Banned from chat for playing Teemo supp (yeah, I thought the meme had ended)

First of all, I'd appreciate if you read it before answering So, I got a 10 game chat restriction, because I played Teemo support, and my adc felt like walking into rakan and jhin cc. So the entire team reported me for inting, I was like 0/2 by the end of the game, my adc was 0/10, our nasus top had 36cs and was 1/6 at min 20 (when the match ended), our Yi was 0/7, and the only reasonable guy in the match was the ezreal mid, who didn't get involved, until he read the chat and was like "yo wtf". These guys were saying I was inting, and I'll be honest, I could've played better, but I'm a Teemo, if my adc gets caught every single time by cc, I can only blind jhin and try to help my adc as much as possible, but he was just no good, kept dying. About halfway into the match (they were already flaming me, blaming me for everything bad that had happened, yes, even Nasus' cs, for some f*cked up reason) I said something along the lines of "Fck it, I'm taking CS", to which they replied "yeah that's why your adc is having a bad time" or something like that, and yeah, I took cs, when my adc was dead, which was basically always, so I ended up with half his cs, while freezing our lane. Whenever the adc came back, he just pushed, got killed, and repeat all over again. At first we were doing good, I was doing what I always do, stay in the bush, poke them whenever they come close to my adc, and we were fine, until my adc decided she wanted to engage a Jhin with a Rakan support, for no reason whatsoever, we were never gonna win that. But well, yeah, I play Teemo, so they can blame me, because no one's gonna take my side (other than Ezreal, who seemed confused by the entire situation, as they were blaming me for their mistakes). And then again, I could've played much better, I wasn't focusing, I spent more time responding to these geniuses than playing, and that's not good on my part, I should've muted them, but I'm the only one who's received a punishment, because they convinced the other team that I was the bad one. I mean, I can't do anything about it, Riot, infinitely wise as they are, just punish people based on how many reports they get. It's my first punishment in 4 years of playing Teemo in every role but jg, yeah, I can be a bit of a troll when someone flames me, and have a bit of fun answering them, but I'm not toxic, and I'm not randomly saying it, when I objectively look at my track record, at how I handle toxic players, at how I interact with people in this game, I come to the conclusion that I am not toxic.
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