Mepodis (EUW)
: Intentionally losing game isnt banable.
yes u got trolled by riot , they dont care , $ > all
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Vaccine69 (EUNE)
: How do you even deal with this ?
u can't do shit , no human check report and stuff
Lisboa69 (EUW)
: Unable to earn Loot because behaviour ?
it's a bug , loots are useless anyway , u played without for like 5 years , u can survive
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Carbbit (EUNE)
: No more loot after 14 dayz suspension
: Always bad attitude
ff 20 , report at the end , repeat , no improvement in 6season > ok reports are useless
they dont give a fuck against flamer , so ur afk problem is a joke
: How to deal with flamers, before they even apprear.
The best thing to do is to flame them and troll them hard , riot doesnt care anyway after 6season
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: The 14 days ban is not a big enough warning. Make it more clear [suggestion]
some peoples have like 5-6 perma banned account , not that hard to create a lvl30 account
ze j2k6 (EUW)
: Why people wishing death and cancer to someone's whole familly never banned ? ur system doesnt worK?
writing down their name in they still playing so ( not only 1 or2 ), im not sure like u said but maybe they are still playing or maybe its a bug.
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Mr Naekh (EUW)
: Hey! Seems it still works!
i report all flamer toxic ( always 4-5 per game ) never seen this message since 2016
: Number of AFK players on ranked is growing!
numbers of flamer growing too , but money > all
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buzuuk (EUW)
: RIOT deal with your ragers please
riot doesnt read forum and gives 0 fuck about ur QQ , money > all , flamer gives money
CartmanSon (EUNE)
: Is this punishable ? ? ?
wishing death isnt punishable , so ...
Princeyy (EUW)
: My Account is permanently suspended
one flamer down good job riot
Lainnz (EUW)
: saying "ez" in all chat reportable or not?
reportable but not bannable / restrictable
: Tribunal System
i reported 10 000 +toxic flamer , i had only 1message that said "someone has been punished "
MadClown (EUNE)
: Why was this comment removed?
they are good and fast in forum , but in game , no one left , flamer troll everywhere
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dampé (EUW)
: How are reports handled?
How are reports handled? they are not
: So, we get a warning about reports. Can we please have one that does the reverse too? :D
they cant even make a game without bug , don't push them that far
A Ocean (EUW)
: I don't get the point of surrendering
Pessimist (EUW)
: Chat restricted for insulting your own mother
its random , u are just unlucky
Kjott (EUW)
: Riot says its acceptable to intentional feed in Riot Support. (proof)
a guys tested some 0/30/0 for 1month , can still play , chat , nothing happened exept message popup "behavior stuff" after everygame
Leetek (EUW)
: How fast does the Report system work and why so long ? :)
i killed a guy , just one time so it's ok , riot logic :)
: report me for feeding
see u tomorrow
: Lvling bot in aram problem....
it's legal , otherwise it won't happen
: Does it became normal to wish death?
it's normal in this game , no one care afaik
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: You have been permanently suspended from League of Legends due to extreme verbal toxicity.
its a common bug ignore it got it everyday
: Permaban for this? O.o?
one toxic out , good job riot
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Bombardox (EUW)
: LOL today havent seen a single flamer
Rioter Comments
: Premade 4's
this message is a bug , fixed soon maybe
got this message everyday , it's just a bug
kubasvaton (EUNE)
: Finally some justice!
it's a fake to let u think u did something
Unavalable (EUNE)
: I`ve got a 14 day ban! :)))
Stell (EUNE)
: If you come here to cry about your ban
all banned player are fake
: Got perma banned im so sorry can u help me pls :(
fake bans dont exist in this game
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