1 drunk game 14 days ban (crybaby post)

I get it, i too hate ppl that queue up drunk, but do most of them get a 14 days ban? cause i see streamers, and ppl i find in my games, do it all the time like everything its fine, not just that, far worse things, and get like 0 bans after going afk during a game or w/e, really bad things compare to this, in my opinion. Transcription of the reason i got the ban Game 1 In-Game spunih: hehe spunih: durnk time spunih: never queu at this horu spunih: drunk timeee spunih: happy hot spunih: hour spunih: wtf spunih: xd no bueno spunih: the police called me today a faggot , cause there was a party in my house and i wasnt fucking anyone of the girls they kick out ->btw true xd i felt really bad about that spunih: i feel a faggot tbh spunih: classic 1/8 diana powerspike spunih: classic 1/8 130 cs min 25 diana powerspike, ridiculous champ spunih: so broken spunih: best player in history messi>ronaldo nazario>maradona spunih: wtf spunih: nashor thooth xdddd spunih: that streamer the acewhatever spunih: is a fucking %%%% spunih: jhahaha rek spunih: get assisted boy Post-Game spunih: better sup wins spunih: just1 more game Remeber i think i also think i deserve some kind of punishment, but this conversation=14 days banned, ive seen far worse things in my own games and im sure everyone in chat has done worse than that
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