hi, you can't just keep nerfing the cooldown of his Q and buffing his ap ratio! just do somthing to iceborn gauntlet! maybe by making it only for melee, yeah you gonna say we gonna ruin ezreal's common build, but ezreal is strong for now and that would maybe solve the problem of ezreal using only kleptomancy and there would be more creative builds and game styles for ezreal if you just do somthing to iceborn gauntlet! the problem in viktor is not his skill shots! its the iceborn gauntlet and his Q, it gives cdr and slow , it makes viktor keep spammin it , till you die. its annoying and it also give shield for sustain. or maybe just rework VIKTOR'S Q by making it a skill shot. suggestions: 1) you make iceborn gauntlets only for melees 2) you rework Viktor's Q making it into a skill shot. (like maybe the robotic arm of viktor shoot the siphon into an area in the ground, the siphon keep turning hard making who ever pass that area get slowed and targetable , if the enemy get targetable the laser beam when you press Q again focuses the target) ( also you can keep shooting the laser beam into the area where the siphon is turning making AOE dmg ,helps farming for exemple) excuse my english and thank you ♥
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