: Alistar WQ in dunkey's video
I wonder if it started after the recent tweak, seems to me it also happened before when i was training on my combo.
Takeoff (EUW)
: [SUGGESTION] Runes price reduction
I think tiers 1 and 2 should be deleted for the sake of beginners' experiences, so the game could kind of stop harming them/ stopping them from having fun with the champs and the game for no reason at all. There's also no reason for mastery points not to be available at level one. Finally rune pages' IP price should get halved too.
: The reason you might see a lot of the same champ is because there are tryhards who have ARAM-only accounts. They buy Lux, Ashe, Varus, Katarina, Kog etc. so that they only get good champs.
I know people can remove champs from their accounts, it's just that from my point of view there are champs i get often and others i never get in ARAM.
Emillie (EUW)
: Vayne is a champion where no matter how bad you are, you outscale everything so you win late.
*cough* {{champion:29}} *cough* {{champion:96}} *cough*
: I don't main Riven and animation cancelling is not a bug lol. All champs can do it.
So true. Every AA reset ever (apart from click reset) too lol.
Naphal (EUW)
: How I read Graves and TFs story... (sorry xD)
10/10 I actually did imagine the sunset at first too, although not the kiss.
: And Fifty Shades of Grey.
: 9. For going 0/4....... Umm look at my fucking assists dumbass, i'm 0/4/13, I'm a support, you're flaming me for not having a positive kda, yet if I did you'd flame me for ksing?
> [{quoted}](name=JackofJokers,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EXxsJNcB,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-07-31T16:33:39.931+0000) > > 1. For going 0/4....... Umm look at my fucking assists dumbass, i'm 0/4/13, I'm a support, you're flaming me for not having a positive kda, yet if I did you'd flame me for ksing? Feels unrealistic to me. I'd start worrying about my MMR if I actually got flamed for a negative K/D.
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Sagraten (EUW)
: EUW down again?
Might just be due to drophack... did you see the Riot post about the increase in May ? they explain you don't have to be the target of the hacker (=in their game) to have your game crashing.
: Xin, Yi, and Aartrox? I don't see how devourer is a boost on characters that already build pretty much full ad.
They're not full ad, they're attack speed +ad. +50% is about a bit more than they want though, but because they all have a use for this attack speed it works miracles on them. It makes their damage hybrid but that's not really a problem, it's almost the other way around : if you want to play them but it makes your team a 4/5 ad team devourer can be a smart build (even if not as smart as picking another champ).
Neonchan (EUW)
: You will probably feel dumb for thinking you would easily faceroll with her
She's not a faceroll champ actually, just faceauto :^)
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: I have that feeling that I am being blocked, but it may just be me. That's why i said it might be worth a look by some one else.
I tried {{champion:119}} {{item:3046}} and there's no issue : i go through allies, enemies, monsters... it's not because you don't go right through the object that you're not ignoring its hitbox.
: dude what we have to do to get rewards? play 1 time with 5 player?
And win i believe. gifting also gets points.
: Bug Draven and PD
I your pathing is influenced by the minion waves, you're right. The fact that you use the verb "feel" doesn't make the post reliable at all, you could have tried in a custom or something :/
: Prehistoric Renekton Missing
Seems to be an EUNE problem, another post from an eune about the same thing just now and in EUW i have no such issue.
Bosnis (EUNE)
: Yasuo Ultimate Bug
LOL. In case you're not joking, read the tooltip. No, really.
Tyler4499 (EUW)
: Yea i love hecarim so much he is so easy! <3
In S4 his early was weak in the jungle and he'd just try to make it through till he had {{item:3078}} but now he's strong at all stages because the other junglers don't counterjungle as hard anymore :P
Tyler4499 (EUW)
: I need a jungler because i like play the role but i play hecarim at the moment should suggestions.
{{champion:106}} or {{champion:77}} {{summoner:11}} are tanky as well and also mix damage and utility in an interesting way. Udyr is much more early game than Voli and Heca though so you might get surprised.
: What you guys mean about ZAC is he worth to buy ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpwtF-dXflo If you're interested in zac gameplay (jungle) you can look up that vid foxdrop made for his new skin : it shows how to play him jungle. If you think you could enjoy this kind of champ gameplay i guess you could buy him... Since he's 6.3k IP waiting for a free week zac before making a hasty decision is still the best option.
Sffc (EUW)
: Press R pentakill seems relaxing
Actually it's not very easy : ult has an animation on cast before the projectile comes out which takes almost an entire second so if you all-in for 1v2/3 you're not even going to hit it.Hit it and you get out though ! Balanced AND strong spell.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Brand HAS 53.1% WINRATE? Trash tier champ has that kind of winrate... it seems that he needs a rework. I would pick that in high elo only if they buffed him so that he has 60% winrate
Trash tier comment ! :^)
Róót (EUW)
: play support more .. and learn more supports .. leona would be great (much better than sion) and please don't play varus ..there is alot of other adc u can learn and play well even urgot would be a better adc than varus
Varus didn't forget his humanity, just the fact that he's an adc {{champion:36}}
: free poolparty mundo
There's no such rule about banned players i'm sure.
