Tarolock (EUNE)
: and how do you play if you are asking them to disable ranked games until its fixed?
Well, I'm not climbing currently tnx to the insane amount of new meta champs and that is really pissing me off because for the people to learn them it takes them about 2 weeks and there is a patch every 3-4 weeks. So, me saying they should disable the ranked system is a meme about how the game is progressing. Like what is the point of queueing in ranked if 1/3 you will get trolled, 1/3 you will end up with a person who is playing the new meta and 1/3 having a decent team that you can use to start playing the game to win but that is all up to you as a team not to %%%% up. Like the odds of you losing a game is currently 66%, ofc that is rng if the system is in your favour you can end up matched well 7 times in a roll. Or get unlucky constantly. And because of views like that people will start to make new meta, off -meta or/and wacky builds and the cycle will repeat. That is why the joke of disabling ranked works. If you take away the only thing people care about then what is left is the pure state of the game and people will be worried more with the state of the game and their personal agendas. Do you get the gag?
Saibbo (EUW)
: Fixed? The meta is GREAT! http://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/25/1.0
Best meta of my life. If I had to choose a free holiday at some really nice place or playing the new meta. Definitely picking the meta. The new meta is Great. ( hope you get the sarcasm)
Tarolock (EUNE)
: then why do you play ranked? if you dont like they way the meta changes dont play ranked, why would you ask riot to disable ranked for everyone if only you have the problem with it?
I did enjoy the game and I want to climb, but to wait for the day the meta will be favourable for the champion I play that may mean I need to wait years for that to happen. And as I said if it is not the other players problem how they play or feed( I assume they feed, they probably did had a really hard matchup) and I failed a jungler. I guess it is my problem with the game. Probably it is all fine and I'm starting to suffer from old people dementia.
zammea (EUW)
: Ranked should be disabled till the meta is fixed
Just so you know the Report feature is cool and all, but if you start reporting everyone, because everyone is the problem then they are not the problem you are the problem. A wiser man then me said the following: 1) If you repeat the same action and expect a different outcome then you are insane. 2) If you can't find happiness in an abusive relationship and you are not the abuser then quitting is the right choice. P.S.:@Riot I can quote you some other, wise words from the ages, but I do not believe you have the capacity to understand them.
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Solash (EUW)
: >He was fired (my opinion) That's not how opinions works...
Well, He said he Quit. But if you quit a game like this (WoW) after 6 years there is bound to be some drama there. And that drama is due to personal performance as leading Dev. But without a solid fact - a statement from Blizzard, all I say is my personal opinion. And that is how opinion works.
: I think you're very misguided if you honestly think that one person makes all the balance decisions. It's a team, that he just happens to manage.
My point was the if you can hire him (Ghostcrawler) then you as CEO had failed your company. SO yea one person does matter.
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: Firstly the adc stuff is 8.11, just got put on the pbe early to get some extra testing on them. Secondly Stormraider isn’t as strong early as you might think... crit without AD isn’t that impactful especially without IE, especially if it’s only 1 crit... so buying it early on assassins won’t be nearly as effective as just straight lethality. Plus yasuo ain’t going to be using this item... guarenteed crit isn’t very useful when you’ve already got 100% crit chance. Other champions might use this item, riot have already said they are aware of its potential on assassins, so if necessary changes can be made to it... if push comes to shove it can be made ranged only or get a damage penalty on melee. Thirdly... IE changes aren’t as imbalanced as it looks... true damage vs squishies doesn’t actually result in much extra damage, definitely not as much as the current IE gives... so these champions will experience less damage especially early and their builds will have to be modified to accommodate for the lack of raw crit damage... so your prob looking at the same damage output vs anything other than tanks late game, with less damage before hand. > jungle changes feel like totally experimental and does not make me feel really okay with them. The removal of blast plants till 6 min of the game makes it hard for jungle ganks to happen and safely escape. Disabling a lot of jungleres desire to risk it. Also if the scudle appear so early it will totally change there pathing and force some junglers out of the meta. Blast plants aren’t that impactful in ganks... mid lane has no blast plants and the side lanes only have them behind the first tower which isn’t going to be usable especially early on.. so this change won’t affect ganks at all. It will reward early aggression from junglers though, the lack of blast plants can mean its easier for an invader to pin someone down making their lives easier. And the scuttle change will change pathing, that’s the idea. ___ In all of these riot always keep a very close eye on champions who might be particularly affected by changes such as these... so junglers plus all of the champions you’ve mentioned will be watched and if need be can get follow up changes if they are too strong or weak.
the blast plants are life from like 8.3 just so you know before you talk check your facts. If you have nothing to say - say nothing something less is more.
