NegativeA (EUW)
: TFT bug or not?
I just had the same problem... All the champs on the field suddenly weren't counting towards the bonuses and I had to put them on the bench and back on the field in order to work again...
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: can't ping champions' items in the tab menu anymore??
I noticed this too, thought I had some kind of bug. I also suddenly couldn't use pings or generally ping anything anymore. I think it could be because I muted everybody in those games but I can't confirm this yet.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Krodam,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BnVRB8Ag,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-09T16:31:38.695+0000) > > Game 1 > Pre-Game > Krodam: omg toxic af Blaming. > Krodam: dodge bro > Krodam: is faster Negativity. > In-Game > Krodam: im not trolling wth dude > Krodam: not my fault you keep walking into them incite for false report = ban Blaming. > Krodam: dude crying in /all doesn't make you right Insulting. > Krodam: but toxic Blaming. > Krodam: i have my support item so stfu Aggression. > Krodam: yeah i accept you're all being toxic so im must muting you Blaming/negativity through announcing intention to mute. > Krodam: im buying pinks and i have my stupid support item from a while ago so don't say crap that i am trolling dude Blaming/aggression. > Krodam: ok reporting you im tired of your bs comments Report-calling/blaming. > Krodam: and you're completely muted also so keep ranting Negativity. > Krodam: 1/3/0 inting my ass Negativity/blaming. > Krodam: ill report you then for being toxic :) Report-calling/blaming. > Krodam: coz one player can be bad > Krodam: but being toxic is worse > Krodam: Neeko pepole like you are the reason a lot of people hates lol > Krodam: 3/9 lucian and trying to duel 1vs1 vlad... and i am the one trolling ... lol Blaming. > Krodam: report lucian toxic af spam bs Report-calling. > Post-Game > Krodam: like seriously i hope you never meet players like Lucian in your games... disgusting player Blaming. Yeah, the long and short of it is that neither the system nor "trolls" are to blame. Your behaviour is to blame.
That was dumb. You can split nearly every single chat log in such minor "reasons". Everything a human being writes or says is open for any kind of interpretations. If you post one of your logs you could easily find plenty of reasons aswell... That's why the context is so important and the automatic banning system just doesn't takes this into account. Don't get me wrong, some of the text can ba used as a reason for punishment indeed, I am not defending him here. But half of the log is pretty much normal conversation between people.
: But you are still responsible for your actions, you control your actions, not other peoples. Complaining to toxic people/griefers is not going to make them change their way of play/behavior 99% of the time so you are just better off muting and reporting them.
That's not true. I had plenty of experiences where the trolling or toxic players calmed down and started to play seriously again. Some of them even apologized. Can you imagine what kind of motivational boost something like that can be for the whole team? Of course, there are other players who just don't give a fk anymore. That ones get muted indeed... But still, I didn't intent to discuss my specific case but the whole automatic punishing procedure being the wrong way to go! The developers invest so much time in completely unneccessary things instead of trying to solve the important problems first. Nobody can convince me that they are entirely happy with the way the player behaviour is handled right now...
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: The system is supposed to look at everything without context. We are all individually responsible for what we do and/or write. Someone breaking rules doesn't excuse anyone else from being punished. Other people probably were punished. There is no way for you to know. Those report feedback messages are intentionally rare. Even if your reports result in a punishment you might not receive one.
> The system is supposed to look at everything without context. That's exactly the problem! Judging someone without any context is completely unfair! Sure, sometimes the context doesn't even matter but there are also many situations where it should be taken into account aswell (like this case for example: ( > Other people probably were punished. > There is no way for you to know. > Those report feedback messages are intentionally rare. > Even if your reports result in a punishment you might not receive one. That's also the wrong option imo. Like in my case - I get chat restricted and don't even get to know if the persons responsible for my actions got punished aswell. If I knew that they got judged aswell at least I would have some sort of confirmation or even satisfaction and could more calmly accept my penalty aswell. As far as I know they didn't get punished at all...
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: It's as fair as it can be. Sure it can make a mistake every now and then, but those can be rectified by contacting support. Would you mind posting your chatlogs? They would give the community more insight.
> Sure it can make a mistake every now and then, but those can be rectified by contacting support. which I tried and got to know 'that the system actually does no mistakes at all' and that they can only reverse a penalty if the program had some technical problem... If you browse through some other threads here you will find out that others posted similar outcomes > Would you mind posting your chatlogs? tbh I left them out on purpose since I can only post what I said and so the whole context would be missing. And I did get tilted at some point a litte and used phrases like "stfu" and even called one of those trolls a "moron". Reading that without context would make me look like I am heavily exaggerating. But support told me that the reason was "grieving and spamming" and not toxic content. That's why I wrote that I can accept my penalty as long as everybody involved gets the punishment according to their "crime".
Kurotsu (EUW)
: This is what my chat logs look like Game 1 Kurotsu: omw Kurotsu: ward baron Kurotsu: end Kurotsu: gg Game 2 Kurotsu: gj Kurotsu: gj Kurotsu: help with dragon Kurotsu: gg Anyone that says anything against me: *mute*. Why can't you be like that? Dont get me wrong I chat with people about anime and coffee and cats in game sometimes, but it's completely our choices to be rude.
just because you don't feel the need to communicate during a game doesn't mean you are doing it right. There is a chat option for a reason and some peole want to communicate to improve the outcome of a game. You are obviously one of those persons who wouldn't even bother if the chat would get removed completely next patch...
