Guys, I really need your help !

Hello folks, I really need help right now. A long time ago, back in 2013 or so, when I was young and naïve (like 14 yo), I fell into one of those stupid traps: "GET YOUR FREE RP RIGHT NOW BY SIMPLY ENTERING YOUR ACCOUNT NAME AND PASSWORD". When I look back at it, it was very stupid indeed. Of course, my account got hacked, but luckily, by a honest dude that tried his best to "hunt down" wanna-be RP-robbers, though in a questionable way, I agree. When he saw that I was a child that foolishly had fell for his bait, he gave me my account back and changed the password back to the one I used before. All is fine and good, I have my account back, and I have never try to "cheat" ever since. There's one black spot though. The email adress bound to my account is still the one used by the "hacker", he didnt change that. i would really like to change my password (it's the same I use in another game, wich got hacked for God knows why), but it is impossible without using the mailbox linked to the accound wich is not mine... I don't know what to do, i'd like to link my account to my own email adress, and then change my password, but I can't and I fear my Lol account may get "hack" again, wich would be unfortunate... Thanks in advance for the help, please I'm lost {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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