Reworked kindred

ok. faccio cagare. nono so se sono io con meno danno o loro con piu danno a cazzo. prima un xin mi ha distrutto quando, prima del rework mi veniva facile distruggere lui. che devo fare? ah un'altra cosa: qualcuno mi puo tradurre questo? "Long time diamond kindred main here. Kindred has been my favourite champion since release, and I played her with pretty decent success. Despite that, she ( yes she fuck you) hasnt been in the best place since long time. Good enemy junglers could deny her marks and make her totaly useless for the entire game since she didnt scale with gold. Thats why im super excited for the rework. So what does the rework change? Well for starters marks are much less important, and she finaly does scale with items. Before the rework items amplified mark effectiveness. Now marks amplify item scaling. The change made her lose passive damage in exchange for big ad scalings, range and as steroids. So what does that mean? Well it means she will have much different power curve than before. Before she could get some early marks and roflstomp the entire game to a 20 min victory, or get no marks and be useless even late game. Now she cant snowball as well, because she doesnt get huge damage from marks. But she cant be shut down nearly as hard since she relies mostly on items to do damage and marks only amplify how effective her items are. Her early will be mostly the same altho slightly weaker. Midgame depends on marks. She will be stronger than old kindred with few marks but weaker than old kindred with lots of marks. Her late game depends. Old kindred was stronger late game for objectives and vs tanks. New kindred is stronger at sieging/defending and against squishier teams. Overall she has more standart adc power curve than before. Her item build will also drasticly change. The new best build would be classic crit adc build. Warrior will be the item of choice because of her ad ratios and crit synergy, as well as stronger early game. This would be followed by boots of choice into a zeal item, ie, another zeal item and last whisper/cleaver/ga. The zeal items I suggest would be shiv and runaans. Shiv gives great waveclear and runaans is nice aoe damage. Also increases shiv proc speed and helps clearing waves during sieges. Pd is good on short range adcs but u need shi c first and by thae point you reach second zeal item you should be long ranged to not need the passive, aswell as runaan being good damage. You can also go rapidfire but I like runaan better. Bloodrazor has no nynergy with crit so I feel warrior is better. And botrk has nerfs on pbe so not amazing either. Other options would be dd and bloodthirster if u need sustain. Masteries offer 2 options: warlord and fervor. If you go warlord go shiv and rapidfire and if you go ferver get shiv and runaan. I feel fervor is better tho. So thats my analysis and build suggestion for the new kindred. Share your oppinions in the comments!"
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