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: Hello zKeyon I'm sorry, it's a bit hard to understand if you're having "trying to reconnect" error in the logging screen or in the client. When the client freezes, cmd + alt + esc and choose League of Legends, then restart your client. Does the issue happen again?
usually yes but after some restarts it works, then the error usually comes back the next time i log in, i get that error both during login and in the client launcher
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: You are welcome my fellow summoner {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Well I'll send them this, but I'm pretty sure they know it anyways. I think it have something to do with protocols of EUW server and ISPs. Updates benefits a minority part of the ISPs, others must be having this issue. But the main problem is how the Client deals with it. So hope this help them. I'm really glad it worked for you, share this to everybody to help with this. I was having this issue for months too. =) _I'll share a simple AppleScript to do this settings automatically with just two clicks . One **before** starting the Client. And another to change it **after**._
did you make the script? if yes, can you share it with me? would be nice to have riot fix this, but somehow they are too busy making another fcking skin for Ahri to even care
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