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zammea (EUW)
: Do you enjoy the season so far
Hello there, I'm the bot that made this topic. I see we are getting mixed reviews. To clarify something: I like to see people openly talking about the problems I personally see in the game in season 8. My reasons to like the game are : Riot is giving us a lot more new champions and are somewhat giving us information of what is going behind the scene. New skins, New lore, Patches every 3 weeks ( I feel that it is kinda bad for people who does not have the time to spend to relearn there roster, however they do not change every champion every 3 weeks). My reason to hate the game currently: Ghourscrawler - I and may other probably 7 million or so Ex- World of warcraft players blame this !@#$ of a developer for ruining WoW and we would really like him not to ruin any other game, that include League of Legends. I know mate you want something better in life, but please stop ruining games go back to being marine biologist, I know you are probably good and all but please god please stop. I believe the new runes are real bad for the reason they give you options and at the same time they do not give you that much of a chose. I can tell that the fact that many runes feel the same is really bad. That there are runes that does not fit every champion and every play style is really bad. Also why the old mastery system was better was the fact that the build you did had was optimised for what you want to do do you want to play early get this, okay you want to have some survavability late game get this instead. And you had the Runes to tune yourself to what you want to do early game. Before the game was more tactical. And you were still able to win the game by playing smart. IWD even said in one of his streams that the game is currently how much the feeder in your team feed. There is no longer counter to that. I know this is done so people feel stomping the enemy and the game to feel faster and to force you to make better and faster decisions, but for real that is now how humans work. You can not have someone being put in the dirt for 3 games and he win the next. And expect him to be okay. OR the fact that you made this shieet post about tilting - man that was tilting. Okay we are bad I get it I do not want to be diamond or plat or gold I want to understand where I sit with my understanding of the game, does my champion pull ( consisting of 1 champion Vi) need more practice. Sure I do, I'm not a robot I make mistakes sometimes this mistakes cost me the game, but I never repeat them again. However I can not account to the fact that we are getting fine tuning to the same champions over and over again. The fact that ahri, lux and mf got more skins then the population of China. And game balance had been something that is persona non grata. When I want to play a game I want that game to be close to the 50% balance in champion powers ( where champion balance is uneven there to be the so called skill gap as compensation), There to be NO TROLLS and if someone is bad there to be at least some chance for us the rest 4 people to carry him. Like good decision does not matter anymore. I am probably selfish and bad at the game, but after all the game is made to be enjoyed and there is no enjoyment being bullied by the system made to feel like an abusive relationship. P.S.: Please fire Ghourcrawler, he is what people refer as cancer on steroids.
: Oh man,I feel you,even though I play only warwick jungle.What tilts me even more is that whenever you try to gank botlane they won't follow up with you,and in the end they'll just complain about the fact that they never got ganked.I once had a match with Darius where I did so well in my lane,in the 20th minute their Teemo was 1/8 or something like this,I was just feeding myself on him,the thing is my Blitz was 1/14,he actually bought Boots of Swiftness,and he fed Vayne.Soo,that Teemo ended up having 3/12 and getting his ass carried by Vayne because my Blitz was braindead,he would literally get caught out whenever he tried to hook someone(he missed a lot),this giving the enemy team a big advantage and giving them the chance to get either Elder or Baron. My mmr is literally burning and it's only getting worse,that match in that screenshot was a huge stomp and there is nothing I could have done.My Darius sold his Doran Shield when he was up against Illaoi for a Tiermat. Out of my last 10 games I only won 2 of them.Whenever I look mid I see that their enemy midlaner is having like 40 cs at 15 minute,but our midlaner is even worse and he can't actually take advantage of this.And what gets me even angrier is that it doesn't matter how good you do,you'll have to depend on your braindead team to actually do something,and you won't do anything because they're 0/10 by the time mid game starts and the enemy Master Yi is gonna rampage through our team.They shut down the 1v5 possibility,nowadays you can 1v5 the enemy team only if you're like 40/0 with 200 cs at 20 minutes. That greed from Riot is huge,they're already making so much money out of other stuff and they don't seem to think any time soon about the way matchmaking works.
I feel your pain. The game had become shit to play.
