Nuovo campione: Lance una mia idea :3

Lance, The Ender Mage. Role: Midlane Mage. Passive: Ender Zone Every few seconds Lance summons a Tower (Smaller, black-colored and with shades of purple.) Up to five towers can be active at any moment. Towers grant gold when destroyed and disappear if too far away from Lance. Q: Orb of Despair Lance shoots an Orb that deals damage to the first enemy struck. Hitting a Tower will instead cause the Tower to shoot a new Orb, perpendicular to the original cast Passive Nearby Towers link together to gain additional effects. If an Orb of Despair hits a connected Tower cluster it will trigger additional effects. Every linked Tower will cast a weakened Orb of Despair, dealing reduced damage on every successive hit. Furthermore, based on the number of towers, the Orb itself will obtain the following bonuses: 2 Towers: Slowing effect. 3 Towers: Additional % Health damage. 4 Towers: Additional Missing % Health Damage. 5 Towers: Stun. W:Rise Lance summons a Tower, knocking away enemies in the summoning area. Lance can't cast Rise if there are 5 turrets on the field E: Ender Dash Lance dashes to a nearby Tower, dealing damage and knocking away champions on his path. R:Ender Rage Lance shoots a massive orb of energy, in a line. The Orb's damage is increased by 10% for each active Tower on the field. If Ender Rage kills an enemy champion it can be recast in the next 10 seconds. ringraziamento speciale a Tera per la critica costruttiva e i consigli

Stiamo testando una nuova funzione che vi darà la possibilità di vedere i commenti delle discussioni in ordine cronologico. Alcuni tester ci hanno fatto notare che potrebbe essere utile avere una visione lineare dei commenti. Per questo ci piacerebbe vedere cosa ne pensate e come utilizzate questa funzionalità.

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