Now Riven has a 50% win rate in silver. Are we waiting her to be good also in bronze before nerf?

U.GG LoL Riven Build & Runes Guide Top Jungle Mid Bot Support S9
The best lol league of legends champion Riven build and runes guide, as roles top, jungle, mid, bot, support on ranked solo/duo, aram, ranked flex, normal blind and normal draft. S9 S8 S7. Patch 9.7.1 op gg.
According to League of Graphs, the 36% of league players is in silver and the 25% is in gold elo. In patch 9.6 Riven had a positive win rate in gold and a pretty negative win rate in silver despite having a really large play rate overall. Now, in patch 9.7 she has a positive win rate and a high play rate from silver to challenger itself meanwhile her ban rate is pretty low in low elos. The player base of lol positioned from silver to gold is about the 76-77%. I can't believe anymore to the story of being her "not broken enough for a nerf" like a rioter said in a post on reddit weeks ago. So, let's talk clearly here: she fits well in any teamcomp, she is an assassin-bruiser-tank-dps monster, the frustration of playing against her is insane and she has not a bad point of the game regardless the items like other top laners in the same class (for example: renekton falls off in late game, darius is easy kitable and zoned in late game, jax is really bad in early game and he does not have the answers for everything till level 6 and even after that he's pretty possible to fight against). Are we saying the problems are runes and items and not HER sinergysing too good with them? First things first, runes are not the problem: cause every champion in top lane that uses conqueror should not be punished because her (and jax) are too good with it. The niche items she uses as core build could be the problem thou: spear of shojin is too good on her (and we are talking about jax...), we must admit it. So, what is the next move, BalanceTeam-Senpai, can we nerf her kit/core items or giving her a point in the game were her kit/build falls off? What do you think guys, is your thought similar to mine? Have I kind of exaggerated and she is fine right now according to your experience? I know only one thing from direct experience: She is a real pain to play against, no matter what champion you are playing in top.
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