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: Current state of matchmaking
The system is utter garbage. as jungler I got top laners who die to stupid dives when i'm pinging them I'm coming and going the standard blue> wolves > red> gank top rotation. I'm not complaining that the they are mega bad and will continue feeding but getting - 20 points or because you end up on the wrong side of coin is just mega stupid. Stills had never been implemented for the scoring system so even if you try to play well there is no way for you to get out of this hell hole. The fact that you can not devolve under silver mean that the moment you climb into silver ( where the majority of the player base is ) you stay there. Yeah sure we are in silver, because we play bad. But the %%%% is this Dota ? where the game is decided after 1st blood. IT is league for god sake the game that you can come back not only by stealing shit Barron why go to the clinical route. Like what the actual %%%% is the hole purpose of dragons? So you can get back if you sneak one, sure that is the case if you have team's that does understand what objectives are. SO for the past 5 games I got 2 trolls, reporting them does not solve the problem. ( aatrox support and soraka mid [in different games]) a feeding top laners, a feeding mid laner who is testing stuff atm. And one win. The game with the feeding mid laner that is testing stuffs out worked quite well it was a close game, but a lost however that was a good game cuz the guy come up late game. IF he knew the match up early on then it was probably a winnable game. However 2/5 enjoyable, out of this 3 not enjoyable ones - 2/3 with trolls. That 66%, so in reality climbing in league is get lucky pray to god of rng that someone did take his pills and does not want to get trolling you, so you can have the 50% chance of trying to win. What I feel is happening is league is going the same way as EA - they just won one person to win and that is them. They do not want to address the problem with the flowed designs of some champions, the fact they are tuning there "favourite" champions so they can stay over the 50% win rate, while others go under 50%. They will %%%% up the old system for the sake of balance ( sorry but your understanding of balance is so effective: that if one of your balance team member get to office we will be going in ww3 within a week). And all of this for the sake of the $$$. Rito, guys pls fix your damn game I did not sight for dota 2 I do not want to play the same toxic shit having different brand.
: > [{quoted}](name=zammea,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uy3nOEKE,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-03-21T10:30:29.104+0000) > > They can: stopwatch and alike, spell shields and lost of target like zed ulti, vlad pool, etc. When Vi was released her Assault and battery (R) was made so she can lock people and provide some form of cc. However her kit had not been touched from the time she was released. She was always in that weird spot she does play as assassin so she can snowball the game in her team favour and late game she tend to fall down. If she play tanky she lack the pure tankiness of tank specific champs so she end up not performing that well. Her kit is quite outdated and poorly scaled . There are champions who do her job better then her and this is real bad. Pretty sure spell shields don't stop Vi charging to the target but till stop the airborne effect.
Sometimes it does, but that is more of a bug then anything. You still get damaged from it however the whole point of the ulti is lock someone and make a path so your team can follow up.
: > [{quoted}](name=zammea,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uy3nOEKE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-20T23:59:36.404+0000) > > Hello, so how do you feel is the current state of Vi and are there any plans for tuning her in. With the new Irelia W the part that cannot be interrupted is it really like that or Vi R can interrupt it? Also is there any way for you to make some adjustments toward Vi, because she is getting lower and lower in term of playability. We have Warwick being top tier jungler for the past few months and are seeing a lot of picks that does not favour Vi as pick. Also the fact is she had not been touched for quite some time. The problem I feel is that she is currently lagging behind in term of survival when she gank magic dmg users. > I would suggest if (1) possible to make her E cone proc her W, and (2) giving her magic resist per level scaling . Also (3)reducing her passive cd early levels with 1 sec. and(4) if possible buffing the shield to 20% (15%) and increasing the duration to 4 or 5 sec. I know some of the changes are way too big still. Still asking for little love. Abilities like Vi R, Malphite R, Olaf R, Nocturne R are unstoppable. They can not be stopped by any means.
They can: stopwatch and alike, spell shields and lost of target like zed ulti, vlad pool, etc. When Vi was released her Assault and battery (R) was made so she can lock people and provide some form of cc. However her kit had not been touched from the time she was released. She was always in that weird spot she does play as assassin so she can snowball the game in her team favour and late game she tend to fall down. If she play tanky she lack the pure tankiness of tank specific champs so she end up not performing that well. Her kit is quite outdated and poorly scaled . There are champions who do her job better then her and this is real bad.
