: Did you just get offended cause a dude you dont even know called you a %%%got?
I guess not, but riot gets offended for you. :)
Shiwah (EUW)
: I am not the one who deleted it --but dismissing someone's opinion because you think they're not qualified to express it *is* rude, be it online or in real life.
Holy shit people are getting sensitive. Where is this world going?
: I didnt get banned before perma
You did. Dont lie, but still i dont think this is enough for a perma tho.
MadEclair (EUNE)
: It drives me mad that people like you are getting banned while jerks who throw temper tantrum over missed skill shot, call everyone around them morons for not following them into an obvious trap and overall ruining experience of everybody in game, aren't punished at all. Send a support ticked. I see no reason why they wouldn't lift the ban.
They wont lift his ban, no matter what. It would only mean that they admit their system being broken.
: Punishments doesnt come from only 1 game...
This one did. And overall they do if riot thinks it's bad enough they punish you straight away.
: You said the combination of %%% and %%%got, 2 words that lead to 14day ban.
It says "im gonna k y s", which, like I already explained to another guy, was not insulting or offensive to anyone. So that leaves it to one word that lead to 14day ban.
Perilum (EUW)
: Stop flaming and insulting people. Nobody cares about your opinion ingame. Nobody cares about what you talk with your friend. Use the whisper and don't spam the chat. Nobody cares about if you think you don't deserve your punishment.
I thought these feedback boards are here just for that. To tell my opinion about something. To share thoughts about the game. If you don't care what I have to say then why are you reading my post?
: You highlighted this as a comment to your friend: > zeketius: im gonna %%% (<--inside joke to my friend when I died if you think I said this as an insult like riot did) Was this also for your friend? You did not highlight it as such > zeketius: stfu %%%got
No, and I did highlight it by bolding it. Saying that was my only mistake but I dont think that I got punished fairly since im overall not a toxic player at all and that one slipped due to a lot of factors.
: > But what if I were gay? Would it still be offensive? This is like saying: i'm black so i can't be racist. Sorry but it doesn't work like that. Just learn from this and move. Is what anybody can say about this to be honest.
I learned from this but had to share it because it bothered me too much and wanted to open up about it. And this is not at all like saying i'm black so i can't be racist. :D It's more like if you are black you can say the N word without offending anyone. :D
: If you are really gonna end your own life, do as you please, because, dead soon. If you are not serious about it, it is easily construed as toxic behaviour if it is not you getting solokilled in your sololane. If ever it is a response to anything involving another player, don't do it. Again, oh so many other ways to make your point without using flagged words. And I don't think so. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I am not going to end my life, thank you :D. Like I said in the original comment it was not used as an insult but as an inside joke to my friend that was in the same game when all went to hell and I died stupidly to a gank. And yes, so many ways, I have regretted saying that word, a lot. Especially when I now have to play a shit ton of league to get my honor rewards again.
: Well as long as you don't get banned you can actually be toxic and get honor 5 pretty easily. I know plenty of people that were toxic and got level 4-5 and got banned after that
Then I'd say the new honor system is simply broken and useless if toxic people can also get it easily.
: is "I'm gonna kill myself. you should join me!" offensive? If you need to express your homosexual ways, go for it, but why push that on someone else when there are oh so many non-flagged words you can use?{{sticker:sg-jinx}} also... Are you gay?{{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
I did not say "I'm gonna kill myself. you should join me!". What I meant was " I'm gonna kms :D". And about if i'm gay or not is for you to think.
Zantonny (EUW)
: "zeketius: stfu %%%got"
But do you find anything else that is seriously toxic?
: Don't use the triggerwords, like telling someone to end their lives or make racial or homophobic slurs. I have called many people idiots, no punishment for me so far.
Yeah that is pretty much what I learned from this. Don't say anything homophobic. But what if I were gay? Would it still be offensive?
: My friend, you cannot deceive me. I already know you have had a ban in the past, and yes, you have had a chat restriction in the past as well. Riot Games does NOT give a player a 14 day suspension without a warning beforehand, whether this be a chat restriction or a time penalty. Also, you have hidden some of the above chat logs^^^. If you could post the full REAL chats logs then I will be happy to help you. Note: As you have already put in your post, retaliating to insults of any kind is NOT justifiable. Riot gave us all a mute button for a reason, if you don't know how to mute in games, simply type /Mute then the name of the player you would like to mute. If you would like to mute everyone in the game, including friends or teammates, then type /MuteAll. Hope I helped! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
This is the full chat log. And if I have ever gotten a chat restriction it was 2 to 3 years ago, so I dont know if it just still counts or something. My markings that are marked _like this_ do not include in the chat log.
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