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Match 1 Avant la partie RitoNasis: ? En jeu RitoNasis: brand uselles RitoNasis: ahaah RitoNasis: daruis say RitoNasis: in 1vs2 or 1v1s for 1 time RitoNasis: camped RitoNasis: ss RitoNasis: no RitoNasis: stop RitoNasis: YOU FEED AUTESTIC PLAYERS RitoNasis: y bc better supp was top RitoNasis: you wil 1vs1 kassadin RitoNasis: nice swap RitoNasis: gj RitoNasis: we are low elo RitoNasis: and you are high RitoNasis: bc you feed you on this noob bot RitoNasis: with sivir that don't know her champ RitoNasis: 2/5 RitoNasis: you come top RitoNasis: you will 1vs1 RitoNasis: after this RitoNasis: i talk if i will RitoNasis: u2 RitoNasis: bc you think yuo good RitoNasis: lucain you know you play vs new players RitoNasis: i was morez thinking you but ok RitoNasis: watch vidéo's where they see kassadin supp op RitoNasis: bc its played by good playyers RitoNasis: but you aren't RitoNasis: lucain will carry RitoNasis: y RitoNasis: im so bad RitoNasis: honnor kassadin only do skilled moves RitoNasis: its not your fault poppy RitoNasis: you was the best in this team RitoNasis: and you get honnored RitoNasis: kassadin stop watch vidéo's with kassadin supp RitoNasis: its good if the player can play it RitoNasis: esp are toxic players RitoNasis: if you will know this real olaf build RitoNasis: but its played in D4/5 and master RitoNasis: you cant know it RitoNasis: you are silver/gold RitoNasis: and only spam looool RitoNasis: bc you have not arguments RitoNasis: if you will RitoNasis: im on school RitoNasis: i speak other langues RitoNasis: and you are bad kassadin RitoNasis: your build don't work RitoNasis: i afk farm RitoNasis: what can you do other than spam ''xd'' and ''lol'' RitoNasis: bc i will not you win RitoNasis: gj kassadin RitoNasis: your build work RitoNasis: we can see it RitoNasis: not inting like you RitoNasis: y RitoNasis: inting RitoNasis: y RitoNasis: if you will RitoNasis: i think you finished xd RitoNasis: plat lucian you know this is real build RitoNasis: kassadin unranked RitoNasis: that's normal Après la partie RitoNasis: for RitoNasis: you was the only toxic ppl with lucian RitoNasis: you will see it Match 2 Avant la partie RitoNasis: omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg RitoNasis: GAREN AN D YASUO YOUR MOTHERs ARE DINAUSORE WERE DISAPPEARED RitoNasis: GET CARRIED RitoNasis: BOOSTED ANIMALS RitoNasis: I HATE TOIXC PLAYERS RitoNasis: WANT YOUR MOHTERS AS RitoNasis: ALISATAER RitoNasis: you wont ezreal or mf RitoNasis: mf or ez RitoNasis: X999999999999999999999999 RitoNasis: JAX RitoNasis: AND ALISTARE RitoNasis: REPORT MY TEAM TOXIC RitoNasis: ANIAMLS RitoNasis: NOOOOOOOBS En jeu RitoNasis: ekko and jax RitoNasis: YOU ARE MY %%%%ING BIG FAT NIGAS RitoNasis: bc jax toxic RitoNasis: report amumu flame RitoNasis: i will have fun (: RitoNasis: LOL RitoNasis: for what RitoNasis: i don't play this game RitoNasis: idc RitoNasis: for RitoNasis: ff? RitoNasis: x9 RitoNasis: 2/0 RitoNasis: ??????????? RitoNasis: nice skin RitoNasis: soraka 2/0 XXXXXXXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD RitoNasis: why soraka kill you ekko? RitoNasis: singed supp is good vs bad supp and playing ezreal bc won skin in a chest RitoNasis: alistar say me he was plat RitoNasis: why he don't press Q RitoNasis: why RitoNasis: ekko too RitoNasis: jax yasuo and ekko will report me RitoNasis: bc i champselect RitoNasis: how old are you singe RitoNasis: how old are you singed tell me RitoNasis: who jax xd? RitoNasis: a ok RitoNasis: look singed im 14 years old i have 20 acc banned and idc RitoNasis: but i have rly 20 acc banned RitoNasis: ty RitoNasis: xddd RitoNasis: xddd RitoNasis: so bad this yasuo RitoNasis: braindead RitoNasis: he play yasuo its normal RitoNasis: yasuo main yas zed and riven he is mentale destroyed RitoNasis: yas RitoNasis: 1vs1 RitoNasis: stfu ekko RitoNasis: i don't need red RitoNasis: i main renekton RitoNasis: SUPP ,,, RitoNasis: i kill ashe?? RitoNasis: guys sorry but im challenger RitoNasis: that' why you lose bot RitoNasis: ez RitoNasis: ez RitoNasis: ez RitoNasis: Ez Après la partie RitoNasis: LEAUGE OF ZOOOO Match 3 En jeu RitoNasis: camped klid RitoNasis: cant 1vs1 bitch RitoNasis: stfu you only die on all lanes RitoNasis: 6/1 NICE RitoNasis: FEED RitoNasis: WE KNOW SAFE IS HARD RitoNasis: no RitoNasis: 1/4 RitoNasis: thresh or trash? RitoNasis: PRO RitoNasis: he have smite RitoNasis: he don't use RitoNasis: report thresh troll RitoNasis: he cry bc i say he is bad RitoNasis: but np he get banned RitoNasis: you can are ban for that and he go are banned RitoNasis: learn my botlane play RitoNasis: nice flashe RitoNasis: if you was not in 7/1 i destroy you RitoNasis: 2/6 RitoNasis: and you like a kid that come sucide on lane bc what i say on you are true RitoNasis: nice skill in game RitoNasis: its a counter top RitoNasis: i counter you RitoNasis: y RitoNasis: thresh you think you good? RitoNasis: xdd RitoNasis: who come sucide top RitoNasis: no RitoNasis: idc on this game RitoNasis: its draft RitoNasis: i go afk and wait you lose RitoNasis: now its 35vs RitoNasis: 3vs5 RitoNasis: thresh afk and i too now RitoNasis: no VOILA POUR CEUX QUI TROUVE SA AMUSANT AMUSER VOUS ALLEZ BAY
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