: > With the new Irelia W the part that cannot be interrupted is it really like that or Vi R can interrupt it? It can’t be interrupted by any means, only if it gets reactivated or irelia dies... so vi R will hit but won’t do much.
The problem I see is Irelia had been given a shield destroyer so that kinda work against Vi passive and that also put her in really bad spot. Vi ulti is countered currently by a lot of mechanics Stop watch mainly implemented against assassin is a good counter against her. She just get no love but all the hate.
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: Singed his w works the same as Cassiopeia's in that it applies the "grounded" effect which makes you unable to use displacing abilities like vi's Q (her R probably) but also flash. AKA this is not a bug.
It is a bug when the effect persist after you leave the his zone and you are unable to cast anything still probably it was just single instance or was titled and consider it a bug.
MstrYoda (EUW)
: In every game there are champs that are OP vs others. This changes the moment you (the "supplier") tweak / nerf / buff champs and then the circle of strength changes. One day Zed is top notch, the next Swain. Sure we can get tilted by the fact that our beloved champ no longer holds his own, but the solution is easy. Change champ. Learn another champ, or a handfull and play them until your main man re-appears on top of the list or you enjoy the new one. This being said, all of this relates only if you are familiar with the game, tactics, objectives, team play aka knowledge of LOL. Basically, people can avoid being tilted about games or champs if it comes down to them changing their habits and being open for something new. Now ... none of the above is possible when your match making system is so out of sync, we not only get tilted, we flame, destroy the keyboard, head butt the display, scream at the dog and sell our souls to the devil in the hope that the players we just met would burn in .. yes yes rageaholic ahoy. But seriously though. All this MMR, improve your game, stay calm, work together, its only a player having a bad game .. "baloney" .. does not work when the ranking system pairs you with 2-3 dual left handed, cross eyed players with bags over their heads. This is not 1-2 bad games, or a bad player, this is so many bad players in every game without a single clue on what to do and how to do it, week in week out. This on top of AFK or trollers .. makes us tilted. Even with 95% of my games at /mute all to avoid flipping .. I still can't cope with how I get paired with players who can't find their keyboard. This is ranked, where players of similar levels need to be matched up in order to be able to work together to improve. This is not possible (_especially due to your heavy penalty on losing and weak benefits on winning_) when 3 players aren't just bad, they are .. "un-typable words coming to mind" .. then get thrown into your promos over and over and over and over ... and over again! Rumours that life improves when you get out of Silver must be a lie, but either way, un-tilt the tilted by changing how your ranked match-up works please. New players who hold potential are suffering because they have arrived late to the match and need to fight through the crowd in order to get a glimpse of the game. The game should not be about "choose a champ that carries everyone else even when they are really bad in order for you to get out of silver". I would hate to see dating sites use this algorithm.
I agree man I had two games with trolls and one game against a smurf how is that fail. AD Soraka mid, probably he is tilted and want to repeat the cycle. And Jinx smurf that just shit on us.
VaVahik (EUNE)
: No, there is too many cockblocks for assassins as is. Yes, they are decent in low elo (under plat 1 i would say) , but they are nonexistent in high-level play just because a Zed or Katarina has to burn their flash, go in, risk their life knowing they are dead if they screw up. While your support doesn't have to do anything but AFK follow the fed guy , press all the actives and CC's when the enemy goes in, flash mastery 7 and write "GG EZ". You think assassins are tilting? Maybe for ADC's or some squishier fighters. Not even half as much as Rammus is for Vayne, or Galio is for Orianna, or Morgana is for Rammus. And for assassins, the answer is Lulu. She, Braum, Janna, Kayle, Kindred ... are the pure cancer to play against if your job is to kill people fast. Also, assassins have no ranged DPS that can take out your whole team if you let them just stand and auto attack. If a 4 item ADC survives longer than 7-8 seconds, your team is dead one by one. If a 4 item assassin does their job well, they kill 1-2 targets with an ult rotation , then they are out of abilities for a few seconds.
