously unstable which took drinking into my life and i started being angrier and angrier then my maths teacher which enjoyed teasing me did bit more to destroy me where i told her ill hang up with rope on plum tree if she keeps up mocking me with my classmates so here i am,soul which fell into darkness still looking way out with head up and knowing that soneday i will finnaly be happy and i am not drinking for 6 months and i suceed to beat all addictions i have today.Thanks for help guys you are light in that darkness which helped me getting back to a kid who was happy
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: is there any way i can possibly already get that goddamn ID ban
and back to same state cuz just look at match history it will tell you why i want to rope myself and jump thru window
: What would you do if you had a superpower ?
superpower: teleport why? to kill every garbage like you on this world so i can live alone without idiots nearby
: do really people answer you?
welp they do cuz that is called humanity and i am looking to heal up and get better in communication,why not to get again a person i was when i was happy while playing instead just making myself worser with bad additude?
xthelord2 (EUW)
: is there any way i can possibly already get that goddamn ID ban
update:got 25 game chat restrict which is soft for kind of flame i did later ill bring screenshots
: Buy this, buy that, meanwhile the actions of Riot caused this problem and now the players have to pay for it? While everything was fine untill 3-4 months ago, then this problem appeared for many players and it's not constant. Often i see remakes because someone just couldn't get into the game. But then this guy who didn't make it, will play next few games or 50-100 games without problem untill he gets that problem again and loses LP or get's leaverbuster.
they have shitty client relying alot on storage space speed so idk why pepole still complain about buying a goddamn SSD which will fix all other issues on other things not league only but ok if you wanna live under rock,go ahead noone bothers you
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: Yet again a new patch and another huge FPS drop
do you have a HDD alone,HDD+MVME SSD,HDD+SSD or SSD alone? seems thst pepole with SSD installed have much less issues with fps problems and if they do its not that hard drop like me pc specs: Motherboard:ASUS P5KC CPU:Intel Core2Quad Q9550,2.83 Ghz RAM: kingston 4GB DDR3 10600 RAM GPU: XFX HD 6950 dual fan 2GB GDDR5 core clock on 840 Mhz and memory on 1325 Mhz SSD: ADATA SU800 256 GB(not bottlenecked by motherboard) HDD: WD blue 500 GB SATA III 6MB cache 7200 RPM monitor: DELL SE2216H 1920x 1080 60 hz,overclocked to 69 hz(yea i k the meme that is its limit) OS: Win 10 64 bit build 1803 playing at wery high with shadows off,vsync off,char inc off,framerate uncapped,antialiashing on i get average 130 fps,drops to 70's in teamfights and max 200 fps,respectible cuz it isn't new pc at all only SSD is new
Jicu2002 (EUNE)
: Stuck For 5-10 Minutes in loading screen.
i mention this for infinite times,buy a goddamn SSD. What is a problem buying a SSD or MVME SSD if you have a slot for it? it will decrease loading tines of all things significantly,it will definitly remove data bottleneck which occurs 80% time at every rig(thats why laptops feel snappy when they have SSD) and it will not bottleneck SATA II and SATA III ports
: Could just, not play the game? Like for real, just do not play the game and do something else with your life. Now I don't mean that in the "You're scrub at LoL" I mean that in a "It's a good idea to take longer breaks once in a while" and enjoy what's out there in the big wide world. If you really want the account deleted, then go ahead and log a support ticket. But if you are very much unable to make the choices, then I'd recommend getting more professional, medical help. All the best x
hmm addicted to game and already taking serious meds,phyiatrist did his best and told me it is cuz of my series of dumb desitions when i was young(fell on a bucket,10 stitches+ i can speak in accents,fell on a brick,%%%%ed my left arm for 2 weeks,got pheunomia,again 2 weeks %%%%in myself and on top of that number of pepole which were close to me died:3) preety neat mental and pshychical grenade+ my teacher who holds me maths 3rd year in row has lack of authority and some sort of autism which placed me into this situation to ask gor a ID ban not to i earn it which i can do in no time
: ok so it seems you got the workout part covered.. chopping wood seems real fun btw i always wanted to do it.. i don't approve tho the getting extremely drunk part, chill with that man, of course you're gonna go toxic if you're wasted that way.. drink less.. just take it easy in general it's not your fault for the shit the happens in your life
