Help to get better

Hi i was wondering if anybody was ready to check my and help me get out of bronze with some easy tips what i have tried : have a small pool ( jarvan 4, rammus (main), yi , gragas) go for objectives not focusing only on kills try not to afk (not play when you r on a tight timing ex : you have to go to your job in 40 mins and you start a lol game ) not flaming : i never got a report/anything for flaming/beeing toxic blame yourself all the time : i try to understand my mistakes ( overstaying, not ganking , no good drake timings ) Watch LCS + LOL challenger streams: i watch a french twitch channel called OgamingLoL (for LCS) i watch doublelift (when live) and PantsAreDragon Play a lot : i have more than 500 games in bronze (i also fluently speak french ( for those who want to reply in french) my =
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