14 días de suspension por flamear una partida.

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Partida 1 En partida X Apolo X: guys just %%% X Apolo X: just play X Apolo X: as we ..... X Apolo X: when? X Apolo X: are u stephen hawking or u just don't want to move X Apolo X: 2 on top but te drake isn't good for us X Apolo X: now u want drake X Apolo X: when their jungle is and ours dead X Apolo X: gg X Apolo X: %%% guys X Apolo X: ashe in tribs ecko in mid X Apolo X: ecko another time when everybody is dead X Apolo X: first time huracan X Apolo X: gg -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lo que no entiendo es porque si no tengo ninguna sancion, ni ningun mal comportamiento, buen honor, flameo 1 partida y me cae suspension de 14 días. GG RITO
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