: You don't get many points for defeat as far as I know... I think you can get D- and you still get 100+ if you win however.
Yup, same thing as IP : always more IP for a win, daily win boost or not, however long the game was.
Vithonil (EUW)
: Can I set the ingame language to Japanese?
Try looking for language options in the patcher, the first thing that shows up when starting LoL. Idk if this language is available in EUW.
: I mean like people will still complain sayin it's a drop hack but it's just their net even with this right in front of them
aight den. that was just very unclear in your original comment...
Challa (EUW)
: Well from your statement i have been drop hacked 2 times while playing the best game ever!
That's quite lucky... if my recent issues are drophack repercussions i have been suffering from drophacks like 4/5 times in the last 10 days.
: Yeah, i can't understand why Riot doesn't just buy those scripts and then look at theire source code. Shouldn't it be that simple? I mean, if some random guy can get it, a big company like RIOT should have no problem on doing it.
Maybe when you compare the cost of looking up the exploited bugs and fixing them (how long would that take ?) is far greater than that of just lowering the amount of drophacks by a great proportion through setting punitions as examples to keep ppl from drophacking. Remember most drophack users want to avoid LP loss so the huge/permanent bans they get when caught **are surely dissuasive** as it makes their elo climbing much harder than when they were playing normally.
: People still gonna b*tch about being "drop-hacked" tho
Well it is something to "btch about"... I just saw to day the Riot thread explaining the increase of drophacks and drophack repercussions on the servers and as i am totally illiterate with computers , I at first thought my recently dropped normal and aram games where my computer overheating or smthing, and basically that it was my fault if attempting 8 times in 20 minutes didn't let me get back to the game, leaving my team behind. Basically what i'm trying to say is that complaints about drophacks are not misplaced sobbing like complaints about a skin's ugliness/ X being op/ skins costing too much.
yoniame (EUNE)
: .........
I don't even know what you're trying to complain about here.
: yup was Yasuo vs Ziggs (naut jungle ganks ziggs) and he started screaming that exact line at Yasuo
Ziggs is countered by Yas ? Must be that Ziggs which broke his E key.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: Is Ezreal bad?
His winrate is about 48-47% in normals and 46-47% ranked, that's not low to me. I guess he's kinda hard to learn, that's all.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: haha, good one , doing dumb stuff is not report able! even if you are winning. people get cocky and mess up , deal with it.
I added ** purposely ** to the comment to make my meaning clearer.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: well the fact that she has a winrate below 50%, isnt picked competetively or in higher elo soloQ kind of proofs my point. just because im not that good with vayne doesnt mean i cant evaluate her
http://www.lolking.net/champions/vayne&region=all&map=sr&queue=1x1#statistics Check what you said yourself and tell me what you think.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: yeah of course it a dick move to do to your team , i agree on that.
Not only to your team actually... I always want to finish when my team's winning because it's never fun for anybody when people in a clearly winning team focus on getting kills rather than getting objectives. That's how you make LoLers toxic :(.
Stell (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=zall75,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=49TAyjqp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-04-18T12:41:25.388+0000) > > had the same almost happening to me recently, we got fed but i was supp and the early carries in my team decided not to group and finish to instead split to counterjungle and go for every single tower... they almost got back when we went back to teafighting seriously and went straight to the nexus. >** But seriously people need to understand that doing dumb stuff, even when winning, is reportable, those who want to win are in their own right (outside of urf ofc).** jesus christ.. you must be one of those who report everyone for every futile reason and think that playing bad is bannable offense
I added **purposely** to the comment to make my meaning clearer x). I'm talking about doing bad on purpose, not just doing bad ! when i said to group, my team explicitly told me they didn't want to finish. I'd never report for doing bad, i'd report for intentionnaly giving an opportunity for the other team to get back (when my team started to split we started to die...). People are not reportable for having a bad time in lane or stuff like that, but when they purposely do idiotic stuff, that's getting close to actual troll. I don't report people who feed in lane, except if they start to stupidly trashtalk the team for "letting them lose".
: When your team doesn't even care
had the same almost happening to me recently, we got fed but i was supp and the early carries in my team decided not to group and finish to instead split to counterjungle and go for every single tower... they almost got back when we went back to teafighting seriously and went straight to the nexus. But seriously people need to understand that doing dumb stuff (**purposely**), even when winning, is reportable, those who want to win are in their own right (outside of urf ofc).
: Sejuani was strong for ageeeees. Ages before her kit changes, and OP after it. She has never been weak, her ult was/is just so broken.
Yes, her ult has always been strong but in her roles (jungle mostly) she was bested by many, she just got on top of the other junglers with the nerfs, just like Vi (i don't recall any buff to her either). Seems they became more popular because the other op junglers got hit harder by the changes (just look at the change in Elise's winrate in the preseason, Lee got explicitly hit too). And that's why the strongest parts of their kits have to get hit...
