Ok, hi. This is my second post and probably will be the Spiciest. WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE ZOE CHANGES? You are not nerfing her, you are reworking her. First of all, her Q: I does a little more dmg ( ok) Her W: Nerfed (for the 7th time already) Her E ( HERE COMES THE SPICINESS): You are going to reomve the scond part of her e? That's a key sign of Zoe's identity as a champion. Do u remember how she was teased? Exactly, her pool, it appeared on the spawn on pbe, u walked into it and u got drowzy. Its one of the best mechanics in the history of LOL. Its was her only zoning ability, as if she missed her skillshot, the pool would make the enemy not go on that area. Her R: Why the hell do i want more time on my portal and no vision? Is that even good at all? I mean, i dont really mind if i get no vision, but at least dont give the enemy more time to kill me while im vulnerable!. Oh, and if u nerf her passive once more i'll legit cry in my room until I die. So, in Conclusion. PLEASE RIOT, IF YOU READ THIS, as a Zoe Main, JUST DONT CAHNGE HER E AT ALL, U CAN NERF ALL WHAT YOU WANT FROM HER q/w/r BUT DONT CHANGE HER POOL IN THE E, ITS HER SIGNATURE. And why do you even take the time to make the animation of seagulls in her e so pretty if its not going to be there? I literally just bought pool party zoe because of her e, because honestly her r is horrible. Please, dont change the second part of her e, we dont mind if she is nerfed in other aspects, but keep her e as it is PLEASE.
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