: Report System SUCKS - I will prove to everybody this system can punish innocent people - FU RIOT ;)
: Riot support behavior and an apology
As I wrote in my recent thread ( the problem is the automatic punishing system which is just a bad solution for such matters. But as someone here replied already - if you get a penalty for wrong reasons and then after contacing support you have to listen to those more than annoying attempts trying to justify the outcome you get tilted even more resulting in a constantly rising negative opinion about the developers...
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: Your situation is still way better than the person's who is trying to complete it with lesser augments. Especially 2. That is because there are people like you who only need to complete the difficulty level and just pick what ever augment amount they feel like and thus they ruin the chances of doing the less augments missions. Just do it with less augments and everyone can complete their missions. I mean you are going to get that mission too at some point so why not practice for it? you lose nothing. But an improvement suggestion though: Make it so that either you complete the mode with all 5 people using 2 augments OR complete the mode with 2 augments 5 times. That way, everyone can play the way they want to without basically forcing trolling to occur regularly.
But you pretty much agreed with my opinion here... The situation is fked up for both sides - those who want to play the missions and those who want to play for fun! Because now both sides can't get together at all anymore...
: Permanent Ban and a really bad customer services
They won't unban it because they only do so if the automated banning program did an obvious mistake which is pretty much never the case. I had a similar experience which got my account banned after I played since Season 1 and invested way too much money... Support just said that they didn't belive the program made a mistake and they won't take it back. In your case you actually can't even prove your theory so no chance for anything! That's how %%%%ed up the whole punishing system is...
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: Onlsaught bug
Can't even log in anymore lol... Seems like the server starts giving up
: > Like cmon rito, you have months to develop two weeks game mode and you cant even release it properly. You don't even know how to tie your shoes and blame Riot that bugs appear in this game like in other? And how do you know that this gamemode needed just 2 weeks? Maybe is not so complicated to do it, but still a lot of work of coding. Riot is not your company and you don't have the right to blame them for the bugs you see in this game.
That's a pretty dumb answer - of course it's Riot's fault that this doesn't work at all... Who says they couldn't release the mod AFTER they finish coding and testing? Ofc it's a lot of work and it needs time, but we aren't talking about some minor "bugs" - this fkin mod doesn't work at all and causes the client and maybe even the server to crash! Why on earth would you defend them as if you were a member of their company? Btw - if you could read properly you would understand that the poster said they "have months to develop two weeks game mode" which is kinda true... they spent months on planning and coding for a 2-week-event and I bet the first week will be unplayable anyways
: [CLIENT] AUGMENTS won't load out of Champ Select and doesn't save at all!
Hey my friend! Not that it's a problem but there are many threads already about this topic so maybe you'd like to share your feedback in those for better overview. But it's okay if you don't want to... Wish you good luck anyways. {{champion:17}}
: I have a different bug... My slots are unlocked, but I can't save them properly. Whenever I select an augment and then click save, nothing happens. After a while it says: "Unable to save augments. Please try again." If I leave the tab then, it says: "You have unsaved changes to your [Champion name] augments. Would you like to save?" It makes no difference if I click "Yes" or "No" it just doesn't save.
I have the same issue but after i go to home and it tells me about the unsaved changes i click "yes" and after that the augments are saved.... but what of it if they don't work at all during the game?
Galeonia (EUW)
: I activated the mission and completed two games in Intro; I cannot view the augements or select a higher difficulty or change the augments despite having unlocked multiple ones already. EDIT: after mutliple games at lest the higher difficulty got unlocked. The augments still don't work though - I can only view them in champ select, not in the collection, and I cannot save my changes. EDIT: now I can see them in the collection but I still can't save changes properly. Everything appears to happen with a large delay; it's quite frustrating.
If you would be more patient and test a little bit more you wouldn't have to edit your post so many times... ;-) But then again that's exactly what Riot did with this mod - not test enough, go online anyways and now comes the editing (a.k.a. "patching and updating the bugs") part...
Sieptium (EUW)
: Well I'm on onslaught and have gotten plenty of new augments, just no slots lol.
doesn't matter because the augments aren't working anyways
: Onlsaught bug
Maybe the whole server got fked up after the first ones reached onslaught...
Dyamondis (EUW)
: That's exactly what's happening to me! I didn't think it was all related to reaching Onslaught, really weird..
It's really weird... as soon as I got to the last level suddenly everything was fked lol
Emyrnold (EUW)
: I have different problem. Sometimes augument screen doesnt show up, and when it is even if i choose auguments i dont have them ingame. Bugged af
it's because they are not saving properly
Sieptium (EUW)
: Checking it now.. And yea. Same issue. Actually, it works now. All the augment slots are just locked. Am I supposed to level up my champions or what?
yeah you get more slots and augments after completing certain missions and playing the mode
Lari (EUNE)
: About Odyssey Onslaught
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Sieptium (EUW)
: Odyssey bug?
They %%%%ing released a completely bugged game mode pff

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