: is it me or is surviving as kassadin became a lot harder :/
Seems to me that atm his dueling is pretty bad so there are many lanes where getting your team to tf as fast as possible / gank other lanes is his best choice, staying in lane 1v1 means pretty much death but he still impacts teamfights hard so if your team is greedy for objectives you can do a great job when both teams are contesting stuff like a tower or an epic monster. As for his amount of damage it's as i said : he can do nice damage in a teamfight (maxing E is epic) but he can't duel easily, it's important to understand about this later part that he's been nerfed to be this way, he used to just Ult into people and delete them without facing any resistance because of too much damage and utility (Q silence was monstrous). But he still has the strengths he was meant to have : with some back up in damage from his team he can win teamfights hard using an aoe nuke for everybody, and he's hard to kite for low health squishies. Only now he can't delete on his own, he needs his team's help to eradicate people. (alone he normally deals up to 2/3 of a squishy's health) Which means that yes, he can only farm in lane (can kind of trade though, but kill potential is pretty harsh and you need them to leave an opening), using E to farm and push is pretty dumb, (W does a lot with clearing and pushing imo) so he's weak in soloQ unless you learn to focus on ganking and map awareness so you don't die early and can help in skirmishes (he's good in those imo if he didn't give kills in lane).
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Tumble is NOT a dash. in no way. and her passive and ult even with boots and PD stattik movespeed is not enough considering her range.
You can say it doesn't make up for her range, but being a vayne player is all about using these tools at their best and many people out there do this just fine (not only challenger streamers). So if for you it's not enough while it's plenty enough for others, maybe you should accept that she's not a champ you're very good at, which doesn't mean she's bad herself. It's like saying Vel'Koz is a bad midlaner because you can't play him mid yourself (he has extreme burst in trades but some people think he's just faceroll when they try him so they complain a lot). Also it's not because it's a weak dash (strong through its cd and mana cost though) that you can just say it's not a dash at all, it's obviously one.
: A story and tips for silver and below
{{champion:266}} What if i told you... every elo is elo hell ?? Also the champs you advice make it look like you have no experience as adc ... or do you think it's a useless position (htat one's hard to believe) ?
Krestek (EUNE)
: Night Hunter Rengar or Head Hunter?
His head hunter skin is like the one that really is out of place compared to the others from that range (cait, akali, Lucian...). Ik it's not what matters here, just an idea about it. Count it if you want.
: It's easy why she sucks -Weak Early, she gets bullied by any ADC -No utility, only condemn stun but is very unreliable -550 range, and she doesn't have anything else outside of that range, if she's zoned she does nothing -No waveclear at all Meanwhile, Jinx and Sivir with INSANE winrates even if picked a lot, I wonder wait... oh wait. Jinx: Great early, Great mid, Broken lategame Sivir: OP early, Great mid, REALLY good lategame Jinx has slows and traps. Sivir has an insane movespeed boost for both kiting and engaging. Jinx has unnecessary long range that is also AoE Sivir has her Boomerang Blade, really hard to dodge due to being the size of two Morgana bindings... and well, does 1/3 of your HP midgame Both can assist perfectly even if zoned with their skills Both have massive waveclear Why pick Vayne? she will do nothing, get bullied, and be risky the whole game
Q (lowest dash cd if you don't include resets, only you have to hit an aa for the cd to start adnd you don't go over walls) and passive as well as ult do a lot in term of mobility which makes up for her range (especially with {{item:3006}} and {{item:3086}} ), she's extremely strong and i don't think you've got good reasons to say this. Every adc benefits from a good peel from their team so if you say that because you end up dying easily as her... well stick to your team and if they're good they'll help you stay alive while you dish out damage. in lane she has simple harassing mechanics (Q-aa-aa-E if you want) and she can work with her supp to make outplays. But then she sure sucks if you never dodge (Q or not) harass and get half hp for no reason. I mean, You can call her useless but give serious arguments if you're going to try and reason about it, it's like saying {{champion:236}} has a tiny range while he has Q and ult (abilities with good range) as well as W and E (mobility).
QueenKongGR (EUNE)
: where i should put it? And what is SFX :p :p
Uh looks like that thread disappeared. SFX is sound effect.
: A mode without strategy
It's a brain mode, it's called laning.
FuadX2 (EUNE)
: best top lane to rank with ?
When you main a role, the most important thing for ranked is to get a pool of various champs you can play in it. Adding a utility tank (mao, or even sion and shen) and/or a better teamfighter (again mao or cho, shyv, sion...). Also you might want a champ that deals magical damage since you have Darius. Basically if you want to stick with top you have to learn new toplaners which can fit in different team comps so you can carry by giving your team the right strengths. Darius is good if he has an initiator and if he wins lane so imo you should look for a champ with a mid/late game powerspike and initiating abilities.
: yea but all of diana's kit is useful, besides her passive was always 3 hits, Akali's new e would be like changing diana's shield to - no shield - only orbs that do damage XDDD
As Melonchop said, it's a buff revert. It's the same as doubling the value of Diana's shield and put it back to its original value.
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