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Aaronmovic (EU Oeste)
: ole ole amigo tortilla siesta
l El Muñones l (EU Oeste)
: Actually i think ( pretty sure about this but not fully asured) that the actual voice actress dubbing in spanish versión is Called Nieves alias "Nikki" García. In the dubbing studio " Pink Noise" located in México. Here You could find more info about this topic ,unfortunately in spanish languaje, Could not find It on English Hope It helps. Regards {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
thx that interesting, she sound great lady . and what do you think of her performance? Mexico is stil cool, even if it is weird to take latin americai for spanish europe
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NT3ck (EU Oeste)
: Her name is Nikki García if you are talking about the euw spanish voice Here is her twitter:
ah great thx well nice woman, singer, what is your think about her?
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