Game 1 Pre-Game PK815: why im support wtf PK815: im ban zed as im angry PK815: ok tio no nos cuentes tu vida PK815: callate tu tambien PK815: ogc PK815: o dios gozo de cocaina In-Game PK815: HELLO TEAM PK815: I WANNA SAY THE N WORD PK815: I CAN??? PK815: ñeasee PK815: oi cam pr mpt PK815: ima say it anawyas PK815: hymn of valor PK815: ACTIVE: RESOTORES 30 + (7) HEALTH TO SOMNA AND A NERABY AKKUED CAHMAOING PK815: GJ TRIST PK815: now im going to int as your lack of skills PK815: u make that shit agian and i throw this game PK815: oh you leverl 4 xD PK815: i told you trist PK815: fucking trash autofill PK815: i depend on a trash adc to win a game PK815: thats not fucking fait PK815: also our twithc is uselss af PK815: yeah trist focus leona PK815: im done PK815: yeah PK815: i can do shit as support PK815: and i have to lose cause our adc and jungler are %%%%s PK815: that is not fair for me PK815: xD PK815: twitch inting too PK815: raptor gang PK815: you feeded the raptors PK815: as we have no jugnler ima do the jungle PK815: no man PK815: np PK815: no PK815: i told trist PK815: and she keeps trolling at me PK815: ma no PK815: no one helps drake PK815: i called drake PK815: no one comes PK815: how is that reportable PK815: cause my team told me they was coming PK815: no bro i have only 2 deaths more than twitch :) PK815: i get caiught always on jungle bro bad luck not inting PK815: damn veigar what a play PK815: im not inting team dosnt followe PK815: thats flaming ima report you PK815: twitch 55 cs min 20 PK815: 0/7 PK815: but only report me right? PK815: i have better kda than twitch haha PK815: u trash jionx PK815: we can win PK815: never surrender Post-Game PK815: bad luck guys PK815: dont report me PK815: everyone can have a bad game :( PK815: still more dmg than twithc and trist PK815: hahaha Game 2 In-Game PK815: no PK815: good cc tank and aoe PK815: opest champ ever darius PK815: mummyu man can you do somehting usefull PK815: gg mid and bot thanks for lose this PK815: 1/4 1/5 PK815: min 18 PK815: new build guys! PK815: why report me PK815: im not trolling just trying a new build 25 DIAS DE BAN POR ESTO? ESTAMOS TONTOS RIOT? OS CAIGA UN CANCER LA PRIMERA PASA Y VEA PERO LA SEGUNDA?!?!?!?1
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