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hi everyone, im making this post to know if i am the only one, since like 2 or 3 days i get my main role like 1 times our of 10. 90% of the time i'll get my 2nd role and rarely autofill to a complet different role from my fist and second one. Problem is that i am platinium 3 and as a midlaner i can play decently in like high plat low diam games, but in my secondary role (top or jgl) im like high gold max so 90% of the time these days i lose cause i solo lose my team and end up inting feeding hard and getting reported every game. This is really tilting and i wanted to know if im the only one never getting my first role (in my 15 last games i got mid 4 times, but played mid 7 times cause some good people gave me their lane) btw sry for my english, im french
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