Lynel, the void watcher

LORE: A man,Lynel, and his brother,Kon, were hunting in a forest with just their knifes and some swords the've stolen from a blacksmith shop, they were poor and very hungry so they decide to go hunt in the forest during night, unfortunately they couldn't find anything till Kon, saw a hole with weird energy: it was an entrance to the void! Lynel wanted to go in and find something to eat but Kon disagreed. In the end Lynel hungry and mad decided to go jump alone in the void,some hours later he was attacked by some void monsters , he tried to fight them but he wasn't strong enought, he thought he was gonna die but then, Kon jumped in and saved him from the monsters. He killed them but he was injured after the fight and he died between the arms of his brother,who careless jumped in the void to get some food. Lynel,completely destroyed decided that he will be guarding the void entrance to avoid that any one who was careless like him could jump in.He absorbed his brother energy,took his clothes and to this day he stands at the entrance, without eating and drinking only hoping he could repay his errors till somebody or something kills him. IN GAME: Lynel in game is a good dmg and tankyness AD top laner who can be played as both jungler and supports. He provide good dmg and tankyness while distrupting the enemy team by putting the attention to him PASSIVE: THE GUARDIAN When near allies Lynel gets 5 bonus armor and mr. More allies are near, the more armor and mr he gets. Max 20 Q: Knife Throw Throws his knife,dealing physical dmg(60/65/70/75/80/+70% bonus AD) slowing(20/25/30% for 1\1.5\2 seconds)them and making them to bleed, bleed enemies take magic dmg over time for 1.5 seconds (Point and click) W:Energy Thief Steals the target energy by dealing 45/50/55/60/65+50 AP+1/2/3% max health dmg, if the target is killed Lynel gets healed by 2% of his max health,Lynel can recast his W on an allie to heal them by same amount (skillshot) E: Shockwave Stabs the ground and fires an energy wave to an area by dealing 45/50/60/70/75 65 bonus AD, unit in the centre gets stunned by 1 seconds. (skillshot) R: Guardian Rage Passive:Lynel ignites his sword and deals bonus magic dmg on basic attacks Active: Lynel jumps becoming briefly untargettable for 0.5 seconds and stabbing the ground dealing AOE dmg(125/145/150+80% AP) and creating a flame barrier around him that deals dmg over time to all enemies around him I hope you enjoy my champion concept :3 if you want i have more and more champions concept to show you. Tell me what you think about this
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