Ayuda creo que es fake

League of Legends Support <riotsup@hotmail.com> 13 feb. (hace 1 día) para mí inglés español Traducir mensaje Desactivar para: inglés Dear Summoner, Your account has been logged in on at different locations, we are concerned you might have sold your account or have been hacked. For this reason, we want to check if you are the rightful owner of this account. Please answer the questions below at the best of your ability, if you can't answer them correctly or don't reply to this email within 48 hours we are going to ban your account permanently. If this mail is not opened within 48 hours due to any reason and your account is banned, please open a ticket at: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us AFTER answering these questions. Username: Login name: RP: IP: Some friends: Some champions: Password: Rank (Only if you have): Server: Level: Please know that we won't ask these questions normally and this is an exception. GL;HF, Riot Games Account Protection Ninjas Me gustaría saber si es fake, me acaba de llegar un correo con esto y no tiene pinta de real.
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