Kai sa s disigne over sexualized ?????

Riot regrets 'unnecessarily sexualized' design of League of Legends champion Kai'Sa
Riot Games has said it regrets the "unnecessarily sexualized" design of Kai'Sa, a champion it added to League of Legends last month. During a written Q&A, one player asked why the developer had given Kai'Sa an "unnecessarily deep neckline", given that it had previously promised to avoid releasing hyper-sexualized champions.
Today I heard that riot are apologizing over kai sa s disigne for being inetentionally sexulized (even tho I d don't see her over sexualized at all XD) So for me I. don't see why riot are taking some feminist opinions into considiration and even apologize for the disigne that I personally think is good and unique and I think that they should continue on giving us champs like kayn and kai sa instead of no personalized champions with no themes like bard and ivern
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