: I'm sorry but I don't see the logic here. So If I have a troller and toxic player in team(flames, doesn't want to group, take objectives or cooperate in any way) lose the game and I should lose RP? Don't have money to buy RP, so I should lose that small amount that I have, cause of other players? No thank you. Do you know how many salty kids report others cause they've lost? Some of people I play with report someone cause they didn't do the things how he thought it should be done. There are other better ways to punish bad players and reward the good ones. {{champion:67}}
Why you all focusing on the losing/punishing part and no one is seeing the bright side of it? You do realize that you can actually WIN RP too? I usually get 1 report out of 10 games either by troll or sometimes i actually rage and deserve it. That is like -1 RP vs 10 RP earned. As i said, its not set in stone how much to reward or punish, but the idea is that you can earn RP for being good. And i doubt every one would just spam reports all the time. So for example it would be better to get 1 RP for losing a game and behaving and 2 RP for winning and behaving. For each AFK or report you get -1 RP. You rarely get to play with 4 premades where all of them reports you for the fun of it. In that regards, everyone would still be winning more RP even if you had 1 troll reporter in every single game. Since you would get +2 for winning and +1 for losing. I think in the long term it would still be better. @Humpelstilchze, I get what you are saying, but why would riot stop this when then start it?
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: Best Junglers To Carry in SoloQ | Patch 5.2
have you tried onhit teemo jungle with devour? try that first :)
: Skin and Champions Sales
who cares? i dont. i never bought any in the past 2 years. got few for free. think the sales are meh anyways. look at faker. he uses only 1 skin and that is the skt t1 zed skin from LCS. :P before that, he never used one ;)
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