Que os parece mi motivo de baneo permanente?

people need 5 min to charge and im playing at 280 fps xd go to play bo3 joke np xd what? xd is flame? its a game lol muted why gank wait creeps stop flame S dont qq its only a game xd okay bro stop flame im noob yes ofc stop flame i dont want report xd lol xd blitz ward pls i cant tp blitz first time? no why second time xd blitz u know paly supp? stop die what is gang eres español o algo flamer pls that team and blitz trolling.. can stop die ? lol 0/8 and im flamer HAHAHA sounds good u gonna get report sorry xd is flame for tribunal hah but ez yes nunu can go tanky team thnx blitz for feed 2/10 u are flamning me lol muted pff haha wtf gj XD my team is flaming he now WOOOOOOOOOOOOO THUG LIFE!! mundo that nunu xd u want report everyboy cmn blitz we can win !! nunu too but blitz we need wards 0 wards u are playing support we have 3 tanks and im the only tank xd GG ;) Como veis eso es lo que he dicho no creo que sea un motivo de ban permanente.. no he flameado a nadie y si lo e echo no era mi intención. Solo quiero que veáis y opinéis el tribunal lo que acaba de hacer... sin comentarios
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