I do not believe that to be the case, however as believe the late game power that is from kit should be complimented by gear and early game power should be complimented by runes. That being said there is some cases that items just under perform and runes over perform. Indeed there is a lot of cockblocks, as you said against assassins, however my rant is not about assassins only but the whole game balance. It is lacking. Also including bugs that make the game unfun. my example is when I charge my Q as Vi and get singed put Mega Adhesive I can't Q and my character is stuck in Q animation making me unable to use any other skill even flash. I reported that and I still do not see anyone doing anything about it. Same like with Vi R, Xin can knock her back while she charge him making him take the reduced dmg, that is out play when it come about the dmg but knocking me back while I fly toward him while the skill state I'm Immune to CC is flat out pathetic. Also on the topic of what tilts me Having AD mid Soraka and not being able to even surrender at 15 min with minimum penalty, because he press "No" When you ask him why he said "I'm pissed of all the smurfs in silver". How is that a possible excuse?
: Zammea you can't blame the meta and the tilt on the game changing every 3 weeks. Of course the tilt is real, I have feelt the desperation myself when i win the toplane making my opponent get behind and after the lane phase the hard fed mid or adc comes by and i feel completely useless against him, but you have to go for it even if you end up fighting 3or4vs5 and try to stay as calm as possible cause those games are the most painfull one and you can not really be the one to blame. If you talk about your own mistakes or match ups you just have to learn about them, there will always be something that has an advantage over someone like some ranged units over melee in the toplane (and god knows those ones are the hardest lines). Patches are there to try to make things more balanced, imagine for 5 minutes that instead of every 3 weeks the game changed every 3 months, 3 months where the meta would be exactly the same (a complete nightmare in my opinion). A game that doesn't change is a game ready to die unless the balance is perfect, which would be almost impossible with a game like league which has always a new income. The problem is not really the patches in a certain time, is more like the effectiveness of a patch. Take the comencing stopwatch as an example. Used on every match when the cd was 6 min and when it augmented to 10 it was reduced to mostly champions that upgraded it later. You complain about the relearn of every match and its barely a quick 2 minutes read that you do while searching a game for your very specific champs, 5 if you want to know something around like the top lane champs, and 10 if you want to know the whole thing. When you finish reading you should have in mind things like "this is now better/worse" and "careful with this new thing" because that is how you sum up the patch notes. You complained about the hyper carries and a kind of share the opinion partialy. The idea of macking them a high risk choice is interesting. But how do you make a hyper carry reach its potential limit? by time? gold? or match up?? any of this options falls in the system balance because you can't delete them from the game or abuse of them. The problem is not the champ is the players, they should have in mind that it will become a threat sooner or later it should get more focus as the game goes on. Riot should provided proper tips against champs because some tips are a joke and we end up searching for them on the internet. I would like to insert here, for example, the value of grivous wounds. Had a game against a nasus, a vlad, a ww and a soraka in the same team. FFS i was the only one with an item with grivous wounds at minute 20 and i was the tank. You also complained about countermechanics but i believe 99.99% of the game has a counter. you asked for a reduced dash of yasuo and that is a first mistake. The ability was designed like that and unless a big rework comes by it will be barely be changed. What a I recommend for example his reducing his MS because he might be very fast while dashing but once he gets slowed after that he will ran deseperately away or on you again. And you know how many item slow? I counted like 7 before writing this at the precise moment in addition to any ability of a champ that CC. You also asked for shield of CC there are actuallly 2 items that grant you a shield, wich grant ap or ad, and 2 that have a sort of cleanse effect. If you complain about QSS price then go for boots/upgraded boots and learn to dodge. My problems are mostly what firesnake said in another comment and not the fact of the first blood in min 2:30 tilt, because early gangs happen, but something like 0/3 or 0/4 at minute 5 because someone cant handle a 1vs1.
Okay fair point, but do not take me I get tilted easy and I have no idea what I'm talking about. About the grievous wound debuff, there is exactly 3 items that give it, okay 4 thornmail counts as well. It is not like the lack of options, but but the options are kinda limited for some items. Lets look at Veigar for example against him you think picking nullifying orbs can work sadly his dmg kills you before the orb even proc, so what is the point of this rune ? Sterak's Gage - have 60 sec cd and Maw have a cd of 90 sec and other then one rune in inspiration there is no way of you to reduce the cd so 5% cdr. Yes okay I get the whole point your making but I feel at the start of season 8 and the new runes instead of having more options even small ones we where given good even great options but was limited on picks making us counter play against what is directly against us on lane or against there team as whole. That is my problem If you limit my options in the Runes and mastery department make up for it in items( make them cheep so I do not need to deviate a lot from my build path or make 3 items that have the same effect just grant you other utility. Like all of the items build from Zeal). I get that building a lot of defensive or anti - certain type of champions items is not fair, but guess what despite everyone claiming that life is unfair that does not mean we should make our games look like life, because what is the point of we going there in the 1st place ? Well I will agree with you that I would like to see in the champions spot light when they talk about the weakness of the champion and how to interact with it. Idea here is you force yourself to make a design that revolve with a weakness and your broad casting it. If people play that champ they will know there own weakness making them better and in turn if people know what is your weakness they will have at lest some idea of what to do. Probably reducing the on champ select tilt. We talk about tilting being the problem, but being tilted is part of being human the fact is that League is starting less forgiving if you are tilted and that even lead to you being more tilted and that is the problem - not having the time even a minute to deal with your own emotions, because everything is turning into a snowball fiesta.
