Ca y est je suis banni pour 14 jours <3

Voici des extraits de la messagerie du jeu qui ont &eacute;t&eacute; identifi&eacute;s comme n&eacute;gatifs par d&#039;autres joueurs de la communaut&eacute;. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ofc i&#039;m the only to be not feeding <3 like all games <3 SO FED GG TEMA graves 7/1 ty botlane thats enough to lose didnt fed her useless trash team.. alawyas the same.. 4/0 early game and lose because all team is trash i saw its lost go ff gg you suck this is bronze i don&#039;t wanna tryhard with suck shit like you i was 4/0 now i&#039;m 5/7 all games no retarded teams yea do it retard team, i was 4/0 and all team feeding so now i feed. thats what they deserve tired of feeding teams i stop tryhard when i notice i play with hoipeless tards gg easy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ma toxicit&eacute; aura eu raison de mon compte xD PS : au cours de la partie, j'ai vendu tout mon stuff pour m'acheter 6 tears
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