i k what you mean,once i got so drunk i had no legs to walk and house was just 50ft away and belive me or not i stopped drinking.It is unfun when you have to pray you get home alive and kids,don't drink.You just ruin ur future for real
AsianZed (EUW)
: Weird Game loading % thing
its time to buy a SSD,your rig is bottlenecked because data is comming really slowly and kills performance alot and don't worrie,older mobos won't bottleneck it
: my advice is to workout before you start gaming, i go to a gym before gaming the weekend and that puts me in very relaxed state if you start getting tilted and you know it's ruining your fun just take a break, don't make another game right away, untilt yourself first by doing whatever relaxes you, watch a show, read a manga, play something else, have a walk, whatever rinse and repeat.. just don't go playing for hours without breaks.. you're bound to tilt that way hope it can help
i workout every day cuz of job i want to work(car mechanic)(3rd year already btw) what i basicly i do is to i pull on trailer around 770 pounds to help me getting better sprint tines,gelp me carrying much more load and only thing gets me relaxed is to basicly get extremely drunk(talking about bottle of vodka or bottle of stock) or i go and chop some wood to get relaxed
Yumenõ (EUW)
: I'm sure you can ask somewhere to get your account deleted but I really don't think you should do it, especially if it is about other people. Honestly, what some random people do in your games shouldn't have such an impact on you. I understand it's never nice to have someone inting in your game but it's just what it is and there are way worse things in life. Go next. When it comes to your own toxicity, what about just stopping it? You obviously know it's not nice or needed, so... >.< I know people always bring up the whole muting but... really... you can just mute. Really. Lately I have been muting a lot more and I have a lot better games. No point in arguing. No point in saying anything really. I also only play champions I really like so I never actually have a bad game, even if people feed, troll or whatever. That's literally why I'm an OTP Quinn. I can be 0/15 and I'll still have some fun flying around. League is a game... Just try to have fun? Do you have friends to play League with? I think it's A LOT easier to go through ranked games with someone you know and appreciate. It also makes losing and all those random bad situations in ranked a little better simply because you have someone to share them with. I do hope you get help for whatever is going on with you, it must be tough to go through life thinking/knowing that something is wrong with your own mind. If your current treatment doesn't work, you should tell it to your doctor and ask him to try something else. Also, I do believe you should NEVER think of ending your life. I remember reading: "Suicide is a permanent answer to a momentary situation". I'm sure it would make quite a few people sad to not have you around anymore. Have some faith that things will get better, surround yourself with positive people because it helps if you are not positive yourself. Things usually improve, really. I hope you'll be ok.
problem is anything further than meds is IQ test to see why i freeze up on such a strong load(mathematical calculations)and last IQ test they assumed my IQ is from 117-135 or higher which can tell why i swear alot
: It's not about being relaxed and tolerant. It's about being logical and realistic. These ppl you will most likely not ever see again, the same ppl or in the same situation, and also they are just random ppl with no further significance to you than that you met them once in a game. There is no responsibility for them outside your conduct and performance in the match you are in and they have no further relevance than their influence in the game. And they only have that much influence over you as you allow them to have. People are different, but people can also change, can realize the power other people have over you is only the power you give them.
welp i can't control myself,my nerves got good hit cuz of addictivity and i know i am addictive i just can't stop playing league.League is basicly black hole and i am foton which will never escape it and sadest part is my friends died 2 years ago when i played league which gave nice blow on my mentality too thats why i want ID ban not regular perma ban so game can't hurt me even more and when i heal up wounds and get ready,then i will play it like i did before i wasn't shattered(btw then i was honor 5)
: how many hours do you play at day? i suspect you play a lot and that clearly isn't good for your health, have you tried more relaxing games, or just doing other stuff besides gaming?
before i played max 12 hours a day,now i play around 4-6 hours max a day and get raged and start being salty lot earlier
: You can ask for your account to be banned/deleted I think. Check up with the support.
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