: This is a pretty well articulated comment, thanks Zammea. If I'm understanding correctly, you feel like you can start with a cool head, but after the first game you already feeling pressure build... Are you saying for you the process goes something like: Bad in-game moment > frustration > lack of game knowledge (due to frequent updates) leaves you unequipped to deal with a champ/situation > teammates pile on > you tilt yourself? What would you like to see changed, whether it's us, you or others, that you think would help?
Well thank you. About game knowledge Yes. That sums it up nicely. Patches are happening in really fast past for normal folks. And to everyone who will jump on me I play only Vi if I can. She is easy to play not so mechanically hard. Problem is not only you but your team mates. I know they will not know the match up or everything that is happening they are as human as I am. But the fact is because the players are getting more and more pushed into the corner they will lean more to hyper carries or assassins or champions that are just tilting. Because everyone want to win and the best way to win is to abuse a flowed system. I would like to see more items that counters certain mechanics like stop watch is perfect example against Zed. But why is there no item that lowers the dash range for Yasuo, or things of that sort. If you want to bring game balance you need to treat the system like weak and strong points, and I'm not talking about weak early - strong late game. Just think of it like so Frozen heart give you 15% attack speed slow, why can't we make an items that knock people up or push them back or make you immune to cc but you do 50% dmg. My suggestion is make the UnFun champions to be high risk high reward. And try to make the game less about Counter picking, but more of okay this item give me a 2nd chance. Honestly if I see Zoe in game I question myself why QSS cost 1300 gold like that is mega expensive and the cd is 90 sec. Well now when I think about it Ingenious Hunter can work against her with a QSS I don't know, but 5 take downs is kinda a lot. My experience is people get really pissed when thinks are uncontrollable. That being pissed go to rage when that lack of control is translated to them having lack to do something about it. I myself had seen people die in all lane before 2 min 30 sec. That sucks and there is nothing I can do to make that from not happening. And that is what people call Instant tilt.
: If its a Chess** not Chest. That is your vision, the tilt comes when you dont know how to react or do in a certain scenario in a such fast paced game and competitive
Ty mate for the "Chess". Well you have a point. But you can get tilted from practically everything, we are humans 1st of all and that is something no one can change. We make mistakes even small ones. IT is not okay to have a champion who is designed around punishing your small mistakes hard. The problem here is that there is a pattern of "unFun to play against" champions and the majority of them have the same "Properties". I do understand that there will be some champions who have insane carry potential, but I will argue that they need to have insane skill cap. The more I play I see the same trend the champions that are picked are more leaning toward the extremes. There is no gradient. When was the last time you saw someone play something off meta or totally odd. I believe the game quality had drop. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Face your fears - and talk about them!
Talking about champions that make us tilt and not addressing there flawed design is the same as talking about people who like to beat women and claim she is provoking him and that is all right. I love you Riot, but the many problems that people tilt is, because when you feel powerless then the rage come, the depression the anxiety kick in and your left with noting but frustration. If it is a Chess game you can take your time and think, but the problem is that the game become way to fast for people to think and from my personal experience for the past few months is The Tilt happen like PTSD. You go in game 1st game of the day you are cool, you are ready to win even if you lose it is okay. You say to yourself "%%%% it is only a game I had a blast last night" and then someone die, or you die or someone make a pick you have no idea how to play against And your Tilted again! Ultimately you are to blame for not knowing how to play against it, for having poor game knowledge and so on. But I believe we are at a point that we got patches every 3 weeks now and if you do not keep up and you have no time to relearn all of the new match ups or abuse the what is "meta"/ "op" now you will be tilting your team mates, or you will end tilting yourself. Believing you are the problem and if that happen GL on not getting tilted when you press the "Play" button.


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